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gunnr 07-31-2007 09:54 AM

OBDR Oregon and around
My friends and I just got back from a week in Oregon. We had originally planned on riding the OBDR route from Lakeview on up to Walla Walla, Wa. I had been watching the fire closures in the Malheur National Forest.
We wanted to stick to the original route and avoid detours so we opted to ride Sec 3 which follows the Oregon Cascades. We would try Sec 5 another time.
I got the tracks for this section from this post.
There were 2 sets of tracks posted, I compared them and they were close enough. I had to edit them some to get them into my 60csx. Thanks Guys

The plan was to ride south from home in SW Washington with a side trip to Crater Lake on the way down, pick up the route at the southern end and ride north. With time we were hoping to then pick up Sec 4 from Sisters and head east towards 395 and then home. We'll see. This was to be a first big motorcycle trip for all of us. We had plenty of riding experience over the years, just not this ADV type thing! Interesting fact, I had the only gps. Following a track around local areas is one thing, somewhere you've never been should be interesting.

I left home to meet the others, it looked like we would have some rain.
Stopped at Fern Praire Market down the hill for gas, reset the odo, pulled in the clutch and snap. No clutch, WTF. The cable broke, I pulled the rubber boot back and it looked like moisture had done it's job. I bought the bike used with only a 1000 miles on it last year. I did really try to check everything for this ride. Oh well make the call, Martin comes and gets me with his truck and trailer. Call around and suprisingly someone has a cable in stock. Better here than somewhere else.
A few hours later and we're off. Martin, Gordon and myself
Up the gorge on 14 to Hood River Bridge, no time for pictures. That is one thing I noticed, it was going to be hard to be stopping for pictures. We were on a mission. Hood River Bridge was interesting, a long metal grated bridge. I never thought we would get across that, not much tire in contact with the surface. On up around Mt Hood, it started raining. Add some warmer clothes. Started heading down 26 and the sun peaks out, take them off. Stopped at Warm Springs on the Deschutes River, my son had put in there on a raft trip earlier in the day. Already miles down river. It was hot and I wished I was floating down the river.
We made good time to Bend, had some thing to eat, grabbed a box of beer and headed up Century drive to the mountain towards the campgrounds beyond. A few miles out of town the road detoured south to the 40 rd. and over to the Cascade lakes hghway. It said detour so we took it. Took our time and enjoyed the ride.
Get out the map and look for campgrounds, plenty on up the road!
Well it's a weekend and half of Oregon is up here, every camp was full. We opted to camp off the beaten path but wanted a fire and decided to be good. We went by a horse camp at Quinn meadows that was gated, maybe we could ride around it and have the place to ourselves. OK, well there are people here with horses. They just have a gated community. We talk to the camp host explaining our predicament and she says no problem for tonite, just not last nite! Thank You. It was late and the sun was almost down.
Day 1, 277 miles


brad21 07-31-2007 11:18 AM



Lobby 07-31-2007 11:33 AM

Yep. :nod


gunnr 07-31-2007 11:38 AM

The next morning......
Meet the Neighbors....
Stump Carving......
We head out to Elk Lake Lodge for breakfast and gas. Very nice Lake, sailboats and everything. Premium gas only at 3.95 gal.
We meet this interesting pair, the bird would follow like a dog and loved to be petted.........
At this point we were chomping at the bit to get on the route so we decided to hit the Section 3 route from the middle somewhere, then ride south to the end, then come up around Crater Lake and back to Bend and pick up the north section towards Sisters. We head back on the 40 rd, pick it up and turn south. Nice, I had the GPS it was dusty and I was leading. Perfect.
We had gone about 5 miles and I was coming to a cross road, I started slowing down but couldn't downshift. WTF? The shift lever was hitting the frame. The weld was coming apart, I could not believe it. I heard all about that problem with the KLR shift lever. At home I had pulled it off and looked at it. Both sides were welded, no undercut, penetration, it looked fine. Now, it appeared the stamped steel lever was the weak link, just didn't like the weld.
We regrouped and looked at the map, 42 rd would take us to Sunriver. I did not want it to break comepletely off just yet. I think it was in 3rd or 4th. I reved it, slipped the clutch and made it to the main rd going into town. I pulled over and decided to pull the lever off and move it up a spline, that worked but was not going to last. We got to a store and started calling bike shops in Bend. They must be closed or to busy to answer the phone, "please leave a number and we'll call you back." Ok now we need a welder. While calling around Martin had talked to a lawn maintenance specialist, he had a brother who had a friend who had a welder. But he wasn't home, well we could weld, but just needed the machine. Ok he would take one of us over, Martin agreed to go, I was still in dismay. After all the negative thoughts (what now, what if, if only, why didn't I...) go through my head, they come back and show it off. It looked good all things considered. I gave the guy a 20 and thanked him.

