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Dotbond 01-30-2008 11:39 PM

N.Z.Adventures Yamaha South Island Safari 2008
Well, we did the safari last year so we put our money down for the one this year! Similar date but a different place. This was based in Omarama, South Island, New Zealand. As Omarama is about 3 hours away from where we live we decided to trailer the bikes up.:lol3 Craig on the left and Malcolm on the other side.

Trailer Poofters we were called, can't argue with that, especially when the wit behind that comment lives 2 days solid riding from Omarama and rode down 2 up! The safari entails 3 days of riding using route sheets. Just like the Dakar, only easier. An average of 8hrs riding per day, covering 400km's is the norm with tarseal, gravel, farmland and gnarly trails to be ridden.
We left Dunedin on Friday 25th Jan and Craig was feeling in a rather rare touristy mood, so we stoppped at the Elephant Rocks in Duntroon. Didn't see any elephants but we did see "zee german tourists". And the loverly lady on the left asked Craig to take their photo. So i captured that special moment.

We eventually got to our place of residence for the next 4 nights and were greeted by new Yamahas for us to ride.
Then we woke up!!

GB 01-31-2008 05:30 AM

Thanks for the intro! Let the adventure begin! :thumb


Foot dragger 01-31-2008 12:02 PM

Still out in the rain,standing on one foot and then the other waiting for the adventure report. Lets keep it moving.(what sort of Yamahas are those? 450 dual sport or?.) And why are those shoes sitting by them?

Duscherck 01-31-2008 12:12 PM


Phreaky Phil 01-31-2008 08:23 PM

Those are the new steet legal , 6speed fuel injected WR250s that Yamaha got in for a bunch of journo's to ride

Dotbond 02-03-2008 01:23 AM

Sorry guys. Been busy. Will do more tomorrow nite.

Dotbond 02-04-2008 11:58 PM

Back again. Finally.:1drink
Here are somemore pretty pictures of our digs for the next 4 nights and some of the bikes.

Noel, another trailer poofter!

And his cohort, Tim.

In the picture below on the first day of the ride are Tim - XTX 660, Noel - KTM 990, Craig - KTM 990, Dodzo - KTM 990, Ricky - SUper Tenere 750 and Malcolm - XR650

An old house in the Ida Valley.

Dodzo tending the beast with an old International truck looking forlorn in the background.
We are heading down that road.

Me and Dodzo.

The way we came. Rather dry barren looking ground but great fun to ride.

Where are we heading to......?

And Tim a couple of hours before he became really famous!!!

........we were heading to lunch at a picturesque place above Alexandra.

Dotbond 02-05-2008 12:20 AM

More lunch shots.

Dodzo and Noel letting lunch settle.

Bike parking spot in the shade

This is the afternnon part of the ride. On the way to Leaning Rock. View of Lake Dunstan with the Clyde Dam in the background.

An action shot. It's a long way up and some steep ways to get down if you get it a bit wrong.

Malcolm on the XR 650 behind the unknown KTM rider.

Thats along way down there...

Just to show the terrain we were riding. Steep drops off the side with rocks.

Craig going to supervise.

Dotbond 02-05-2008 12:42 AM

So this is the culprit. Lucky he hit a rock and went over the handle bars and landed on his head otherwise he may have had a bad accident!!:evil
Tim Misdemeanour #1.

Walking and pulling the bike along to meet the track

Looking a bit sheepish. And assessing the damage. Still ridable.

Looking towards Cromwell

Thats all the photos from day one. Day two tomorrow.

Dotbond 02-06-2008 12:55 AM

Day 2. Sunny as usual in paradise. Riding around Tekapo, Hakataramea and Waitaki Valley. This is a shot of Benmore Dam in the Waitaki Valley.
An earth dam commisioned in 1965 after a 7 year build time. We rode across the top of the dam left to right.

Down this road.....

Along this one.....and up the other side. This is Dodzo showing off his rear end.:huh

For a view down onto Lake Benmore and the dam.

The way we are going.

GB 02-06-2008 03:47 AM

Excellent adventure report!! Thanks for the pics and update!! :thumb

Dotbond 02-06-2008 11:14 PM

Then there was 60km of this sort of terrain

Dave - BMW and Rick - Super Tenere.
And a water crossing with slimey concrete underneath

We finally came to the end of that loverly headlight breaking terrain and ended up at a canal that forms part of the hydro electric scheme near Tekapo.

After gas at Tekapo it was up into the hills


Dotbond 02-07-2008 12:12 AM

Then it was lunchtime at a place called Cave - i think- A full on meal with salads and meats. Excellent!.
It was at Cave when we refuelled the bikes that Tim almost put diesel in the tank. Tim was about to pull the trigger and Jules Radich yelled out to Tim and woke him up.
Tim Misdemeanour #2.

After lunch the fun started. :evil
Steep uphill. Rocky. Loose. Falloffs for lots of people.

This chap gave his clutch such a hard time it decided not to work properly for a while till it cooled down.

After this it levelled out a bit so we could have a breather before the final snotty rocky uphill. You can just make out the bikes lining up before the final LH turn. It was a nasty part of the trail. Lots of people got help from a few willing pushers as well. Thank you guys.:freaky

1524mtrs high.

Sock Monkey 02-07-2008 12:49 PM

Great pics, and great report! :thumb

Please tell me that you, or someone in your group, got a chance to ride one of the little WR250R's and can report on how it held up in that terrain (power, traction, weight, etc.). Those bikes haven't hit our shores yet (I keep hearing they're due in "any day now"), and I'm interested in adding one to the stable to keep the GS company. :evil


clintnz 02-07-2008 06:49 PM

Lookin Good! Otago has some great riding, I've only scratched the surface down there by the look of this.

Your bike is almost the splitting image of mine! - I've also got the ADV sticker on the front guard, Zeta handguards & a plain black 18L tank.


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