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CaptRick 06-29-2007 06:12 PM

HELP O2 sensor removal and Y pipe
OK I am trying to install a Y pipe on my 1150GS. I got the muffler off, no problem, dropped the cat but I cant get the dam O2 sensor loose for the life of me!!!
Before I resort to violence, am I missing something really simple????:gun2
Any one else have a problem with the dam thing?:baldy :baldy
It looks like a simple nut to turn and loosen????
Help please I want to ride tomorrow AM early.....

GB 06-29-2007 06:35 PM

If memory serves me :gerg, you have to trace the O2 sensor wire to it's source, which I believe is under the fuel tank :scratch and unplug it from there, then spray the O2 sensor in the cat with WD40 or Liquid Wrench and let it soak in and then you shold find it'll come out with ease. Install it in the Y pipe, etc..

You could take the easier way and try to get the O2 sensor without unplugging it first, but the twisting of the wire might break it.

Poolside 06-29-2007 06:47 PM

<BR>If you have the sensor unplugged, slip a 6 or 12 point box-end wrench on there, tip the catalyst onto it's side, and give the wrench a whack with a hard metal-head hammer. Just remember, lefty loosey :D

Reinstall the sensor into the y-pipe with any flavor of anti-seize. Any flavor will work because at max torque, the exhaust temp isn't ever much more than 600C right at the cylinder port. And is cooler by the time it reaches the sensor. After the catalyst it warms up again.

CaptRick 06-29-2007 07:52 PM

Blast dam O2 sensor!!!!
Arghhh walk the plank yer scum dog
Ill nail yer tits to the table bitch
happy place happy place.......
anger managment.....
Ok I took offf the gas tank unpluged the sensor and willlet it soak over night with some liquid wrench, if in the AM I cant get it loose its over to the dealer for a new sensor. Hope its a stock item......
On the plus side the bike is getting a good dusting and cob web removal!
Oh the joys of a BMW, as the germans say YOU WILL DO IT MY WAY!!!

Poolside 06-29-2007 11:41 PM

<BR>It'll likely be a stock item at the BMW store. But there's another option.

If the sensor cannot be removed, you do not need to buy the OEM BMW replacement part. It's a 4 wire heated O2 sensor that's identical to several hundred million installed in vehicles since time began. The only difference is the electrical connector. (And I think the sensor body comes in 2 different physical sizes)

Auto parts stores have 4 wire and 5 wire UNIVERSAL replacement O2 sensors with a wire splice kit included. Cut the OEM cable and connector from the old sensor, and splice in the new sensor.

To avoid the blank stare at the parts store when you say "Its for a BMW motorcycle", tell them its for a 2002 BMW 320. Not that I know that that sensor is the right physical size mind you, but rather it avoids triggering the reflexive response of "We don't have motorcycle parts, sir"

Bring the catalyst with you and physically match up one of the universal O2 sensors. Really there's only like two different flavors.

The 4 wire colors are White-White-Black-Gray. The whites are the heater, not polarity sensitive. Gray is signal ground, and Black is the signal.

CaptRick 06-30-2007 05:27 AM

Thanks poolside! :thumb
If my cycle dealer is out I will hit the auto zone. I had no idea it was a universal thing. I would also think the universal will be a little less coin since it wont come over the magic parts counter. It's magioc cause it turns penny parts into gold plated parts!

BobFV1 06-30-2007 05:39 AM


Originally Posted by CaptRick
Arghhh walk the plank yer scum dog
Ill nail yer tits to the table bitch

:huh Oh my!

At least give the WD40 a try:evil

GB 06-30-2007 06:18 AM

WD40 or Liquid wrench should do the trick, no need for violence :lol3 Just be sure to use a good size wrench and the cat is held in place so it doesn't move.. get a helper! The hardest part is getting the tank off to unplug it. When reinstalling it the sensor, you might want to use some anti seize compound on its threads just in case you have to remove it again without resorting to threats of violence! :lol2

CaptRick 06-30-2007 12:39 PM

NAPA to the rescue!
NAPA to the rescue!
Naturaly the dealer didnt have a sensor in stock and when I saw what he wanted for it,($ 186.00) I was glad he didnt.

Went down to NAPA found a bosch 4 wire sensor for $ 92.00 and rewired the plug to the GS plug.
Seems to work just fine! The old sensor is still welded in place, I used every lubricant known to mankind , nothing worked, Even had a helper and a breaker bar, no luck. Any one need a cat with a built in O2 sensor!

Any way back is back together, and Im changing all the fluids, Engine castrol synthetic, trans and FD BMW synthetic.

Tomorrow it's time for a ride! :thumb

Poolside 06-30-2007 02:00 PM

<BR>Glad it worked out for ya maytey.

Something important about using penetrating oil to remove an O2 sensor.

The backshell of the sensor has an vent that's open to the atmosphere. The location of the vent 'hole' may not be obvious. The vent allows atmospheric oxygen to reach the backside of the sense element.

If, via spraying oil through the vent, the sensor element is covered with penetrating oil well, that is a bad thing.

Blocking the atmospheric oxygen from the O2 sense element more or less 'inverts' the sensor output. You know, the sensor 'senses' the difference in levels between the oxygen in the air, and the oxygen in the exhaust.

Another way to say that is, it's comparing a high oxygen environment on the outside, to a low oxygen environment on the inside.

Blocking the O2 from the back side of the sensor 'inverts' the comparison. Instead of making a comparison to 'oxygen', the sensor is making a comparison to 'no-oxygen'.

bykemike 06-30-2007 02:34 PM

Is the sensor really needed? I was told ,at some point, that if the sensor is removed the ECU goes to a midpoint default setting and the operation of the bike is unaffected. Any thoughts on this??

Poolside 06-30-2007 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by bykemike
I was some point, if the sensor is removed the ECU goes to a midpoint default setting and the operation of the bike is unaffected.

Yea pretty much largely unaffected Mike.

The ECU oscillates the mixture between 'either side of stoichiometric', and normally uses the O2 sensor feedback to do it. This is true for the 11xx/1200

If the ECU does not have O2 sensor input, it uses real-time crank speed feedback to get to the same place.

The mixture 'swings' accomplished by the ECU using rotation velocity feedback end up being the same as those accomplished with O2 sensor feedback.

The difference is, on the load/rpm grid map, the the number of load/rpm points where closed-loop O2 sensor feedback is effective, is larger than the area where closed-loop crank speed feedback is effective.

Said another way, using the O2 sensor for feedback, the motor is operated in closed-loop over a larger number of loads and rpms. Crank speed feedback is otherwise the same, except for a smaller closed loop area.

Some mythology: Rich mixture 'limp-home' mode.

Poolside 06-30-2007 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by CaptRick
Any one need a cat with a built in O2 sensor!

Check your PM inbox

CaptRick 06-30-2007 05:53 PM

Dam Poolside, That was mouth full. Im still scrathing my head to figure out what you said!:loaded :loaded

In any case thanks for your suggestion about a different O2 sensor. The NAPA guy was a big help also. He just went through the stock untill he found a 4 wire Bosch for me. When he said how $ it was I laughed and told him he was half of what the dealer wanted!
I am gonna hang on to the old cat just for shits and giggles in case I ever want to sell the Y pipe.

pdoege 06-30-2007 06:28 PM

Part numbers, capt.
We need part numbers for the O2 sensor Capt!



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