Adventure Rider Hall of Wisdom

ABS Reset ABS Reset Procedure (26 KB PDF).
Cam chain tensioner Detailed photo journal for oilheads (2 MB PDF).
Changing Oil on an LC4 How to change the oil and filter on a KTM LC4 (1.3 MB PDF).
Final Drive R & R R-dubb & Ricky's do's and don'ts for changing the final drive.
Garage Opener Wiring a garage door opener to your R11xx.
GS windscreen FAQ Amazing resource for solving Buffetitis.
GS windscreen thread Amazing thread associated with the windscreen FAQ, above.
GSOIA GS Ohlin Install and Adjustment (3.4 MB PDF).
Inspecting Valves on an LC4 How to inspect the valves on a KTM LC4 in three easy steps (930 KB PDF).
Installing Pro Tapers How to get real handlebars on your GS.
Iron Butt Wisdom Long distance riding wisdom from the masters.
Motorcycle FAQ Timberwoof's FAQ on motorcycling in general.
OGSWTT Oilhead GS Wheel Tightening and Truing (90k PDF).
Oilhead Maintenance PDF manual by Carl Kulow (92 KB PDF).
OVAD Oilhead Valve Adjustment for Dummies (763 KB PDF).
Ozzie theme song Understanding the Ozzies (and fish) on ADVrider (MP3 file).
Rocker Endplay Adjustment This is for the R259 engine (780 KB PDF).
Throttle Body Adjustment Oilhead Throttle Body Adjustment for Dummies (402 KB PDF).
Tire Changer Mods Cheap bastards like you can now work with GS rims (180 KB PDF).

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