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Flanny 04-08-2003 10:21 AM

Ok - Adv. Skid Plates $300 Usd - Flanny Manufacturing

Seeing as $425 from Poland was still too steep for most, :yikes I've obtained quotes from local manufacturers for the skid plate/storage boxes.

See these threads for background:


It looks like for a minimum of 6 orders, I should be able to get them made for around $300USD plus shipping to you.

That is the lowest of the lowest prices I could find.
They will be 3/16 6061 for the base, and 1/8 5052 for the side boxes. I will also have an optional long front storage box on the front for a few extra bucks.

I will have them made waterproof as well.

I'm preparing detailed engineering drawings, and will obtain firm pricing in about a week (or maybe just a bit more)...Hopefully the price will come down a bit based on actual drawings, but there is also a chance it could go up a bit too.

Either ways, I doubt that we will ever get better pricing than that!

Please indicate your interest. Once I have firm pricing I will ask for a 50% deposit, and then I will place the order with the manufaturer.

So...can we put 6 orders together now???:deal

Mccomstock, are you still wretchedly in?

Tim 04-08-2003 11:05 AM

Wow, that's a good price. I've just had the bill for mine and is has worked out at about $400 US, which was more than the guy had estimated but still a good saving on the KTM Sommer price. It took my guy 9.5 hours to make but I didn't give him engineering drawings, just some photos from Flyshop.


mcomstock 04-08-2003 12:12 PM

Re: Ok - Adv. Skid Plates $300 Usd - Flanny Manufacturing

Said Flanny:
Mccomstock, are you still wretchedly in?
Wretchedly yes! I can't believe this, the price keeps going down...Flanny you are a miracle worker!

[sniveling rationalization]
Last time out in the desert I kicked up a rock with the front tire and it whipped hard into the skid plate, bashing a big dent into it. That stocker plate is too thin, I need an industrial version. I beat the dent out with a hammer, but it is cosmetically broken.[/sniveling rationalization]

Salt 04-08-2003 06:46 PM

Hmmm.... you've really piqued my interest now Flanny. The price is much more reasonable, but I've still got other things I need that I might have to prioritize a little higher, like a more comfortable seat and some suspension work and a better GPS than my old 12XL, the list goes on and on. But mark me down as a 30% maybe, and let me know what the final price will be.

stramster 04-08-2003 06:52 PM


OK, I'm coming off the fence. I'll take one.


Flanny 04-08-2003 08:28 PM

..Mccomstock - you kill me
Mcomstock...Love the "snivelling rationalization" bit you added.

Here's the current status. 4 definite yeses (from other board plus here), and 8 maybes...So...I'm off to get the firm pricing.

Hold on to your could take about a week or so for me to finish the drawings and work with the manufacturer for a final price...

Once the final price comes in, I'll give all the "fence sitters" a day or two to decide, and then we should be good to go on the final answer.

Logan 04-09-2003 07:58 AM


Put me down as a 75%er


81 R80G/S
00 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport
01 KTM Adventure

Loadedagain 04-09-2003 06:06 PM

I replied to your PM on "the other page" .... Count me in dude! :1drink

Loadedagain 04-09-2003 07:54 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Looked at your pics. I asume this is the desired outcome.? What have you drawn up for the petcock side? Might be nice to get a bit of protection there. Would love to see the drawings once you get them done. Now you've got me excited again!

Flanny 04-09-2003 08:44 PM

That is Mike's design from Poland.

Ours will be similar, except I have a few ideas to make it a wee bit more stylish (us curve here, a curve there), and have the option for a toolbox accross the front, as well as other options like locks and stuff...

I'll be at the drawing board all weekend on this one...

So far we have 6 confirmed, and another 13 fence sitters!!!

The price would come down even more if I were to place an order for a run of 20!!!

Flanny 04-11-2003 05:55 AM

*** Sorry for the cross posting, but it's kinda necessary ***

Hey guys...

Here is an update on where we are at:

I have:
- 6 confirmed 100% orders (that is enough for me to move to the next stage)
- 14 "75% sure, but I will wait for final pricing"

If everyone places an oder, the price will come down even more, so give it some real thought. I have asked my manufacturer the difference between making 6 and making 20, and he said "night and day - the price should definitely come down" So, the more the merrier for everyone. So if you knwo anyone with an Adventure - let them know about this opportunity.

So, here is what is happening now:
- I am making revised drawings for the plate and mounting hardware. They will be done this weekend
- Next week I will work with the manufcaturer to make design revisions, and to get final pricing.
- Once final pricing is available, I will start a new thread to let you know (It should be Friday next week at the latest)

Ordering etc:
- I will post final pricing and ordering details on a web site that I will create over the next week.
- There will be an order form, and payment information
- I will take payments through paypal or wire transfer, or postal Money Order.
- I will allow 1 week (the following Friday) to collect ALL deposits
- Once the deposite deadline is past, I will place the final order with the manufacturer, if you miss the deadline, you will be cued-up for the next production run.

Delivery etc:
- I have not had discussions about how long it will take to make them, but I sustpect it will be in the order of between two and four weeks (this will be clear by the time the final pricing is available.
- I will then have to take 'em home, finish them, wrap 'em and packiage 'em
- The pieces will be shipped out in the order that orders are placed...

I will quote shipping prices after your order is placed and deposit received (that way I'm not quoting on hypothetical orders). I will ship to anywhere, by whatever means you want, since you will pay my exact cost for shipping (no mark-up)

So..there you have it lads...this WILL WORK, and it WILL save you tons of dough over ANY OTHER PLATE being produced today.

For the records, I will not be retiring off the profit either...just making enough dough to make it all worthwhile, and hopefully be able to carry this on to the next LC4/Adv Product that needs to be made (like maybe crash bars..., windshields, headlight protectors?...who knows).

Cheers everyone, and thanks for your support...hopefully this will become a great "direct manufacturer" model for the people!

Arch 04-11-2003 06:55 AM

Great stuff, Flanny! If not for the fact that I just received an elusive KTM factory version of this that'd been languishing in a left coast shop, I'd be onboard for one of yours for sure. (I'm gonna post pics & such when I get the time, as well as properly thank our own Rad for going above & beyond the call of duty in helping out a fellow advrider.)

Anyway, looking forward to seeing & hearing more about your part, bro. Ya gonna come up with a catchy name? Flannyplate? Flannyguard? Flannypack?


Loadedagain 04-11-2003 07:08 AM

how bout the flannybashprotector?

Mack 04-11-2003 09:05 AM

Fanny's Fantabulous Furbelow Fashionplate Fender Thingy! (Ok, scratch the "Thingy" part.)

PS. If my employer doesn't file for bankruptcy on Monday:flush , I'll scratch the Tierra del Fuego plans (KLR650) and just buy the skid plate. :): (Funny how the last person I met in person, headed South was a Worldcom, ok, Ex-Worldcom employee! Guess this is the positive side to bankruptcy.:splat

Cheers, Mack

Loadedagain 04-11-2003 09:09 AM

I was just admiring the stock of my current employer. I may be joining you down there! But I WILL have my Flannymubob. :):

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