We were off again, A slight setback but that's all part of the adventure. I hoped they felt the same.
It was 2:15 when we left the store in Sunriver, We blasted straight back to the turn off of the 40rd we had started earlier. I didn't get too many pictures, there was nice scenery. We came through several OHV areas that were fun. Bikes were handling like pigs!! we were making progress.
Dropped down to Crescent Lake Junction. Debated going to find a campsite, but we seemed to talk ourselves into a motel room at the lodge. All that talk about showers and beds seemed to get the best of us. Whose idea was that?
Got cleaned up and by now had forgotten all my previous problems. We walked over to some bar that claimed to have the world's best roasted chicken. It was good! No plates or silverware!
Met these two interesting cowboys, they said they were PRC bareback riders and traveled the circuit. They insisted on buying pitchers for us. I was glad last call was at 10:00 or so.

Went back to the room and slept good. What a day!

Day 2, only 110.7 miles

brp2004 07-31-2007 04:15 PM

The name of the bar you were at was Manley's.

GB 07-31-2007 06:13 PM

Excellent.. :thumb


gunnr 07-31-2007 06:39 PM

it's a nice day and we actually get an early start. Coming around Crescent Lake, I had a problem picking up the route before I realized it was on another track. Lots of stopping and pushing buttons. Martin and Gordon were holding out well with this and following along. Gordon would follow fairly close and eat some dust, Martin held back a ways and followed the last traces of dust. Sometimes he would have to read the tire tracks, this worked out pretty well for the trip. I would bring up the rear at times and let them lead using the map. I suggested before the trip we all have a GPS, but well you know....."one's enough"... I suspect they are shopping now! The only time we really got off course was when I fell asleep at the scenery and wasn't watching.
I think this is the Windigo pass area, my memory is slipping and I want to get this posted. Lots of red roads.
This is one long straight gravel road
There were a few hanging clouds and I kept seeing the base of a mt. with snow on it, looking at a map I assume it is Mt. Bailey. or Mt. Thielsen.
We came though an area that was freshly graded for us. Nice, roosting big heavy dualsports.
We started dropping down where we would cross Hiway 230 working our way to Union Creek for lunch. Went though more of the OHV trails and some hillclimbs.
We ate at a place called Beckies, good burger, didn't care just hungry. It was about 4:00 when we left, not sure what to do we picked up the trail and headed up towards Huckleberry campground. Not too far away. The GPS track didn't take us by it. We wandered around before looking at the map. Just missed a turn and we were there. It looked like it wasn't a popular place, low upkeep but was nice and remote. No water. It was probably 5 or 5:30, It looked like we would camp here. Gordon and I figured we would run back down to Union Creek for some water and refreshments. We were only about 10 miles of easy riding out. At that point I realized I had lost or misplaced my glasses. They are just for closeup so I can see the GPS, basically reading glasses. Martin was going to ride around and retrace our steps and look for them. We took off, the ride down and back went quick. I was turning up the road we had missed before to the campground and the back end went squirming around, Gordon was beeping at me. I thought "Flat, You have got to be kidding. what is going on here". Again all the thoughts come into my head, plus the ones from the day before and the day before that. There was a shiny new nail sticking out. I walk the bike the 100 yds or so uphill to camp. At Martins suggestion to relax, I was commited to changing the tire now.
Up to this point I had been having a good day. My day had just become, well I just wanted to get this behind me. We got the tire changed and I cleaned up, changed and cracked a semi cold one. I don't normally get too bent up about things, or it takes awhile anyway. But I was at that point. Probably tired, anyway not a happy camper at the moment. Things happen....things will get better I tell myself. We actually had cell phone coverage from a certain spot. I call home for support and tell the latest. "How come you're having so many problems and they're not?" they ask. Whatever!
A guy staying close by stopped and offered some firewood, he had been up there a month and a half building a fence to keep range cattle out of a meadow. I noticed nails laying in the back of his truck......hhhmmm. :wink:

Day 3, 131 miles

gunnr 07-31-2007 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by brp2004
The name of the bar you were at was Manley's.

yes, that's the place, thanks. Obviously you've been there :beer

brad21 08-01-2007 08:07 AM

If I remember correctly, the last time brp2004 was at Manley's he was having a tough day!




