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DCUP 04-11-2008 04:38 PM

XT225 vs. XT250?
I have searched and searched many forums and threads. I've been lurking here a while, liked the info and members, and finally joined. I have it narrowed down to 2 bikes - the above and below mentioned models.

I can get a new '07 XT225 for $4075 OTD. Have not haggled on the XT250 yet, but early quotes are in the $4500 range. :deal

From reading other posts, I figure I should give some background info.

--I have never owned (and I've only barely ridden) a motorbike before
--I am about 5'10" and 170 lbs.
--This bike will be mostly (~90%) for commuting back and forth to work and going back in the sticks to hunting camp. NO freeway, but some state highways (55mph)
--MPG is of paramount importance
--Being able to ride comfortably (for me and the bike) on the state roads and not be a traffic hazard is critical, too

Based on these criteria, can anyone opine for me which of these 2 bikes would be better?

I know the basic differences: 6 vs. 5 speed, 25cc's or so, color, cost. But can anyone tell me if there are tangible differences between the two for the useage I detailed above? Comfortable top speed, MPG, etc? :ear

Sorry so long, but I don't want to make you ask too many Q's in your replies.

Great site and thanks in advance! :beer

Yooper_Bob 04-11-2008 05:23 PM

Hey....another Yooper! :krusty

I can't tell you much about the new 250, but I do know the 225 has been out for years (if not decades), and has been a super reliable bike. The 6 speed is a plus.

I haven't heard much about the new 250's, but I did check one out today at BSA in Marquette, and they look pretty sharp. If they are like all other Yamaha products, should be reliable.

I would go for the 250 as it is a new design and as your skills progress, you will be able to take advantage of that extra 25cc's!

Come join the Yooper thread in the regional forum...

mnormand 04-11-2008 05:35 PM

I just sold my 2006 XT225 after owning it a few months. It was fine for what you describe, very bulletproof and lightweight to handle, high mpg, 80-90. Great to putter around on, and I actually liked the soft suspension.

I just wanted something more powerful for longer trips and such. The XT was a bit short for me too.

Personally I'd rather buy a used XT, save some $$ and taxes, and have the very large following of parts, etc. I bought this one for half of what you're about to pay. That's a LOT of gas.


DCUP 04-11-2008 06:25 PM

Thanks for the replies fellas.

WOW, another Yooper! This newfangled internet deal is pretty cool, bringing us together and all. Ever since it was invented last week, I've been using it a lot. :D I'm in Brimley, near the Soo, FWIW. Had many a good time in Marquette while visiting a buddy at NMU.

I should also mention I've ridden quads and sleds almost 20 years, so while a bike is for sure different, I'm not a total neophyte when it comes to big boy toys.

So is it pretty much a toss-up? I'm kind of leaning toward the 2008 XT250. I don't want the bike to strain at 60 or 65 if I have to hit I-75. I don't want to go on freeways, but you just never know. Is the 6-speed able to make up for the fewer cc's or is it a wash?

Colorado 04-11-2008 06:52 PM

For your purposes and size, why not a DRZ400S? A good used one would be way less expensive than a new XT.

As for the two you've mentioned, the 250 will no doubt hold its value better and the extra 10% displacement would be worth having.

norvegicus 04-11-2008 07:05 PM

Another yooper here!

You can get an XT225 cheaper than that if you shop around. I've seen new 2007s for around $3600 on eBay, being advertised by dealers in Wisconsin and downstate MI.

I am in Marquette. I JUST bought my first motorcycle, a 2006 XT225 with 121 miles on it, for $2400 from The Fish and Hunt Shop in Curtis! I got the tip on that bike from yooperbikemike in this forum! Mike is selling a DR350SE if you're thinking of starting cheaper:

I was considering an XT250 too. I like the round headlight better and it has a better frame design.

What's really nice about the XT225 is that the model has not been changed hardly at all for 10 years, so there is a lot of knowledge out there about it and a lot of aftermarket parts available, things like wide footpegs and nice cargo racks, that won't be available for the XT250 for some time.

I'm looking forward to all this late snow melting so I can ride....I'm taking the NMU MSF course the first weekend in May...

The other thing is hardly anyone here has an XT250 so there just isn't much riding experience so it's hard to get much comparison info...

Yooper_Bob 04-12-2008 05:31 AM

All of us Yoopers will have to get together this spring for a "Yooper's Only" ride! :ear

BTW, the DRZ is another excellent choice....I rode one for 6 years and had zero problems with it. The bike is very versatile and the powerband is very predictable, so easily handled by a beginner, but plenty of zip at the upper levels as your skill progresses.

montesa_vr 04-12-2008 07:12 AM

If one of your high priorities is gas mileage, that might rule out the DRZ400S. The five-speed vs. six-speed issue is possibly not quite as big an advantage for the 225 as some people think. What Yamaha has done with the new 250 is spread the gears out farther, so there is more of a gap between each gear. The 250 isn't quite as wide from low to high as the 225, but it's close. How they do on the highway depends on vibration as well as gearing.

The closest thing to a direct comparison I've seen is from Duckspanker. You might want to PM him for more information:

Originally Posted by DUCKSPANKER
I have a 08 XT250 and a 05 XT225 I have had some time comparing the two bikes and found them to perform very close, on the street the XT250 is a nicer ride it feels safer in the turns and the front end does feel to light at higher speeds like the XT225 will. On the trail they perform side by side even with the XT250 only having a 5 speed tranny both bikes would take on what ever trail or hill test I performed. Between to two I like the feel of the 08 XT250 a bit more than the XT225.

MPG are so close between the two that I cant give a fair answer yet until I do a 200 mile plus ride with both bikes at the same time this spring, I will have my Bro ride the XT225 and we will test that out. One note the 08 XT250 Tank holds 2.6 and the XT225 only holds 2.3 gals.

