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habanero 03-25-2006 04:16 PM

KTM 640 Enduro
I'd like some input on the 640 Enduro, I'm thinking about getting one as an alternative to the 640 Adventure. I love the Adventure, but they are tough to find used, and the ones I have found used were very well used and a bit beat up.

Anyone out there that has the Enduro and has an opinion on it as a dual purpose travel there a lot of good aftermarket equipment available for the Enduro? Realiablity, necessary modifications..etc.



Tholund 03-25-2006 06:25 PM


The LC4 parts are you can build or strip your bike to meet your needs. So as long as you start with a good condition bike, you can pretty much bolt on the changes you want.

Unless you really are crossing "no mans land" an 18L tank has plenty of range and you don't have to run a fuel pump like with the 28L. I have an SXC with the "640" 18L tank, a Duke rear sprocket, an RXC chain guide, and a KTM comfort just mix and match your LC4 parts!


Castleman 03-25-2006 07:15 PM

I have a 99 LC4e (enduro) that I bought new in 99. I currently have just over the 32,000 mile mark with no real issues. Other than normal services, It has used one clutch cable, one pulser coil (ignition) and one water pump seal.

A VERY reliable platform and capable dirt bike. I used mine for a daily commute to work bike and then desert bike on the weekends.

The Husky is the only other current bike that is in the same catagory of quality capable dirt bike out of the box. All other bikes (DR, XL and KLR) all will take $2,000+ in upgrades to bring them kinda close to the KTM's quality.

Airhead 03-25-2006 07:21 PM

I went from an '88 R100GS to a 2000 LC4E, and expected to be a bit disappointed with the KTM's road manners. As it turns out, I love the KTM, and have no problem doing 300 mile+ days on it. There are a ton of aftermarket parts available, the bike is quite capable as a light dual sport has been said, with the exception of the TE610, there is really no other dual sport as dirt worthy and as capable on the street.

I personally prefer the E to the Adventure, simply for the reduced weight and for the fact that the enduro has much less plastic to damage. I find that, even with the stock headlight mask, the E is perfectly comfortable on the road, as long as you keep the speed below 70mph.

Off road, you can drop the enduro all day long (I know from experience) without doing much damage to it.

The bike is fun, capable, fast, outstanding off road, and a blast on back roads and in the twisties...I say go for it!

mikeprod92211 03-25-2006 09:31 PM

Re LC4 E
I've a 200 LC4 E witha tad over 17k miles on it.
Great bike! Lighter than the Adventure, I have a 4.7 L tank, good for 150 + mile range, Komfort seat to make the south end feel better, stock exhaust wit a few holes drilled to provide easier breathing for the motor, not much else.
I saw a couple of LC4's recently on Ebay, low miles both of them, reasonable price.
I bought mine used 3 years ago, put 11l miles since then, did 2 valve adjustments, one chain and sprocket set (got Sidewinder stuff, great wear, tough stuff, reasonable price), and a starter gear sprague clutch replaced 3 k miles ago.
Planning a trip to the KTM randezvous in Nevada this summer, riding there and back.
Get one, you will not be sorry!

habanero 03-25-2006 10:09 PM

Thanks for all of that input, guys....I appreciate it. Sounds like you love your machines, just what I wanted to hear.


djchan 03-26-2006 08:18 AM


I picked up a 2002 LC4E last December. I find it surprisingly comfortable (with the comfort seat that is) and its a blast to ride. Just finished my first full tank of gas with the 18L tank - 205 miles without hitting reserve. Airhead was right - under 70 no need for a windshield. The air is clean enough for me to easily hear my MP3. Thought it would take a backseat to the KLR for most riding - but hasn't yet. Looks like a great choice for my kind of riding.


clintnz 03-26-2006 02:05 PM

What they said.

I like the versatility of mine. With the 18L tank & my lil homemade windscreen its a capable tourer & functionally not much different to an Adv. (I'm gunna get a comfort seat too, they're cheap)
For the dirt it's off with the windscreen & mirrors, on with the 12L tank & knobblies (& 14T front sprocket if the going is tight) & it's a capable, if slightly heavy, dirtbike.
A lighter end can & a rejet to suit is nice to have & gives a bit more pep, but for the average rider there aren't any essential mods that have to be done.

