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cenji 03-09-2008 09:38 PM

G/S dedicated thread for various upgrades
The idea in a nutshell:

I like to suggest this thread to be a specific and dedicated place where only R 80 G/S UPGRADES or IMPROVEMENTS are discussed, ideally explained with pictures to get a better idea. This would make it a lot easier to locate topics of interest and less time consuming when compared with going through other inmates personal thread, hoping to find the desired upgrade.
This site benefits greatly from those very savvy inmates that have their personal thread for their specific custom-built bike. Lets include those threads with a keyword mentioning the specific upgrade that was addressed. Let's include knowlegable mechanics, parts suppliers that offer G/S parts, because not everybody has the machine-shop in house, years of tinkering experience, a ton of time or the extra funds. But we could still share their expertise, their willingness to help by creating space within this thread.

This thread could be "THE G/S COMPLETE UPGRADE MANUAL" showing ideas HOW TO CREATE a better performing, safer, more comfortable or cooler bike with one touch of a button. Nothing more, nothing less.

UPDATED March 10.2010

Found this thread's last use back in October of 2009. Clearly making the statement that my initial ideas for this threads intended use has failed. A thread that is not used in half year is of no use to anybody that has just purchased a G/S , because he would only come across it by screening the first 35 pages in this forum. As there is some good info in this thread that is worth circulating, I thought why not screen the first 35 pages and see if there is anything relevant to the G/S. Of course there is plenty, like maintenance, repairs, upgrades, trips....

So I am suggesting that this thread become more like a place where links could be listed to inmates personal threads. It would show the title and who contributed it. I have only screened till October 2009, if there is someone that wants me to add other threads that I have missed within this period and later, I 'll be glad to add them.

Topics handled in the first seven pages :

Turnsignal relocation
Rear tire size options
Subframe - reinforcing

Links that are dealing with G/S issues in personal thread listed by users:

Infra's 1981 R80 G/S Maintenance and Improvement Thread

Why the G/S? Why go through the pain and expense for an old bike?

So I sold my GS.... and then I went shopping
solo lobo

1983 R80 G/S - Rebuild

ADVR R80G/S registry.... who's got one?
Solo lobo

R80G/S upside down brake conversion
One Less Harley

R80 G/S rocker shaft question

G/S BM317 Ohlins baseline settings?

R80G/S top end noise, Ting-Ting?

Tanks to fit an R80 G/S
One Less Harley

R80 GS - shock absorber

Another G/S on the road

R 80 g/s PD heading for The Gambia

G/S valve
meijer's trails

R80G/S: the longer she sits the more stubborn she is to start

Wrenching on my R80 G/S, an ongoing therapy getting previous post in one spot
One Less Harley

G/S farkles that don't kill the bikes originality

Leakey '81 R80 G/S
The Raven

R 80 G/S Seize- O the grief, O the sorrow!

R80g/s decisions
The Raven

91 GS front end to G/S....???

R80G/S clock installation

R80 ST & G/S Exhaust Collector Question

G/S solo seat's

does your G/S take a while to "self sustain" during a cold start?
meijer's trails

BMW R80G/S transmission seals

G/S owners....Please Help...!!!
Rob Farmer

R80gs Rear Disc Conversion
Phreaky Phil

R80GS Race replica )

R80 G/S Y-piece...


G/S no spark, ideas?

BMW R80 G/S Suspension upgrade

G/S 80 1981 Cable Routing

UPDATED June 15, 2010

G/S custom dashboard

R 80 G/S Sito exhaust dynamometer results
meijer's trails

R 80 G/S problems

R80 G/S mileage

Raven's R 80 G/S stupid question thread
the Raven

Wow,upgraded G/S forks
R12 Battletub

R80G/S Renthalbars

R80G/S Led light

Bent G/S frame

R80G/S loose change sound
One Less Harley

R80G/S heated grips mystery

R80G/S article+history... I am so proud
The Raven

G/S Solo Seat

the old G/S crashbar option thread

Ohlins shock sleeve for Bm 317

The Voodoo Subject R80G/S bearings

G/S suspension needs

91 gs front to G/S

R80G/S charging issue
the Raven

1983 R80G/S rebuild


Changing tanks r80 G/S listed on 06.30.10

G/S Final drivehousing cover removal

What does your custom G/S weigh?