So far I am happy with 08 XT250 and will post further evaluations when I get more time to ride.

One more thing, I had a hard time finding Accessories for the 08 XT250 but just found the Bash plate and Cargo Racks from

As far as gear ratios go, here's the comparison, widest to narrowest, of some bikes in this class. Note that the 5-speed Yamahas have wider gear spacing than the six-speed KLR or KLX 250s:

3.90 Yamaha XT225 (6 speed) 19.69
3.78 Honda CRF230L (6 speed) 19.12
3.63 Kawasaki Sherpa 250 (6 speed) 18.30
3.46 Yamaha XT250 2008 (5 speed) 17.50
3.45 Yamaha TW200 (5 speed) 17.43
3.36 Yamaha WR250R/WR250X (6 speed) 16.99
3.32 Kawasaki KLR250 (6 speed) 16.76
3.15 Kawasaki KLX250 (6 speed) 15.91

If you care about what the numbers mean you can read it in the opening post in the five-speed vs. six-speed thread:<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->Here are some threads:

fuel mileage 225 vs. 250

on the 250

Other ADVriders you might want to PM for information are justacommuter and The Cameraman.

DutchBoy 04-12-2008 07:37 AM

I went through this decision recently and ended up getting an XT225. It cost several hundred dollars less - money that could then go into bark busters, tank bag, RAM mount for GPS, seat cover, home-made rear rack, tail bag...

You'll probably be happy with either one. The newer one has a bit more power, more modern looks and you'll be shifting less, but they're not that different in terms of purpose, comfort, fuel economy, cost of upkeep, etc. The older one has been around a long time, so there's a good store on knowledge out there.

Don't discount the possibility of picking up a used one either. Lots of people start on a small bike, get comfortable with it and decide to "move up". I did that when I started riding and it took several years to figure out that small, light bikes are fun no matter how experienced a rider you are. In any case, you can save some money this way as long as the bike wasn't abused.

I crossed over 1,000 miles on my XT225 yesterday and I've been very pleased with it. It takes me lots of places I daren't go on my Harley or Buell.

motogogo66 04-12-2008 10:24 AM

My wife owns an XT225 and I think the shifting would be better with the 5 speed tranny on the 250 better than the 6 speeds on the 225.I know some will say that the very low 1st gear on the 225 is better for tight technical work on trails but I find it a PITA for street riding.You no sooner roll 2 or 3 feet from a stop and you need to go to 2nd gear with the 225.
I personally would opt for the new XT250 over the 225 for no more than the price difference is.

nachtflug 04-12-2008 10:33 AM


Originally Posted by norvegicus
Another yooper here!

You can get an XT225 cheaper than that if you shop around. I've seen new 2007s for around $3600 on eBay, being advertised by dealers in Wisconsin and downstate MI.


you're not alking about a $20,000 bike. you buy local and support the poor bastard trying make a living as long as he is decent. you find that out first. buy from wisconsin and pay $350 to have them ship it. then you go to your local guy for some bullshit problem what do you have then?

norvegicus 04-12-2008 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by nachtflug
you're not alking about a $20,000 bike. you buy local and support the poor bastard trying make a living as long as he is decent. you find that out first. buy from wisconsin and pay $350 to have them ship it. then you go to your local guy for some bullshit problem what do you have then?


Sometimes there is no local guy or the local guy doesn't sell what you want. There are no new XT225s locally at all here. I know, I called all the local Yamaha dealers. I bought my used XT225 locally, at a Suzuki shop.

I bought my helmet in Wisconsin because noone locally sells decent helmets.

I will buy my jacket and pants mail order because noone locally sells decent motorcycle apparel.

Such is living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Have a nice day.

DCUP 04-12-2008 03:38 PM

Many thanks to those who replied. I went to bed last night and only 3 posts or so were made here. I got back from grad class just a bit ago and then a bunch more posts, but to no avail....I bought a new 2008 XT250 at 1pm today on my lunch break. I can't wait!! :jump

I thought about used, but eBay didn't have anything good local and the new '07 XT225 was either 2 or 3 hours away, whoever gave me the better deal. That deal, again, being $4100 OTD.

Gas mileage (#1) and the bike's "manners" at 55-60 (#2) were and are the primary concerns; as such my reading led me to believe the 250 would be comparable to (or better than) the 225. Plus, I liked the digital speedo and the blk/wht/silv paint scheme. It came down to the deal and proximity to pick the bike up.

So I got it in the Soo. $4590 out the door with a $20 gas card, which can either last a month in my bike or 2 days in my truck. :cry The other bonus was that I got a Yamaha card and charged the bike to that for ZERO payments and ZERO interest for 6 months. :wink:

So I spent an extra $500 for a (hopefully) bit better bike and saved travel and carting the bike from the LP to up here. Plus, I bought local, which is a good thing overall. The real nice thing is the 6 months of me saving cash to pay it off. I already have the green, but will sit on it and earn a few bucks in interest.

Thanks again to those who chimed in with ideas. All were appreciated.

norvegicus 04-12-2008 08:46 PM


I'd love to see your bike. We should do a comparison ride sometime. If you come this way (MQT) let me know.

I was really ecstatic when I found mine relatively local. I wasn't looking forward to hauling it home from southern WI, which is where most of the bikes I found were. I was very happy to give Fish and Hunt Shop the business as well. Good guys.

One Eye Mike 04-12-2008 10:28 PM

Uppa US 2
Hey Dere all yous yoopers,
I'm originally from Iron MT and now live in Alaska. I'm riding my GS 1150 down to Kingsford this August, then back to Alaska. i'll have to stop in Marquette for a beer.

Mike. :D

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