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nick_rhinocycles 05-29-2008 10:11 PM

Chewy Goes to Alaska? you decide!
Here is Chewy:

A tried and true buddy...does he come with us to Alaska?

Chewy has some street cred, here he is looking kinda like yoda after his first MC trip to Yosemite (4 days) (note the advanced technology crate):

Here he is in the more formal caravan for the 5 day trip through shasta (in the Dog-O-Matic9000 (5 days):

Never-mind the nutcase behind him...

Here he is after a long hard day in the saddle:

So...the wife has decided that 2008 August we go to Alaska!
Does Chewy go?

Yes or NO!

JMead11 05-29-2008 10:18 PM

I say no, looks like he could be a scooby snack for some wild beast of the north.

klrdave 05-30-2008 01:48 AM

I'm going to second the "no". The weather up here is very unpredictable and extreme. Unless you have a temperature controlled dry place for him to ride, I think the trip would be pretty "ruff" on him. Sorry Chewy!

billy bee 05-30-2008 06:35 AM

Are you kidding? Chewey was born for this... But take a long a spare R2 unit, Hans Solo.


nick_rhinocycles 05-30-2008 07:39 AM

We have a couple of options (see Dog-0-matice9000tm) above, but I am leaning toward the road hound which I was able to pick up used.

My wife will make a cover for it (her dog) also, he will have all the fluffy jackets he can stand. Heck! He might just get a heated vest! It's hillarious, but he like to come along!


Originally Posted by klrdave
I'm going to second the "no". The weather up here is very unpredictable and extreme. Unless you have a temperature controlled dry place for him to ride, I think the trip would be pretty "ruff" on him. Sorry Chewy!

scarysharkface 06-01-2008 07:13 AM

Don't feed the bears!

HYLYNDYR 06-01-2008 10:23 AM

So would you like to be stuck in a cage and bounced around at 70mph ? :eek1

nick_rhinocycles 06-01-2008 06:55 PM

LOL yeah man it happens almost every day! Truth is, I think he likes coming along with us. He tends to sleep back there, and he gets plenty of walks during the ride (more than usual!).

I'm more worried about camping in remote areas with him, like they say "don't feed the bears!"

scarysharkface 06-01-2008 07:02 PM

I am inclined to think that, while you would likely never admit it to yourself or anyone else, if you take the dog, at some point (or several points) along the way, you'll be more than ready to feed the bears. It's a long ride, and the locals all have big dogs. For instance, my first night in Alaska (at the 1260 Inn) a Husky and a Hybrid Wolf sorted-out issues through my bar stool while I tried to eat my clam chowder. The bartender said they do that every so often. Everybody has a big dog out in the sticks. I just think you're asking for a lot of trouble for you and the cute little 'pup if you take it along. YMMV...


AKDuc 06-02-2008 02:51 PM

Hmmm, tough call. And HEY, not ALL of us up here have BIG dogs! :huh :lol3

My little dog brother, Comet, is a 20lb rough coat Jack Russell. I've had him 12yrs and he's done every outdoor activity I've done except hot air ballooning (animals hate the roar of the burners). He's the third in a line of small dogs in my family over the years up here.

The activities of course include a LOT of hiking in the back country. And yes of course we've encountered a lot of wild animals in our travels, including bears. Only one was a total surprise when it walked across the trail about 80' in front of us. Comet was at my side. The bear just stopped and we all looked at each other for awhile with me talking firmly yet calmly for all of us to keep our cool and for Comet to STAY. :eek1 :brow :lol2 Eventually the bear just ambled on and Comet just walked up to where it had been and sniffed around. I actually love close encounters like this because it reminds me of how we're still pretty close to nature up here. Fun.

Comet has also been kicked once or twice by moose as he was just trying to sniff them. Poor little guy, getting punted like a little football. Luckily he was not injured.

So I think you and Chewy needn't worry too much about becoming part of the food chain as long as you use common sense and behave yourselves. Keep Chewy close or on a leash as there will be A LOT of good smells he'll want to further investigate.