gunnr 08-01-2007 10:14 AM

Excellent :clap you guys have some good riding down there

gunnr 08-01-2007 11:49 AM

The next day I get up early and go looking for my glasses. Looks like they're gone for good. It's a nice day, there are cows milling around by our campsite. I guess Gordon looked out during the night and saw deer in front of his tent. We pack up and head out towards Prospect for gas and breakfast.
There is alot of scenery and a nice windy road that brings us down to Hiway 62
A stop at a camground by the Rogue River. Mental note for the future, camp by the river nice swimming holes.
We gas up and eat in Prospect. The route takes us to a FS road 37. This was a fun mix of single lane pavement with turnouts and gravel. The usual nice scenery. Some where along this road a bear ran out in front of me. A nice brown color and good sized. Nice surprise.
We pop out on a main road and head towards 140. We are making good time, almost too good.
We cross 140 and turn off it to start climbimg a ridge that will take us to the end of this route at hiway 66. Looking back to the north you can see Mt. Mcloughlin to the left.
Heading back down the other side towards Hiway 66
The end of the line, Hiway 66
What do we do now? Get the map out and decide to head up around Hyatt resorvoir and up to Lake of the Woods to find a campgound.
We were on pavement and the others were usually leading. I see so much that I want to take pictures of but I don't. We blew right on to Lake of the Woods camground, this was a private campground and they didn't allow tents. There was a FS camp next to it so we rode over to check it out. A quick loop through and we kept going on towards Odessa in the Klamath Basin area where we got gas.
Everyone felt good and we weren't having any problems. Let's just go up to Crater Lake. We dropped in the basin. Big flat area compared to where we came from, cows everywhere. I wished I would have gotten more pictures. They were leading and I was following, it was late and we didn't stop for anything.
We got to the Mazama campground and checked in. Big campground, I guess I haven't been to a big park like this in awhile. I am more used to remote backcountry stuff. I've never even been here. We paid the $1.00 for a hot shower, worth every penny. They have the bear containers, we used them for beer.
Boy that MRE sure smells good! Martin said it was time to get rid of them. Everyone around us was barbequeing something, so the smells in the air didn't make them any more appealing.

Day 4, 207 miles

Loud Al 08-01-2007 09:13 PM

Keep it coming.

gunnr 08-02-2007 12:30 PM

The next day we are up and getting ready with the usual high caffiene intake. We plan to ride up and around the rim and then head north and pick up the Sec 3 route again where we started south from. It's a nice ride on up to the rim, you get up into that nice high alpine country stuff. First glimpse of the lake, wow. Just like all the pictures I've seen, nice to finally see it in real.
We pull in to all the turnouts, as do all the other tourists.
Wheelie Martin.
I did get quite a few pictures of the lake and the KLR, which by the way is holding up well.
We blast around the rim, stopping at the lodge. Too many people, like being at the mall, not that I ever go there. We look like aliens anyway. head on out to the north entrance. Drop down to the Diamond lake junction and decide to go check the lake out. Turning the corner off the hiway my back end starts dancing, "You have got to be kidding" I am thinking. Another flat, we all know what to do, walk around and find some rocks to get the wheel off the ground. No nails sticking out. the valve stem is loose. Get the wheel off and the tube out. OK, now here is where I screwed up to begin with. I patched the other tube from the last flat. It was a new HD tube with a new tire. I didn't think I would get a flat. I knew better but patched it anyway. I do this for fun! The patch blew off, probably from the heat. Held up good considering the miles we rode. So I stick the light duty tube I had as a spare in. Freaking hot out on the side of the road. People driving by are checking us out. "Sucks to be them". At least Martin had the sense to strip his riding gear off.
We get going again in within the hour. Go to the gas station around the corner and have an ice cream. We decide to just hit the pavement to Bend. That pretty much sucked, hot and windy. Just wanted to cover some ground. We stop by Bend Euro Moto and grab a tube for insurance, you never know. Also checked out a few bikes. "This might work"
Martin thought I could use some Devine Intervention.
We grabbed something to eat, got some provisions for the night and headed back up to catch the route north. Once we caught the route it seemed to take us through an area that we weren't sure if we were supposed to be there. Several mt. bikers looked at us weird. We were supposed to come out on the road to Tumalo falls. We asked one guy and he said we were close. Once there we followed it west until it turned sharply up a very rocky road. This went on for awhile. We were headed to Three Creeks Lake, somewhere around the base of the 3 sisters mts.
The road started to improve w/o so many rocks and we were able to do some roosting (as much as you can do on a loaded KLR anyway!). There were some nice corners with berms on the banks. I saw a nice turn coming up and started to get setup and some guy on a KTM coming the other direction beat me into. Definately the way to go. We rolled into the campground and the camp host flagged us over and asked us if we planned on camping. "Yes", "Well you got the last spot". Nice, it looked like a place I would like to come back to someday.
A good way to end the day.

Day 5, 203 miles

GB 08-02-2007 01:10 PM

Awesome vistas, great pics and ride :thumb


wachs 08-02-2007 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by Blitz
The road started to improve w/o so many rocks and we were able to do some roosting (as much as you can do on a loaded KLR anyway!). There were some nice corners with berms on the banks. I saw a nice turn coming up and started to get setup and some guy on a KTM coming the other direction beat me into. Definately the way to go.

HA HA! that was me! - saw you guys through the trees and punched it to get there first - had I known, I would've politely pulled over and shut off my machine so you could've had your way with the big berm-

kidding, but really, I was out for a little 60 mile evening rip and had this premonition that something was coming the opposite direction and sure enough, you guys pop up and then the 3rd guy too.

Good report btw :1drink

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