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MCmad 07-14-2008 03:26 AM

DR750 & DR800 owners thread
Heres the place to show off your King off thumpers ( Biggest production single ). And these motors produce the highest hp off any thumper (non turbo production based ) with Up to 94 rear wheel horsepower ( well over 100hp at the crank) in there most modified form, Lets see and hear what you've got.
Standard bikes are just fine to, mine is only mildly moded at the mo, just taken a bit of weight off and a bit more free breathing, will post picks etc soon

First 50 or so Owners (gave up counting back in 2009) if you want your name on there just drop me a PM (updated from 24/02/12 below)

800rider, Auckland New Zealand 800
1989dr750, LangebaanSouth Africa 750
bluesman, Hoegaarden Belgium 800
gaspipe, Midsouth TN USA 750
Molgan, Lalea Sweden 800
ztaj, Nelson New Zealand 750
arrowrider, Arrowtown New Zealand 750
nave, Israel 800
Buggles London UK 800
Megamoto 800
Pacospain Spain 2x 800
Enduroprofi Istanbul Turkey 800
Drbig Israel 800
aapo Finland 750
JackRabbit Canada 750
BrianDR800 Denmark 800
Dino3310 Wiakato New Zealand 750
OKta Hungary 750
Letsgo21 Hannut Belgium 800
Bushybutt Wanganui New Zealand 2x 800s ,20
Shifty-PK Holland 750
ambraa Norway 800 custom cafe racer
Tigascc ( first 800 with 750 body work style )
WHS South Africa 800
Fever Dog 750
robszombie Ireland DRBig
BrianDr800 800
aky83 Pitesti 750
thor swe Sweden 800 96 model
Monstablokaz estonia 800 30
ray rev Machester England Drbig
Morse Estonia 800
england2 800 motard
Pilotrider Southern North America 750
jabroka Buenos Aires Argentina 800
ladder106 davis Ca 750
uberthumper East Midlands UK 800
robmoto Bathhurst Australia 800 supermoto
North Rider Thunderbay Cannada 750
Aquatek69 stockholm Sweden 750 40
ray rev Manchester England 800
snocross Finland 800
ausibatla Western Australia 750
Kacho Bulgaria 750
Seppo 800
DrBigEd Capetown 750 South Africa
DRParboSuriname South America 800
shannonr73 Sydney Australia 750
Chis3155 Ireland 800
DRMaidenFan Malta 750 50th Owner
Beaky UK 750
bigS Bangkok 800
dannydoy South Africa 750
FABIOZAUM Irata Parana Brazil 800
Bambi Linz on Rhine Germany 750 Essex England 3x 750 2x 800 yes you read that correctly
Earthlight Belgium 800

Owner Additions last update 03/03/12
Resi, Nassau area Germany DRBIG a lot of
Simosez Lithgow Australia DR750 88 SR41 orange as per 800riders 750 in pic below
Reaper X, United Kingdom 800
Kab_astr, Poland ]800 nave bike (very cool) weighs aprox 170kg post 12449
AJ, Singapore 750
onyajonezy, Cains Australia 800/91 750/88
hellielg hellnut. Transylvania 750 motard
Okta. ]Hungary ]BIG
d33t, Russia 800
Florek Poland 800
Bob Herr, MT Vermon IL, DR750 88 Demographics Time Clock 500rider sliding NZ bike park

Links overview of DRBig models overview of DrBig colour schemes and Club info etc Cool Dakar Bikes How to post pics on site/1 How to post pics/2 cool DR pics Crash Bar Diagram Marlboro DR Dakar Air filter etc Marlboro DR more Marlboro Other air filter set up Nave Air filter adaptor and pics naves amazing pictures naves map of Israel trips more nave pics more Isreal from nave more nave pic.s nave again Parts Fishe DRBig Manual on PD Manuals Cheap DR750 new parts DR800 new parts where to get other parts from Other bikes with same carbs/1 other bikes same carbs /2
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My later addition to the fold (both bikes but Dr is in front :D)

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1989dr750 07-16-2008 01:48 PM

Have a 1989 DR750 with 95000km - I am the 3rd owner. Busy sprucing it up a little. Shall show pics when done.

bluesman 07-16-2008 02:24 PM

DR800 SR43A 1992. No only bike I have, but I love it. Bought that DR third hand for 900 Euros, stripped to bits, repainted frame and all bits except plastics (deliberately), bike was mechanically in VERY good shape. With about 60000 km on the clock. No engine work was ever done or needed by now except regular valves and balancr chain adjustments.
Well, did some stuff to it:
1. Cut open airfilter and put in jets 132.5
2. Threw out old 14 kg exhaust and replaced with single titanium stock can from Benelli Tornado tre. Link pipe is ugly (try to weld 1 mm wall pipes with stick) but it is hidden.
3. Threw out clocks and replaced with TrailtechVapor
4. Changed handlebar for WPR one and serious aluminium handguard rails
5. HID headlight
6. Bought usual crashbars and re-welded them to be really tough. Changed mounting system too.
7. Front brake replaced with Grimeca 4 pot caliper from Gilera Nordwest, brasked self made literally had to carve from solid aluminium by hand.
8. Replaced brake line with braided one.

After all it weights about 180-185 kg dry.