If you're only going to the Arctic Circle, it'll mostly be paved roads with some dirt. IF you're thinking of going all the way to Prudhoe or up to Inuvik then that could be a LOT rougher with a lot more chance of your bike being dropped. Especially if it rains.

When are you coming? Are you gonna join us in Dawson Yukon for Solstice? Ask here or pm me if you have more questions about anything.

I'm including a few photos of my adventure buddy Comet.

I took this shot this Spring up in the Chugach Mts behind Anchorage. It's my favorite way to "walk the dog." We hike up wherever there's a path to make it a little easier on both of us. We hike up and board down, hike up and board down... and Comet gets to run for all he's worth! Fun!

Here he is "at speed!" :wink: Tough shoot trying to get a good shot boarding beside him hoping not to run him over as the trail twists and turns!

He's also my main hockey buddy these days. He goes nuts over a hockey puck as we play keep away on local rinks.
Those are the Chugach Mts right behind Anchorage in the background.

And just one more. :wink: Here we are wondering what I'm about to get myself into by putting studded tires on my KLR for the winter a couple years ago. It worked. :thumbup Check out the article beginning on pg 112 in the June issue of 'RIDER' magazine on your news stands now. :evil

Hope to see you up here, Mark and Comet

nick_rhinocycles 06-06-2008 03:09 PM

Awesome, thanks for the info! I PM'd you Mark.

Looks like Chewy is WAY behind in the poll.

Would it help to know that Chewy is for O'bama?

I just can't help but root for the little guy, you know he wants to go!

scarysharkface 06-09-2008 09:56 AM

Great pics and info, Mark!

Alcan Rider 06-09-2008 06:55 PM

There's a guy on the Motorcycle Tourers Forum who brought his dog up here a few years ago, and the dog enjoyed the whole trip. He was pulling a trailer and kept the cage fastened onto the top of that. It wouldn't take much to fasten a shroud around the top and front of the cage to keep rain and wind off Chewy (as well as bees and wasps), while still letting him see out and stick his nose into the wind, as dogs are wont to do.

bobw 06-23-2008 07:18 AM

He should go. Great comments on safety, etc. I'm envious that you have a small pup. I have seriously considered getting a hack so my 110 lbs. buddy can come with me/us. Kids are all grown/gone and he loves traveling, boating, camping, swimming in freezing mountain streams, running on the beach and playing in the ocean. He's a well behaved total clown that adds to our fun and is always a "welcome back" guest at hotels and friends/family homes on our travels.

Over 30 years ago I road in Enduro's where an older gent had his dog ride on his gas tank with nothing but a secured carpet remnant. They flew through the woods and clearly the dog LOVED it.

Fast forward to today. I live near the Blue Ridge Parkway and I routinely meet folks traveling cross country that have their little dogs riding in nylon or custom leather made accomodations including "Snoopy" goggles and helmets. Don't overlook Beemerchef's extended travels with his pooch.

This is a trip for you guys to make the most of, do you two want him along? With proper planning it will be a blast for the humans as well as the pup. They're more adaptable than we are and a lot tougher LOL.

Would the bears and big dogs still be out there if you traveled with him in a cage and stopped to hike, etc.?? I think so. Don't be careless, just be prudent.

Safe travels and congrats on having a GREAT SWMBO and pooch. All that and a motorcycle. You are richer than all the money that shitty job could provide. Enjoy every second this extra time off can provide.



AKDuc 08-18-2008 02:41 AM

What's THIS?!?! Comet of Alaska and Chewy of California in the SAME photo?!?!

That's right, Chewy and family made it safe and sound to "The Last Frontier." :thumb

They all took quite a liking to Comet. :wink:

Comet led Chewy and gang on a nice off-leash romp around the Chester Creek Greenbelt area near our house. Apparently Chewy must have really enjoyed it because there were many comments about how energized he seemed, even having an added "spring" in his step!

Comet and I were very impressed with Chewy's comfy looking super deluxe travel accommodations! :brow

It was great meeting everybody. :D Best wishes as they head home tomorrow. :ricky

Happy trails, Mark and Comet

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