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Baldy 07-04-2001 02:21 PM

Welcome to this awesome forum
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Got adventures in your blood? This awesome new forum lets you tell all and post pics of your ride.


Mad Dog 86 07-06-2001 04:53 AM

Thanks for the Welcome, Baldy!
Your message caught me in a classic biker depression: not feeling like riding due to many reasons.

Here's hoping your new forum is just the ticket to help lift me out of the doldrums.

More power to you, Baldy!

take good care,


Hoppy 07-06-2001 07:41 AM

Submerged DS
Holy shit, what happened in the above picture? DId this happen to a forum reader? I've done some water crossings before, but unlike a TRUE-ADVENTURER[tm], I usually do an inspection of the place that I'm crossing before I commit myself...


fish 07-06-2001 11:18 AM

Hop Sing! Nice to read you. How's it hangin, my man?


Distance Rider 07-06-2001 05:21 PM

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Yeah, I guess it was deeper than it looked. So here's what happened next (and they succeeded):

John Bennett 07-08-2001 08:03 AM

Cool forum!

billcat 07-10-2001 04:05 PM

An excellent endeaver, Chris! Thanks for putting it up!

Slider 07-11-2001 05:24 PM

Cool website for the type of riding I like to do!

MotorMark 07-20-2001 01:35 AM

Wow, this website has all kinds of strange stuff to mess with. It is kinda neat though.
I just want to try this out, and see if it works. It seems kinda sophisticated to me.:huh

Anyway, I ride a KLR650, and it has been an awesome adventure touring bike. I cant wait till the weekend, and ride again.

If anybody is interested, I have a KLR650 website that is pretty good, check it out if you dare -
Also, if you live in the SE USA, join -

This is my first post here, and I'll cut it short, just to see if it works.

Baldy 03-16-2004 09:10 PM

Yeah. Notice how many people said it was a cool forum and then booked and never returned. :rofl :rofl :rofl

Linzi 03-16-2004 09:17 PM

I love it, and I'll be sticking around...much to the chagrin of everyone else around here. :rofl

Great work, Baldy! :thumb

Mully 03-16-2004 09:29 PM


Originally Posted by Linzi
I love it, and I'll be sticking around...much to the chagrin of everyone else around here. :rofl

Great work, Baldy! :thumb

Gotta give you credit, grrl - you've got staying power! :nod

( back in Hogtown? )

And Baldy........this has to be a record for the longest length of time between posts in a thread!


Stinez 03-16-2004 09:51 PM

For such an awesome start.
Mad dog
Distance Rider
And the others didn’t stay around long.

Did they become other personas? :dunno

Distance Rider 03-16-2004 10:30 PM

Hahaha. Distance Rider is a test account I set up. I just logged into it again and it said Last visit: 07-06-2001, 04:47 PM.


fish 03-17-2004 12:09 AM

Hoppy's still around, occasionally. He showed up at the sierra soiree.

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