Now I think I am at 70 000 km. Bike never ever dissapointed me, took it for day training at pro motocross track and was surprised to find that even beginner offroad rider like me can ride it just like big MX and DR doing it just soo good that I never dropped it. Sorry - no really recent pictures...somewhere in Thumpers were my photos of bike after all jobs done. On highway it goes all way up to about 160 kmph (100 mph) with no problem (real speed, not speedo measured) and 2 up it hardly noticing load. Suspension is suprisingly good on both paved and offroad. A bit "lazy" engine low down because of balancer shafts, but give it a bit rpms and it's flying.

I am no big fan of Suzuki, but IMO big DR bike is WAY underestimated and underrated as ADV bike.

gaspipe 07-16-2008 03:45 PM

I have an '88 DR750 I bought from a friend in Canada. This bike has been modified a bit.

The motor has a custom Shadbolt camshaft, rejetted carbs, custom airbox, and a Staintune muffler from a VTR Honda matched to the OE headpipe.

The front headlight is from a Honda scooter, and the turn signals and taillight are custom made LED's. The seat has been recovered over a gel insert and firmer foam. I have a stainless steel front brake line on it now.

I am going to fit a better front end to it this winter, and see about having a better rear shock made. And relace the wheels.

bluesman 07-17-2008 02:12 AM

Just FYI - to share some of my findings...
Wilbers still sell shocks for big DRs. Not the cheapest, but not too expensive either for all adjustable shocks. I got Wilbers on my sportbike and they are brilliant piece of kit. As for the front - perhaps not really big step, but front from DR800 SR43 series is 43 mm forks (thou not cartridge type) and front wheel with 300 mm brake disk and work suprisingly good. Can be bought off eBay in Germany really cheap. Then Africa Twin front fits too. One of guys I was in contact with put some beefy KTM WP USD front on his DR, but I think this is wrong approach - I saw way too many upgrades to superbeefy forks ending up with simple accident resulting in torn headstock. Because frame was not designed to hold that much force in impact and supebeefy forks = frame fails before forks bend.
Also, I been told that KLX650 front is almost bolt-on for big DR, but for which one (750 or SR43 800 or SR43 800) I do not know.

MCmad 07-17-2008 04:30 AM

Welcome Aboard Guys will catch up soon already got some handy info to think about, had my DR out on beach yesterday a guy on a Yamaha WR426 ask me for a friendly drag said he;d take it easy on me at the start which was his mistake as he coudn;t catch me back:cry once we got moving and I didnt stop till I saw 160kph on speedo ( 100mph) It was raining and I could hardly see so I didnt realize how far back he was, so dont think Im a show off please ( thou I am ).
He was most respectfull after that,:eek1 will talk some more latter, Chow

osii 07-17-2008 11:33 PM

This shit you can learn about on this site is outstanding.

Klay 07-18-2008 12:26 AM

That DRbig is the holy grail for me.

nevgriff64 07-18-2008 12:53 AM

Anyone else have pictures of these big Suzukis??


bluesman 07-18-2008 03:13 AM

here is some I found while ago - I think it is Russian DR owners outing

I forgot where I put my own photos :) somewhere on imageshack - when I find them I will post them too

bluesman 07-18-2008 03:30 AM

here we go - mine

naked :)

MCmad 07-18-2008 04:02 AM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by nevgriff64
Anyone else have pictures of these big Suzukis??


Dont Know how this pic will turn but anyway here goes:eek1 wow that worked:clap
I like the expression on peoples faces when they see 800 single written on the side :eek1

Gas Pipe your Bike is a Beauty, Real Nice

P.S, I just rode my YZ250F down the beach 35ks screaming its head off at 90kph to some monster dunes then back again The DR would have been more comfy at 140, still you live and learn

Molgan 07-19-2008 09:33 AM

Got one! It was the bike I used when I took my drivers licence, have upgraded since but still haven't had the heart to let it go. It needs a shave and an attitude adjustment but it's something with that big thumper that speaks to me..

MCmad 07-22-2008 12:35 AM

Welcome Molgan I would be interested in some comparisons between your new very saucy toy and the old DR :ear

Molgan 07-22-2008 04:13 AM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by 800rider
Welcome Molgan I would be interested in some comparisons between your new very saucy toy and the old DR :ear

Well, to begin with the obvious; the DR is a 16 year older bike.:rolleyes Breaks and suspension has evolved a bit over time, though there is a newer Öhlins suspension mounted in the rear on my bike. But, the difference isn't that huge when you have ridden the bike a bit. Actually I feel that I can push the DR a bit more on quick gravel roads then the Teneré, that could be because I'm more used to the DR then the Teneré off course. If I go offroad and the terrain gets messy the DR becomes too clumpsy though and can't compete with the Ten at all.

My DR is allmost totally original part from the rear shock and a slightly modified exhaust and air intake. Even so it happens that people turn their heads when I roll by on the beast. :) The only real technical problem I've had with it is the bearings for the stearing stem (guess they have some better name in english but I hope you get it). Everything else was caused by the driver..

Compared to the Teneré it's less dynamic, not as comfortable and not nearly as good offroad, but it sure has thump, and it's that sick engine that gives the bike its character. The reason why I got me a new bike is simply that I'm not that kind of guy who likes to bring every tool in the garage with me on a trip. The DR is after all an old bike that needs a lot of loving care, and the Ten is rock solid and I feel I could go to the end of the world with it even if I left the screwdriver at home. My DR is at the moment screaming for some new valves, a few new bearings and a overhaul of the carbs. Many years of rough treatment can bring down even the toughest. :D

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