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Tbone 11-17-2006 06:04 AM

First Hare Scramble tomorrow...
well, after tossing the idea around (that means my mind and my body have come to a "tentative" agreement:D ) I am going to participate in my first race tomorrow. I will be riding my little RM125 in the (0-200) beginner class. I honestly have limited dirtbiking experience (12-15 hours total in the last few months) but am not going to let that and common sense get in my way. The course is in central Florida so hills will not be an issue, but several water crossings, bridges,woods, and open pasture will all be vying for a chance to punch my ticket...:huh It seems to be a 8-9 mile loop, and 3 or 4 times around to finish the race. I will be riding on Sat. with the vintage bikes and the Juinors (13-16 yr old on 86-125cc). I'll post a report next week once the percocet's wear off...:lol3

dlrides 11-17-2006 06:10 AM

Good luck ! Ride consistent and steady. Completing your first race gives a great boost for the next race !

doyle 11-17-2006 06:15 AM

Have fun Tbone and ride safe. Glad your mind could convince your body to do it. Look forward to the report!

Thorny 11-17-2006 07:17 AM

Here are a few vidoes to get your heart pumpiing prior to tomorrow! All Hare Scrambles, 2 of them from florida, and one of them is the 85cc class.

Having just started racing a few months ago, I'll offer a few hints that may save you some pain.

1. Drink about 100oz of water per day for at least 3 days in a row prior to race day. Then wear a camel back during the race and drink when you can. I mix 1 energy drink into the water in my pack, and I count on being able to get the straw to my mouth when I check in on every lap.

2. Best to wear at least one tear off to remove gunk right after the start. Also, treat your goggles with an anti-static spray, so you can wipe the dust off your goggles easlily during the race.

3.The better start you get the less dust you'll have to deal with, but being your first race it't probably best to start slow and avoid the first corner crash.

4. Look as far down the trail as you can, especially when you get tired. I can alsways tell riders who are spent because they are riding 3 feet in front of their fender. IF you can look way down the trail you'll ride twoce as fast and avaoid crashes.

5. If you will need a gas stop duing the race, do it after 1/3 of the race is over, rather than 2/3 over. Not only will you be fresher and able to gas and go quicker, but somehow the 2 minute break in the early part of he race refreshes me a lot more than the 2 minute break late in the race when I am already really tired.

Have fun out there!!!


Tbone 11-17-2006 07:23 AM

Thanks for the tips Thorny !!!
I have seen the videos and they have me stoked...I think...:D

I am going to concentrate on relaxing the first few miles. Arm pump and general tension can be a bad thing and burn you out early I hear.

We had a few inches of rain 2 days ago, so track should be perfect ...:ricky

kenaroo 11-17-2006 07:23 AM

Have fun and be carefull.

few tips and Check lists

Don't worry about winning or being first into the woods. Practice your dead engine starts in 2nd gear (at least 10 times to get the feel) and just cruise to the first turn and let all the other idiots fight for the holeshot. you can't win on the first turn, lap etc. good trick is to watch the starter a few times before it's your turn to start. look for his actions and starting habits. some starter have a routine. some lift thier foot right before they drop the flag, or look up/down, twitch their hand etc. This will help you get a good start.

in the woods/trail:

Stand up as much as possible. (that is untl your legs give out)
Look as far foward down the trail as you can to pick lines and see corners. if you catch yourself looking at your front fender... tell your self to look up and forward.. It's much easier to set up corners and find the best line when you looking down the trail.. Always look where you want to go and never fixate on the danger or hazard. Same thing with ruts.. look towards the end of the rut not at your front wheel.

Take time to pick a good route throught the water crossing. make sure that you have a good exit on the other side. taking 5 seconds to determine your route through a water hole is better than being stuck for 5 orf 10 mins or being soaked for the rest of the race.

Don't follow someone if possible.. Check alternative lines and use those to pass or to see down the trail. If you cant see because of dust, slow down until you can see.

passing and being passed:
IF someone is behind you and pushing you and you begin to feel uncomfortable, just let em by when you get to an opening. point which way you want him to pass you left or right. if someone real fast is coming up on you (10 + mph faster) JUST HOLD YOUR LINE. The faster rider will find a way around you. If he starts hollering at you to move over.. do it. but in a safe place and where you have room. Always keep looking where your going.. and don't look back. word of warning... some riders get a little over zealous when hollering at you to move over with cus words, don't let that bother you.