Here's some of our recent travels:


Ian640 04-01-2006 12:10 PM

I have a 2002 640LC4-E - it's been used for a couple of trips, the longest of which was across the Sahara and through west Africa. For this it had a 640 Adventure tank fitted and other mods.

As regards mods/accessories the bike's current setup is:

KTM rally footpegs
SW Motech sidestand
KTM rimlocks
KTM/Akrapovic slip-on silencer
KTM dual curve ignition box
Stronger clutch springs
KTM luggage rack (the small one that comes as standard on the Adventure)
KTM comfort seat
KTM 18 litre tank
Touratech GPS mount
Touratech handlebar cross-brace (to mount the GPS mount)
Touratech IMO rally computer
Touratech roadbook holder
Touratech rally bracket (to mount the IMO and roadbook holder)
KTM neoprene fork gators

The bike came as stock with an engine guard, mainstand and handguards.

For luggage I use an ortlieb rucksack strapped to the rear rack and a KTM tank bag.

Apart from the clutch springs, the only mod I've done to the motor is to upgrade the mainshaft bearing with the part from the 03 on models. There's loads on this topic on this forum - check the thread index.

IMHO with handguards, an engine guard, some means of mounting luggage, the 18 litre tank and the comfort seat, the LC4-E makes a decent adventure machine. Next for mine is a set of supermoto wheels - just about 2 bikes in one.

dirtrider 04-01-2006 01:39 PM

It's been covered pretty well, but I love my 01! I prefer it over the Adventure model as it's 20lbs lighter, all over the front tire, is narrower, more nimble, and doesn't damage easily.

habanero 04-12-2006 08:35 PM

Thanks for all the information, I appreciate it.

Looks like it's going to a 640 Adventure, I found a very clean 2003 for a good to pick it up on Saturday. It will be a nice 300 mile ride to get it home..


dagwood 04-12-2006 08:38 PM


Originally Posted by dirtrider
It's been covered pretty well, but I love my 01! I prefer it over the Adventure model as it's 20lbs lighter, all over the front tire, is narrower, more nimble, and doesn't damage easily.

Word :deal I love my 01' I don't think I'd want an Adv. to many fragile bits.
my E' hits the ground all the time and never done any damage...other than my pride.:lol3
now the Adventure, I'd worry about breakin stuff.

warewolf 04-12-2006 08:46 PM


Originally Posted by dagwood
now the Adventure, I'd worry about breakin stuff.

What's to break?

Handguards: standard.
Bash plate: standard.
Large tank that protects the radiators: standard.


warewolf 04-12-2006 09:03 PM

Make up ya mind

Originally Posted by Ian640
IMHO with handguards, an engine guard, some means of mounting luggage, the 18 litre tank and the comfort seat, the LC4-E makes a decent adventure machine.

All standard on the Adventure (ok it's only a rear rack standard but hard luggage is a factory option). These are probably all the desirable bits.

The low front fender, too wide & soft front rim, second front disc and second front caliper, are probably all the undesirable bits of the 640 Adv. Unfortunately they all contribute to the price! Here in NZ the Adv is (was) $17K but the LC4E only $11K. I can't see the difference.

A pre-'03 with the main bearing fixed is probably the best of breed for the Adventure.

If it sounds like I can't make up my mind, you're probably right! :lol3 I bought the Adventure because at the time I wanted a complete motorcycle, not a home-built special. A year later, I'd be just as happy with an LC4E with clintnz/Ian640's mods. I said as much to Clint on the ride the other weekend.

6Speed4 04-12-2006 09:17 PM

625 smc question
How does the 625 smc compare with the 640s? In terms of interchangability of parts and KTM vibrations? I drool every time i see those orange demons, but at 5'8" 30inch inseam they are more than a little intimidating since I am new to off road. How much can you practicaly lower it, since I still have a ~2 inch link from Kouba (for a Duke I didn't catch). Any help would be great, otherwise its a DR or used F.

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