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maccajim 05-23-2008 01:54 AM

1 Ktm goes walkabout Oz nsw
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This is my walkabout around NSW, Australia some backroads camping and farm stuff. I started from sydney and headed to Hornsby, wisemans ferrry, St Albans an awesome way to avoid traffic and stick to the sweet back roads.

GB 05-23-2008 03:58 AM

We're ready to for your report :thumb


TouringDave 05-23-2008 03:59 AM


kpie 05-23-2008 04:53 PM

Looking forward to your journey. Send pics, lots of pics !!! Love that bike.

maccajim 05-23-2008 08:43 PM

Galston gorge to wisemans St Albans try to avoid traffic so headed from sydney out through Hornsby and Galston gorge it is a really beautiful road complete with 3 or 4 full hairpin turns and a big drop down to some old style bridges. Hard to believe you are only a 30 or so minutes from home.
Galston gorge parking and the road.
View of the St albans ferry looks good whynot cross it
Signs the road is pretty good from here but goes to gravel after St Albans with some heavily corrugated corners, the ktm ate it all up no worries could have gone flat out but a lot of cattle on the road.

maccajim 05-23-2008 09:37 PM

breaking up posts as did a big one and lost it all
Finally on the ferry sweet they run 24hours and are totally free amazing when sydney charge for just riding down a road. The sign to the left of my bike says stay in your vehicla at all times, doesn't apply to me so wander around take pics talk to the crew, it's good being on a bike goodbye Sydney.

Next stop St Albans pub a very nice old sandstone one it has accomodation but costly and only food on the weekends so just a beer and to a camping ground 30kms on all dirt from here on.
Much better pub then wisemans where most riders seem to stop and the food on the weekends is excellent old style and hearty too bad the cook is not working tonight!
A beer and off to find a campsite getting dark now and very cold mist and fog rising up from the low areas and the river, got to press on.
Finally found a campsite in the dark and setup fire and some warm food

Groomez 05-23-2008 09:41 PM

Bring it on! :deal


maccajim 05-23-2008 09:46 PM

more pics
my campsite in the morning it was massive could easily fit 50 or so tents with bbq a proper toilet and water tank kitchen area, plus enough firewood to keep you all warm. Best thing it was all mine no one else but the kangaroos very sweet morning.
firewood and rough kitchen in background, would be perfect for a sydney rally only 2to 3hours from sydney
did i say i like this place
Up early and off on the wollombi road it was sad to leave the dirt an awesome road up down tight corners and cattle roos everywhere fantastic!
This is a convict section of the road built with sandstone very well finished, i saw some signs that some scum have been stealing the blocks to sell to landscape gardens not good. Passed a reduce speed to 40 sign roadwork ahead big fines apply, when i get there the road crew start giving me the international "twist the bloody throttle sign" whynot loft the front and get a cheer :clap

sandgroper 05-23-2008 10:03 PM


Originally Posted by maccajim
This is my walkabout around NSW, Australia some backroads camping and farm stuff. I started from sydney and headed hornsby, wisemans ferrry, st albans an awesome way to avoid traffic and stick to the sweeet back roads.

What,?? no space for the board anywhere :D

Detlef in Oz 05-23-2008 10:03 PM


Originally Posted by maccajim

Bloody nice campsite mate, thanks for the post & keep it coming :clap

maccajim 05-23-2008 10:04 PM

wollombi and up
More of the road to wollombi nice twisty bits with views every corner got to Wollombi very early only 8:30am or so have a look around and nice brekkie at a cafe everyone very friendly all know each othergreat place. This is the local pub a bit early looks good though, the courthouse/prison is made of the nice sandstone that last years and looks great
This the prison excersise yard, they must have small cells if this is for football and the like.
some weird artwork
had some brekkie very nice cafe with open fireplace food tasted homegrown delicious and then back on the bike, next stop winneries and Denhman.
And beyond up country, beyond outback,
and the rainless belt they ride,

maccajim 05-23-2008 10:36 PM

wollomib to Arrowfield Denhman
The road is bitumen now and pretty good opens up into wine country with vineyards everywhere.
Arrowfield Wines is the next stop great winery only the cellar door is open today so no lunch just some sweet show variety shiraz and chardonnay.
inside winery
The booty very cheap and the red is 2005 should go well with some homegrown steak my dad will be very happy
So roll on to Denhman for some petrol, nice town look's like a few good old style pubs with accomodation then roll on to Merriwa. These roads are all tar with very little traffic just the dank scent of loaded B doubles with sheep or cattle stacked in 2 or 4 levels high, u get the rush of air slight wobble as they pass and then the warm manure smell of whatever they are carrying.
From Merriwa now on a nice quiet dirt road to Willow tree and over the Great Dividing Range, lots of cattle grids and cattle on the road you are basically driving through farmers front paddocks
A top road only passed a road crew and an EI (Equine Flu Inspector) in a brand new commodore hammering it on a road more suited to 4wd. You start to climb over the range on a lovely tree lined twisty section then suddenly on the Great Dividing Range and the grat plains farmland in front of you, it also got a lot colder, stunning view though.
Back onto Bitumen and some sweet straight roads begging for it got upto 143km's here with more to go i think maybe, this bike is a bit too high geared for the amount of points left on my licence?
Last turnoff No through Road geting close to home this was almost the roughest section of the trip and back to gravel with some big stutter corrugations i couldn't work out a smooth speed for.
I forgot to post some Roos for the foreigners they are bloody everywhere saw a tonne of roadkill on the way it always cheers me up to see them sitting still in a paddock, bloody unpredictable when running.
Home to parents place good food and a chance to relax

Detlef in Oz 05-23-2008 10:56 PM

Very nice pics etc, :clap

don't forget to post the trip back.

maccajim 05-23-2008 11:23 PM

Rest day on the farm
Had a rest day today was supposed to go camping at timor but dad said it would probably be in the minus degrees so not a good idea, plus u have to open upto 8 gates with no sidestand no thanks.
here is my bike getting some well earned rest
I thought i would have a put around the farm and things went fairly pear shaped when i let my guard down!!!
I was riding along tracks like this going pretty quick some 3rd gear stuff when the shit hit.
look close at this pic i was in 3rd going pretty hard lining up a creek crossing, can u see the problem?

There is a naked fence wire right in the middle of the pic, it shouldn't have been there as the paddock was empty getting prepped for planting etc so all the gates are open so tractors can come and go. My dad told me at dinner he used this wire to charge the boundary fence to keep neighbours cattle out, so it is also electrified!!:roflit should be a white tape so very visible.
That skid track is my front tyre mark in this pic u can just see the wire, i stopped fell to the left, got up the engine still on smelling petrol with the front tyre sparking on the electric fence wire, fantastic.

I shut off the engine clicked into neutral and suprisingly picked it up instantly with the back rack scared I would get shocked by the fence current, i was amping on adrenalin it was just so quick, lucky the front break is super tight look at that rut!. I walked it off no problems a few scratches on left side tank and that petcock looks very fragile i think i need to armour it up a bit. Ceck out my impact crater next to the front tyre skid mark.
This is the creek crossing i was peparing beforehitting the electric fence geed up.
The reason to go there in the first place
biggest windmill in the district with an awesome view from the top
Worth it for the view
Where's my bloody KTM got To

auRoscoe 05-23-2008 11:32 PM


Originally Posted by maccajim

We must have been standing almost in the same place...

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