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GB 04-24-2008 05:58 PM

BMW G650X Challenge Thread Index
Let's see if we can get the wealth of information, expertise, tips and suggestions compiled into one organized easy to access thread. If you have any links to add to the index thread, please add them here. If you have questions "how to" questions, add it to the existing XChallenge threadfest or start a new thread.

If you see a broken link, please PM me so I can investigate it further.

The aim is to gather all the relevant links here:

G650 X Challenge Index Thread

Suspension setup
Front Suspension setup
Rear Suspension setup
Rear shock mudguard discussion: The G Spot
Brake pads: EBC Brake pads
another link
Brake pads from other bikes that will fit the X Challenge
Rotors and Brake pads from other bikes that will fit the X Challenge
Foam air filter:
Airfilter: Unifilter NU7309
Unifilter installation tip
TwinAir filter cover kit
TwinAir Part number
Non-OEM Parts spreadsheet


1 Replace stock cast shift lever to protect transmission shaft. (see below in Modifications section)
2 To avoid rear shock bladder from rubbing on inner mudguard:
Option 1: More clearance between mudguard and rear shock
Option 2: Modifying the inner mudguard
3 Tail tidy: Tail section is detachable for hard enduro riding. There are a few after market tail tidies, some listed in the Mods section below, or you may want to fabricate your own mod, but cutting off most of the tail section.


Broken subframe: How to prevent it
Blowing fuses constantly? Here's the cure

Front sprockets from other bikes that will fit the X Challenge:
BMW F650, Aprilia Pegaso
Touratech sells 14T front sprockets
Lots of sprockets supplier for the G650X Challenge
More Rear sprocket suppliers
Sprockets, speed and RPM chart
Stealth Tri Metal Sprockets
Titanium Sprockets for G650X series

Tires/Tyres 1
More knobbie tire options

Engine Oil Change Procedure 1 post
Engine Oil Change procedure thread
Engine stalling when running: pinched vent line and remedy pics
Torque specs for oil drain bolts
Transmission smoothness and synthetic oil

Replacement Battery: Odyssey battery PC310
Pics of the Odyssey PC310 installed
Yuasa battery for G650X bikes

Speedometer: Change from MPH to Km/h and vice versa
Recalibrating the speedometer
A simpler way to recalibrate the speedometer

How to remove teh swingarm to grease the bearings

Airbox modification
Too many fasteners to remove to get to the air filter? Check out this mod
Brake lever:
After market brake lever: Front Brake Lever. Available from Parts Unlimited. Part # 0614-0080 (Lever RH-BMW) OEM # 32727655208
Chain guide: Touratech sells a chain guide for the G650X bikes
Another chain guide option
Clutch lever replacements:
A list of clutch levers from other bikes that will fit the G650X
Evaporative cannister:
Removing the evaporative cannister on G650X US models
Exhaust silencer:
Exhaust silencer discussion thread
Pivot Pegs mounted to X Challenge
Front fender replacement:
Acerbis TechNik fender installed with adapter plates
Pro Taper ATV Hi Bars
Renthal Fat Bars
Heated grips wiring:
How to wire heated grips on the G650X
Rally bike lighting
Low cost lighting mod
Touratech auxiliary lighting for X Challenge
More clearance between mudguard and rear shock 1
More clearance between mudguard adn rear shock 2

Cheapo mesh radiator guard
Risers and handlebars
Rox Risers installed X Challenge
Shift lever:Touratech's F650 steel shift lever works well.
Compatible replacement steel shift lever 1
Other compatible replacement steel shift lever 2
More compatible steel shift levers 3
Transmission shaft precaution
Shock: (after market replacement shock)
Wilbers shock installed
Steering Dampeners:
Emig Racing X Challenge installation pictorial thread
Emig Racing BMW X Challenge Steering Stabilizer Kit,
Forks and steering dampener
Rallemoto steering dampener
Excel wheels built by Woody's
SM wheel conversion 1
SM wheel conversion 2, part A
SM wheel conversion 2, part B
Custom wheels and steering damper

Total bike mod:
X Country bike mod
Gaspipe's X Challenge adventure touring complete conversion
SteveRed's X Challenge Adventurised
X Challenge Adventurised for long distance riding
X Challenge Adventurised for long distance riding with Touratech luggage and tank
X Challenge panzer camouflage paint job
X Challenge with Tail Tidy, Pivot Pegs, TT Tank, Emig damper, Tuono mirrors, Rizoma LED blinkers
Total bike mod: G650X Challenge Rally Bikes thread
Jack Splash's Rally bike mod
X Challenge Touratech Rallye kit and TT fuel tank installed
X Challenge bike mods by inmate HP2
X Challenge bike mods by Captain Spiros
Round the World X Challenge mods by Colebatch
Rade's X Challenge 690 Adventure

Aluminum tail rack for G650X bike
Detachable top case
Dirt Bagz for all three G650X bikes
Dirt Bagz mounted to G650X Country
Dirt Baz mounted to G650X Challenge (pictorial guide)
Hepco Becker pannier racks with Wolfman soft panniers
Hepco Becker racks with aluminum cases and touring windshield
Pelican case mounted to luggage rack
SW Motech luggage rack
Wolfman Luggage for the X Challenge
Wolfman Luggage tank bags: mounted pics

Renazco custom seats for X Challenge
X Moto low seat on X Challenge
Hoots Magoon's Pics of the Low Seat Comparison

