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paddythesmith 11-27-2007 10:25 PM

640 adv - unused electrical connectors up front...
Took off the headlight shroud and tank to do some winter projects on my 02 adv. I'm planning to install some heated grips, add probably just one driving light and an accessory plug. Also gonna put on assorted omega fuel disconnects (picked up extras for the KTM when ordering for the GS), along with a new clutch cable. If my kids still recognize me, I may even get to rebuilding the water pump... (8k mi, too soon?).

Anyhow, I noticed a couple unused white connectors sitting in a row of five near the headlights. The one's wires I could easily see had 2 brown and 2 blue/yellow wires. Just ran out, since I'm not that lazy, and put a meter across the above wire ends, turned the ignition on and got a whopping 10.9V. That from a 12.55V new battery - write it up to the smallish wiring or the headlight being on at same time? So, what's the blue/yellow wire do for other models in other countries? I'm planning to use it as an ignition triggered lead to switch the relay for the positive lead I'm going to run up front from the battery. From there I'll power the above additions. What do you all think?

Luke 11-27-2007 10:33 PM

The connectors are switched power. It's used for hooking up a powered roadbook. Your headlight is also getting 10.9V. Thicker wire and relays will fix that. Part of the drop is from the switches. I used 12ga wire from the battery and three relays (high beam, low beam and accessories). It made the headlights brighter and the heated grips significantly hotter.

Dotbond 11-27-2007 11:15 PM


Originally Posted by paddythesmith
n ordering for the GS), If my kids still recognize me, I may even get to rebuilding the water pump... (8k mi, too soon?).

If you do the water pump, but you shouldn't if the bike has been running proper coolant all its life, check the bearing on the inlet rocker arm that contacts the cam shaft. Mine seized recently. Very messy. It is recommended to change this at 20k km. My bike had only clocked 16k km.


paddythesmith 11-28-2007 05:48 AM

question for Luke:
Did you run a single 12g wire from the battery, or one for each relay? I imagine you were able to use the final lead connectors inside the hi and low beam housings to switch the relays, or did you cut the factory wiring? Thanks for reminding me about the stock voltage getting to the hi and low beams. I sort of lost sight of doing that when thinking of the items I was adding.

Luke 11-28-2007 01:14 PM

I ran a single pair of 12ga wires from the battery to all three relays. The relay control plugs into the headlight connectors on the wiring harness, and the relay outputs plug into the headlights. I added a switch to the relays to turn them off, and another connection so the low beam is always on, regardless of whether the high beam is on.

The connectors on my bike were already toasted, so I had to do surgery to fix them. If I had found the matching connectors, I could have done it all without changing the factory wiring. Instead, I attached a different connectors to the headlight wires, and repaired the wiring harness to it's original state.

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