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ADVrider is an ad, spam, popup, and subscription-free zone.

I always thought it would stay modest, small, and free but its growing popularity and growing bandwidth costs have caught me by surprise.

Some wonderful Adventure Riders have submitted donations to help offset the bandwidth costs, and they are very much appreciated.

ADVrider is not owned by a company; it's just my hobby. If I ever receive more in donations than it costs to run the site, I'll let you know!

There are two ways to make a donation:

1. PayPal.

(If you don'have a PayPal account, this button will help you create one. You can also use Mastercard and Visa.)

2. Snail mail.

If you'd like to send a check or cash, mail it to:

Chris MacAskill (aka Baldy)
3347 Shady Spring Lane
Mountain View, CA 94040

Many thanks!

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