Touratech tank 1
Another Touratech Tank install with external links to lots of pics
Max Kool 7 liter tank
Aux Fuel Tank -Build it yourself
Jack Splash's Acerbis 1.4 Gal aux tank with a siphon kit
MSR 1 liter fuel bottle
Baja designs fuel tank add on
Acerbis add on fuel tank on home made mount
Rotopax 2 gallon add on tank

BMW OEM Handguards installation procedure
BMW OEM Handguards part numbers
BMW OEM Engine Guards 1
BMW OEM Engine Guards 2
BMW OEM Engine Guards 3, installation pictorial
Cycra Pro handguards installation pictorial
More handguard options
KTM handguards mounted on the X Challenge
Kutch's hardpart protection for side stand frame and rear brake pedal
Kuthc's hardpart update: Now, obtain the design file from Kutch and make your own
Touratech skiplate
Hyde Racing skidplate
Rear rotor fin
Various Touratech Protection Farkles
Sidestand protection hardpart
Windshield 1: Hyde Racing
Windshield 2 for all G650X bikes: Cee Bailey's
Windshield 3: Slip Streamer Spitfire
Windshield 4: Cee Bailey's installed on X Challenge
Windshield 5: Brittannia Composites Lynx Screen and headlights

Accessory socket: Here
Accessory Socket Wiring
Accesory Socket Pic
GPS mount, RAM based

Links to a better on bike tool kit
Centerstand Video demonstration

Frequently Asked Questions
Fuel Tank
Oil change procedure
NHTSA recalls

Torque values and specifications
Wallpapers: X Challenge for your PC screen

1850 miles around the Pyrenees on an XChallenge
Two-up on an XChallenge camping at Mount Rainier for a week
2,581 miles, 8 days, on an XChallenge
3 days of riding in Baja
Bruce Lee Rides Again - Summit to Sea in Central Mexico...
Seattle to OR, ID, NV, and CA on a X-challange. 2 days, 1,700 miles
Two Day Moruya Area Ride
Flo Evans First X Challenge Ride
Millican Plateau Kicked my A**
An X-Challenge, Husky and 640 go to Tahoe
Bayley-Hazen Military Road ride
Desert Racing! Vegas to Reno 2008, chasing a dream...
A Flinders Ranges Blast
Riding my XChallenge to Canon de Guadalupe and Baja 1000
X(C)Mas break ride..... (from Australia)
Baja Fools
Day Trip From Karratha via Pyramid Stn (Australia)
Warning - XXX Rated Pics Inside!

GB 04-24-2008 05:59 PM

We will fine tune the categories and add or delete links as we go along. Please add your own links below! :thumb

jamesdemien 04-24-2008 06:03 PM

Looks like my prayers have been answered.

Thanks gadget.

kutch 04-24-2008 06:48 PM

Yes Yes Yes...finally.:D

As I find "stuff" I'll post here then....

This may be a nono...But F650 has been a very reliable storehouse of info for the 650GS/CS, which shares the same power plant as the XCh...So,


Ride report: Here


kutch 04-24-2008 07:19 PM

No order what so ever...As I thought of things I pasted.
Pick and choose what you will!

Places that may have parts or a bike for sale:
RG Racing

Speedo recalibration:

Tank bags:

Fuel tank:


Dealerships sites:

Other XCh specific forums:

Other threads:
Would anyone take a BMW X-Challenge RTW?

Rally Radio! To get pumped...

Shock rebuild:




Stalling at idle?

Airfilter NU7309

Top rack:

Brake and Rotor:

Adjustable clutch lever: Wunderlich part... "Best.-Nr.: 8160656

Lighting 2:

Brake saver:

650x 04-24-2008 07:25 PM

Extra Fuel:

Aux Fuel Tank -Build it yourself

smithy1 04-25-2008 04:39 AM

some book marks that I have:

Brake pads

Procedure for changing speedometer from KMH to MPH or vice versa

adjust their wheel size in the speedo

Hoots Magoon 04-25-2008 06:33 AM

How about a link to ride reports?

2,581 miles, 8 days, on an XChallenge

3 days of riding in Baja

Two Day Moruya Area Ride

GB 04-25-2008 07:23 AM

Keep it coming guys!! :super

I have my own pile of printed links that I must type in manually, which will take a while, but I will give your links priority and will move them to the first post, and will use my Mod edit access to your post to mark it as "done" so I keep track of what I've done and what I haven't. :gerg

Hoots Magoon 04-25-2008 02:24 PM

How about some exploded parts diagrams?
Max BMW's Parts Fiche

Hoots Magoon 04-25-2008 02:31 PM

The G Spot

GB 04-25-2008 03:20 PM

When posting links, it would be preferable and easier to find the linked topic if you posted a link to the particular post within the thread you want to link us to.

You simply click on the thread number, and that post will open in a new window. You now can copy and paste the URL for that particular post within the thread :thumb

Hoots Magoon 04-25-2008 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
When posting links, it would be preferable and easier to find the linked topic if you posted a link to the particular post within the thread you want to link us to.

Would you perfer this;

Hoots Magoon's Pics of the Low Seat Comparison

or this?

Low seat -vs- stock seat pics

I'm all for trying to make it easier on you. Thanks for compiling all the information for us.


GB 04-25-2008 04:43 PM

The top link looks better :thumb

Which reminds me... I gotta do a pictorial of the Xmoto low seat on the X Challenge.

Hoots Magoon 04-25-2008 04:58 PM

Jack Splash's Acerbis 1.4 Gal aux tank with a siphon kit

Acerbis will send out the tank with the siphon kit, which can be hooked up to the vent to siphon automatically.

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