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motoged 03-18-2006 05:56 PM

Alpine single track in B.C.

There are incredible places to ride in all parts of this blue planet...and I am blessed to be in one of them. British Columbia has mountains, ocean, forests, desert, and some of the best greenery to be found anywhere :evil

About six years ago I was reading a magazine that showcases BC (Beautiful BC.... ) and saw some mountain areas that invited me to learn more about them. The alpine areas described and shown in photos lured me into more research that led to a series of annual rides.

The area was known for wilderness hiking, horse-packing (no, you don't carry the horse...), grizzly bears and some goldmining history.

I was hooked....

the trails tended to be old narrow mining roads that were often reduced to wide single track and often were hiking trails that were 8 inches wide and 10 inches deep....real ruts, you might say.

There are various passes and routes that border on provincial park land, so motorized travel is either rare or prohibited ....

Researching a variety of maps led me to figure that it was a place to be ...and a select group of invitees have enjoyed the area every mid-August..

Every once in a while we need to stop for a break....and diminish our supplies as we see fit...

A trapper's cabin is usually as good a place as any...

And if a trapper's cabin can't be found, a miner's cabin will suffice...

Sometimes the going can get a bit mucky...

But finding an old spot is worth the sweat and wet feet....

If the covered forest trails offer one type of view, they invariably lead to more open vistas....

And if you are lucky, you can see grizzlies down in these bowls munching on the grasses and berries....and when they hear the bikes from a distance, they take off like freight trains...

Now, some cooks keep a close eye on the barbie....others take a more relaxed approach to ruining the burgers....

The campsite has electrical outlets, running water, and a lake 20 feet away....and a lodge 50 yards away with primo bathrooms....the lodge is legendary....

Oh, yeah....back on the trail...

Riding out of this bowl gave us close encounter with a bear after riding impossible stuff until we found a trail out and down...

Mine rails....

The story continues tomorrow....time for my friend's 50th...

scooterhose 03-18-2006 06:15 PM

Nice report and pics Ged. I've been to BC in the past(have relatives there) but have never ridden there. I might have to go for a visit.:D

gts 03-18-2006 06:20 PM

Awesome - I've seen some of that in guy perret's videos, great open space + very cool how you can ride right to some of those summits. nice post

LavaBull 03-18-2006 08:55 PM

Sweeeeett.. :D

Awesome scenary too... thanks for sharing!!

Now I wanna go ride..

Venturello 03-19-2006 04:52 AM

Monthly 4 Gb limit exceeded! Cant see the pics - gotta get a smug account! :D

motoged 03-21-2006 10:45 PM

More pics to come soon
The smugmug thing got choked up....and has been fixed....more pics soon to complete this report


motoged 03-22-2006 01:24 AM

Chilcotin Coastal riding
Here are more images of the lower Chilcotin area...

motoged 03-22-2006 01:38 AM

That evening was a bit of a blur, pero los hongos ....que fuerte....

And the wedding party....what's this guy doing???

And the 8:00 am alarm clock....the Beaver float plane

And some pics of an exploratory ride from the east side of this area....

Big Bar Ranch area ...

Up to China Head pass...

East side of trail....

And back down to the ferry....

Trusty steed....


Drif10 03-22-2006 04:49 AM

Haven't been riding up in that area in years. Left the Loops in 88, only been back for one short visit since, sans bike. Forgot how nice the riding is up that way. Spent a lot of time riding up Bonaparte/Jamieson, or getting stuck up near Stake. Thanks for the memories.

GB 03-22-2006 08:07 AM

looks good! :thumb


wachs 03-22-2006 03:00 PM

that's huge country - never knew it could be so dry - thanks for the shots

levity 03-22-2006 03:58 PM


Originally Posted by motoged
...and a select group of invitees have enjoyed the area every mid-August....

:clap :clap

....but enough with the teasing, motoged - how does one get to be part of this "select group of invitees"? :tb

Gregster 03-22-2006 04:04 PM

Great pics, looks like fun. :clap

neduro 03-22-2006 04:33 PM

Great Shots! That singletrack makes me :tb

PPCLI-Jim 10-30-2012 10:44 PM

B ajeebuuzz it really looks like I have to get a lighter bike to do this sort of stuff I'm not so sure about slogging a DR 650 up that stuff :cry awesome pics

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