86 R 80 G/S spine lube problem

1981 G/S what are they worth?
Mr. Goose

R 80 GS restoration-spun rodbearing

R80G/S oil change PITA
The Raven

Looking to buy R80G?S Value tips listed 07.30.10

G/S soloseats

YSS for R80G/S rear shock

320mmBrake upgrade for G/S
One Less Harley

81 G/S rear main seal installation depth
solo lobo

any G/S brothers or sisters in dire need

r80G/S Tach Issue
Roma dakota

Vendor Plug for G/S wheel bearings, no more shimming or greasing bearings
One Less Harley

r80G/s vs R100GS vs Siebenrock conversion
Ras Thurlo

Does a R100GS fork make that much difference over the stock r80G/S forks?
One Less Harley

Airhead ol pressure/rpm values

Airhead monolever G/S vs paralever GS offroad
Ras Thurlo

Rear Shock Length on R80 G/S

Airheads G/S rear subframe onto GS
Ras Thurlo

R80G/S vs R80ST rear end geometry

Bing Carbs tips

r100GS forks transforms the r80G/S, my experience
One Less harley

White Power Forks on G/S

Extended swingarm on r80G/S

Wrenching on r80G/S an ongoing therapy
One Less Harley

81G/S rebuild thread

G/S and pre '85, grease those wheel bearings!
Anton Largiader

Homemade bashplate for r80G/S

81 r80G/S ignition timing troubles

r80G/S brake shoe recommendation

Ohlins r80G/S

R80G/S not for sale, but

G/S frontwheel in a GS frontend

R80cc to R1000cc

R100GS jetting 800 to 1000 conversion

What tank will fit an 81G/S

r80G/S Owners manual

G/S Paintjob
The Raven

r80G/S Hpn modified swingarm

My new R100GS sidestand

1981 r80G/S enduro

Udated June 2011:

R100gs and r80g/s wheels
The Raven

R80g/s to R100GS fork signal mount options
The Raven

G/S welding, are they all this bad?
The Raven

R80g/s Coil questions and suggestions
The Raven

motorcycle movie list

r80 gs bash plate

R100GS subframe fitment on R80g/s
The Raven

New G/S or GS logo
The Raven

BMW R80g/s clutch questions

R100/R80 GS Headlight

G/S aux fuel options
The Raven

i've removed my R80G/S trans, will you check it out to see how i'm doing?
meijer's trails

R100gs USD Fork Conversion

BMW R80 G/S Upgrade...?

Nice g/s build

G/S swing arm extension suspension question

G/S intake manifold

is there a correct "phase" for shaft to out-flange on an r80g/s?
meijer's trails

The correct way of soldering two pieces of wire together.

Am I crazy? R100gs Transmission repair

80G/S with 100GS forks question

The GSification of a Poor Unsuspecting RT ( 1 2)

ORGS build up ( 1 2)

Constant Water Crossings w/ Airhead, Issues?
tennessee thumper

Took an '81 R80G/S around the world: mods, spares, tools, problems, etc.

R80ST gets the GS Treatment ( 1 2 3 4 5)
Airhead Wrangler

R80gs Rear Disc Conversion ( 1 2)
Phreaky Phil

HP2 Old School Project

R80g/s carb setting
The Raven

r100gs pistons in r80g/s, tuning questions

R80GS, starter goes "clack", what's broken?

Hypnofonic's 81 R80 G/S rebuild thread..

1981 r80g/s $11,000.00???