Plan on stopping on the second lap in the pits for gas, water and just to check your bike out. just take 10 seconds to make sure your good to go to the finish. have an extra set of google and gloves ready in case you need a change.. Keep them in a large zip lock bag so they don't get dirty before you need them. Use a marker to write your riding # on the tank and bags so you can find them. Ask for help in the pits, get your buddy or someone you meet at the race. tell them your intent to pit.

Don't worry about making your bike look like a factory racer with all the bling. forget the new decals, trick racing #s etc. (heck, most of us just screw them up the first wreck we have anyway.)

Make sure your bike is in the best condition as possible.
Change oil
clean air filter
check spokes and tighten and ture.
New or almost new tires front and back,
Use HD inner tubes. with proper PSI in the tires
make sure your chain and sprokets are not worn
check cables and make sure they are lubed, slide easy and are not freyed.
Make sure you have enough gasoline for the ride.
Check and use locktite (blue ) on all the bikes nuts and bolts. do not locktite the screws going into the gas tank's brass inserts because they could be pulled out or stripped.

Don't skimp on the personal protection.

Helmet... most important. make sure it fits well and is less than 2 years old
boots.... make sure they are not wore out and have proper ankle protection
wear, Knee guards, elbow guards and a chest protector.
Wear a camelbak or some sort of drink system. Use 50/50 gatoraide and water mix.

Carbo load tonight with spagetti, or something simular. don't over eat.
Hydrate, Hydrate, hydrate. if your not drinking a gallon of water by tonight your behind. Yep you'll pee a lot but there is nothing wose that dehydrating and bonking during a race.
breakfast.. 2 hours before race.. eat light.. bananas, fruit etc.. eat a few whole grain bagels or cliff bars to get the calories. No junk food or high sugers.

I'm sure there is more... but this is a good start to making sure you have a successful first Hare scrambles.

Tbone 11-17-2006 07:37 AM

Wow !!!:eek1 Lots of great information there kenaroo !!!

Thanks for the tips on passing as that part has me a little worried. Don't want to be in anyone's way, but want to be able to pass a few folks too.

bought the rest of my gear yesterday (chest protector, knee pads, I'll get elbow pads today). I am going to use the practice lap to get a feel for the course and my speed through different sections. My goal is just to finish, and we'll work on the last-to-first thing later...

I'm going to write "Relax" and "look forward" on some tape and put it in my handlebar clamp...

Jack Daniel 11-17-2006 07:43 AM

This needs to be documented :deal

Tbone, who's on your pit crew?

What time and Where?

Oh Crap! Tomorrow's the first day of my kid's soccer season :cry

Who's gonna get some pics? :clap

Tbone 11-17-2006 07:56 AM


Originally Posted by Jack Daniel
This needs to be documented :deal

Tbone, who's on your pit crew?

What time and Where?

Oh Crap! Tomorrow's the first day of my kid's soccer season :cry

Who's gonna get some pics? :clap

Lori (wife) will be helping, and it's down near Myakka city..don't worry, you'll all know what happens ...:cry :clap

BikePilot 11-17-2006 08:21 AM

Have fun and don't stress over it. HS racing is great fun and very simple. Just ride around and have fun till ya see the checkers. Depending on your bike you might need to make a fuel stop or two. Most folks just stick their can somewhere near the trail pull off and gas themselves up.

have fun

Tbone 11-17-2006 08:33 AM

Yeah, I need to "dumb it down a little"...just breath, relax, and finish...:D

Thorny 11-17-2006 08:33 AM

here's a couple more pointers for you:

Since you mentioned arm pump, try to find a few points in each lap where you can take one hand at a time off the bars and just open and close your fist a few times. Arm pump is often the result of not enough blood flow to the fore arm. So open and closing the hand will keep blood flowing.

Also, my biggest challenge in races is blisters. Even though I ride a lot, I still get blisters when I race. I found during my last HS that a tighter glove is better than a looser one for preventing blisters. So I went from an XL size to a Large. Also, since it sounds like you'll be racing through water, try to keep your hands dry. When mine get wet I blister faster, so thats when the extra set of gloves comes in really handy. Have a set ready at your gas stop.

Have fun and I'm looking forward to the report.


doyle 11-17-2006 08:56 AM

Great information here!!! :clap

troutdog 11-17-2006 10:07 AM

Good luck on your first race. Don't ride over your head, be consistant, and finish your first race be the goal. Let the results fall where they may.

BTW - The dog on that third video was cracking me up.

Caffeind 11-17-2006 10:38 AM


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