R80 G/S overhaul

R80 G/S 1981 Windscreen

R80GS or R100GS
Mc B

Custom R80G/S eye candy

why is my r80gs running rough at full throttle?
meijer's trails

G/S post build questions.
The Raven

r80g/s FD movement
The Raven

320mm Brake upgrade for G/S
One Less Harley

Show me your G/S tank!!

UPDATE 12/2011 and 6/2012

Ontic's 1981 R80G/S build-up thread
by ontic

An Unholy Union II: Wp Extreme 50mm Conventionals on a G/S

R80ST gets the GS Treatment
by Airhead Wrangler

My first rebuild, R80g/s '87
by TomBigz

An Unholy Union IV - 48mm KYB Forks On An Airhead
by Box'a'bits

Reality: R80G/S vs F800GS
by larryscustomcycles

R80G/S Rejuvination
by 4puf

Kenda tires on a G/S?
by frichti

ORGS build up
by x3300

R80G/S....rear shock...
by frichti

i need a donor trans for my 81 r80g/s, what years fit?
by meijer's trail

BMW R80G/S Frame Reinforcements.
by walkingbear

The GSification of a Poor Unsuspecting RT
by Beater

So I sold my GS.... and then I went shopping....for a G/S!

'84 R80GS Restoration???
by zanichbu

R80ST fork swap wisdom needed
by SPO

Infra's 1981 R80 G/S Maintenance and Improvement Thread
by Infracaninophile

R80 G/S rear shock length?
by BMWayne

R80 G/S front rotor suggestions
by LBourque

G/S rich on one side
by Freeagain

G/S swingarm + driveshaft extension 50mm
by cenji

WP 48mm USD fork
by cenji

R80 G/S and loweres pegs
by Caddy82rats

One Forked Up Rubber Cow
by rediRrakaD

preparing an airhead for RTW
by roadsacallin

1986 R80G/S Paris Dakar
by Kokopelli

R80G/S PD side-stand
by frichtie

Took an '81 R80G/S around the world: mods, spares, tools, problems, etc.
by roadsacallin

R100GS center stand on a R80G/S
by hardwaregrrl

My '86 r80 g/s pd
by netsuke

R80 G/S brakes upgrade?
by deangs

1986 r80g/s
by frichtie

An Unholy Union: DR forks on a G/S
by elmoreman

motorcycle movie list
by Bloodweiser

elmoreman 03-10-2008 04:27 AM

an interesting idea. The problem is, all the electrical upgrades also apply to r100gs and other airheads, and the suspension upgrades usually demand a thread of their own. Ive found that a wise use of the search function has served me well.

most of the basic upgrades (electrical/suspension) are pretty easily found, and beyond that, the real custom jobs deserve their own thread.

Searching some of the megs-threads on this site is just as complicated as searching the site itself. The DR650 thread in thumpers is a great example.

Stagehand 03-10-2008 07:47 AM

Using the site's search function is a bear, but using google's site search makes it more..... bearable? :huh

cenji 03-10-2008 01:41 PM

additional info
Let’s start with your comment: An interesting idea. Although I appreciate the comment, it comes with the question attached:” How could the whole G/S clan benefit from an interesting idea being implemented?” , this the whole point. I might not have the correct approach to it, but there is got to be a way to use the websites search engine to spit out the requested topics in a more sophisticated fashion. As even the more experienced users are struggeling with the unbearable results, these addtional comments came to mind.

Just to prove elemoreman and stagehands comments! Typing in the keywords G/S upgrades in the search field, in my HMO, should list the new thread as one of the first pulled up matches, as the keywords are matched in the headline of thread. But you get roughly 500 threads and the new thread is listed as 65 on the second page. This problem is even worse if you type in suspension upgrades g/s, you get everything from scramblers to dr/s and klr's.

I am aware of the fact that there is an overlap to other beamers, but that’s what makes them so attractive,. Why not using this as the advantage to support this thread than an argument against it? This thread is in no way meant to be discriminating to any other gs built after 87. It would be counterproductive to exclude great input from people that are willing to share what they learned from there r 100 gs, given the fact that it can be applied to the r80 G/S.

And if people are not happy with the title of the thread , we can change it to a more easily searchable thread, and describe it as G/S to gs upgrades, from 81 to 95. Maybe we can ask the website builder what thread name would grant better locating/positioning in the actual search.

My knowledge is very limited when compared to the heavy hitters, but I am sure that by using the search engine I am missing out to read what the other 250 hidden ones have to contribute.Because finding them with this serachengine is requiring endless amounts of time. I am lucky if I get a couple hours in every other day, as there are too many distracting things in life, from family ,job,..... I want to ride the bike as well,....time is limited!

I see this threads strength in having a focused approach to locate threads to my favorite g/s, especially as the search engine is not being very helpful at most times. I rather have a double coverage of specific topics that are covered under the personal custom bike threads and this thread, than missing out on valuable information.

Solo Lobo 03-10-2008 02:17 PM

I think the best answer is a a thread with a sticky that is titled "G/S upgrades"? We have been pretty luck with people respecting thread integrety with the stickied threads.

If we went with a seperate weg page that collects the wisdom deposits it into similar larger groups (suspension, charging, braking, etc...) it may help those of us with G/S's, but will also take away from adventure rider, which is actually the reason I now ride a dual sport.

cenji 03-10-2008 03:41 PM

Now we are talking
My initial, idea was to create/design a webpage that would just deal with the G/S. The problem is, I have no clue how to do it, I am not computer savvy, have no programming skills,.......People that I ask were all for it, but nobody has access to someone who would do it as they are as computer illiterate as I am. Besides that, it would separate us form the other users of adv rider. That is not needed and it would make the logistics unnecessarily
The Adv-rider-site is a great tool as a platform, a wonderful communication-tool, but lacks the sophistication I am looking for , as well as that the ones that have commented in this thread.

Ideally one would have a G/s thread, with subcategories, like suspension, parts suppliers for used and new items, g/s meets, motor with sub-categories, electrics,.... almost like a sophisticated manual. That would eliminate the need to purchase a $75 , 80 gs manual that was sold on ebay today. It would also eliminate the redundancy of topics. Less server space needed. Maybe one should talk to the designer of the website, if there is an easy way to implement a bike specific sticky thread they would approve of.
In MHO, The website would greatly benefit from this process of stream lining, without loosing its essential mission.

I suggest our FIRST CURRENT TOPIC: the so often discussed tank.

I have the original/ stock g/S basic tank and it gets me by if I have only time to do a short 100 mile trip. I don’t know how many times I have searched and looked for the PD tank , Heinrich, Hoske, HPN or Acerbis availability, used for sale ,on google, on BOA, on craigslist, …. With some success, yes I can purchase them from individuals for an outrageous amount. There is absolutely no need to it, because:
Any bike specific community is so savvy that it won’t take long to spread the word to see who is in the market for a long-range tank at a reasonable price. I am sure with better visibility of a specific thread on ADV rider site, we could easily have 25 people that are willing to spend 400 dollars for a well designed tank. Maybe something in between the Heinrich and the HPN to address the flat-surface on the top to place a regular tank bag and the better lower gravity position of the HPN.

All those inmate, who have a serious interest in purchasing a tank for a fair value would greatly benefit from a specific thread within a thread, dealing just with tanks. At the same time, such great resources as solo lobo , would greatly benefit from knowing that he is reaching the people he needs to reach to make this idea reality to build a new designed tank .

I think we can take this website to an entirely different level of functionality, starting with user-friendliness, utilizing the various skills that come together here, gaining easily knowledge. The last thing we want to do is too waste the talent that is so apparent on this site.

Just like any good book or manual has a index with subcategories, one can make this one centralized hub, “The Source for the G/S”, while avoiding time consuming searches. And that benefits everybody.


cenji 03-10-2008 03:54 PM

the tank credit should have gone to...
Sorry,the tank credit should have gone to peashootersteve.
Nevertheless, solo lobo has a great access to various suppliers. And he is maybe looking for a specific tank as well. Since he has the Heinrich, maybe we can find him the standard sized one in white.

Solo Lobo 03-10-2008 04:28 PM


Originally Posted by cenji
maybe we can find him the standard sized one in white.

I actually have a standard size one in the mail to me now...

Honestly, if would highly doubt that finding a new $400 longer range tank is a reality. You are talking about a bike out of production for many years and with declining numbers.. that is unless someone finds an aftermarket tank from a japanese (in production) dual sport that fits...

The current <$400 larger tank option already exists... it's the stock R100GS tank.

zenben 03-10-2008 04:39 PM

Contrary to what's been stated, I like the idea of a G/S mods thread (sticky). I have a few projects in the works, (including a custom tank), and don't mind documenting some of those projects here. Caveats;
Everyone will have their own ideas about what improves the breed, and several owners maintain websites that provide reference material already.
I'm sure you have bookmarks of your own, but here are a few basic ones:

Parts book:


StephenB 03-10-2008 04:39 PM

I like the idea of a G/S thread or sticky or even a complete website but you will be limiting yourself: being part of the ADVrider community allows a lot more "cross-talk" between KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha, Husky BMW etc owners on the same platform at the same time ... which allows for those genius ideas: "Why don't I try this!".

A one-thread-does-it-all isn't ideal. A good example for thread degradation is the DR650 thread in Thumpers which was already mentioned before: try to find a topic in there and all the entries to it. Gets very hard to navigate and is not user friendly at all.

Don't force it, it'll happen ... or not.

I have 1997GB (yep, about 2 Terrabyte) of available space left on my webserver ...

Cordless 03-10-2008 04:43 PM

Name that Thread
I nominate the name


Solo Lobo 03-10-2008 04:52 PM


Originally Posted by Tallerman
I nominate the name



I can't find it again, but I sent Putts a link to someone who has the real R80G/S telescopic fork repair manual on-line as a download.... he should post that link here, or I will look for it.

Good point about the Dr650 thread!

cenji 03-10-2008 05:28 PM

more ideas
I understand the point that Steven is making with other threads that have become “user-unfriendly”. Let’s also assume that the likelihood of the adv rider website won't allow for a partial redesign with an index and subcategories. That doesn’t stop us from using what it available as a tool now, the whole audience of G/S enthusiasts, but avoiding those things that made other threads less user -friendly .

What can be improved from the very beginning? Let's put our heads together. Here is one solution? I am sure others have even better ideas. So verbalize them, now is the time.

In order to make the thread as easy to screen as possible, each reply has the ability to be headed by a title that would clearly describe what it is about, like HPN front suspension, excellent supplier of used parts, transmission rebuild, THE IDEA IS TO BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. With roughly 32 entries per page, it won't take much time to screen just the title to see if there is valuable information you are looking for. Less than 20 seconds. I am willing to spend this time, even if I have to go through 10 pages. Because I am assured, if this is the main thread being used to post G/S topics, I will find it. I am almost guaranteed to find something valuable, because the forum of users has proven itself, as they have an interest and desire to share knowledge. And that benefits everybody. If it is meant to happen, it will happen.

Stagehand 03-10-2008 06:11 PM

GString as opposed to GSpot is still a pretty good idea :lol3

Cordless 03-10-2008 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by Stagehand
G/String as opposed to GSpot is still a pretty good idea :lol3

Fixed. Thanks, Stagehand.

Any site that results from this will instantely be on my favorites list. I will be checking it for info on:

bags and racks
rear shocks
electrical add-ons
seat options
windscreen options
front brake options
spline lube shortcuts
seal replacements (fixing those ubiquitious oil leaks)

and that's just my G/S

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