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StroupDog 08-04-2008 12:39 PM

Bend to Cedarville 600+ miles in 2 days mostly dirt.
LeisureClubs comments:
Hey! Who wants to ride 600+ miles?! In two days?
These two think that sounds like a good idea.
So did these two............

An early start and perfect August desert riding weather and this is what you get......................cold hands.
Mandatory pee stop at a famliar stop.
Gas up and let's roll towards FANDANGO!
Fandango was a breeze, unless you ask Jon; he had a 40mph get-off in that rocky stuff..... ..........later in the trip he offered to buy my Scotts stabilizer? We blasted past Paisley towards lake Albert and stopped to apply some Vice-Grips to Gregs tired clutch cable.
This was our onramp to some rather rock infested powerline road, NE end of lake Albert. Led us to some awesome views when we got to a microwave tower up on top.

Nuff day one for me I'm pooped.

StroupDog 08-04-2008 12:44 PM

Juanitos comments:
Here's The Final Tally.

The first day was 334 miles, with slightly over 8 hours of actual moving time. That makes the second day 268 miles with a little less than 7 hours of actual riding time.

Three states, no flats, only one mechanical (Greg's clutch cable about 125 miles into the ride), no real crash damage (my crash), good food, a great place to stay, hillbilly bowhunters stranded in the middle of absolutely nowhere, and the supposed Wicked Witch of the West, who turned out to be nicer than Cinderella. Oh yeah, I learned that I really can't ride in rocks anymore.

It was an awesome ride. For the first time in a very long time, I am actually sore from riding. I'll write more and post later today.

StroupDog 08-04-2008 12:46 PM

LeisureClubs comments:
Everything came together well for this one. Been wanting to get on the bike and ride for awhile
and this seemed like a good opportunity. Cedarville has been good to us in the past and they
came through with flying colors once again. Thanks to Jim and Jon. Great riding partners and
company. Stroup throws that 650 down the trail like he'sout for a little stroll and Jon handles
anything that comes at him with aplomb.

Saturday morning came up a little earlier than I had anticipated but the excitement propelled us
out the door and off to south Chevron where we met up with Stroup.

We take off and quickly make our way east towards Pine Mountain and down to Christmas Valley.
Angry Dust Lady's dog gives chase but stops at the fencline. Good pooch. It's a little chilly
out in desert and we stop a few times to warm the mitts.
Kotzman Basin is blanketed in a low ground fog that looks really neat but its into the sun and
thelittle camera can't quite manage it.

Carry on.

We take the tried and true route over Green Mountain and stop, again, to warm up a little and let
go of some coffee. Its gorgeous up here this hour, the air is clear and the view is nice.

East Lava Field

As we descend into Christmas Valley and the air is filled with a strong aroma of alfalfa.
All the fields are ribboned with the stuff. Smells so good I have to take a look.

We make the standard gas stop at the Chevron and stock in some high test for the bikes and
little debbies for the riders. As some of you may know the stick meat selection at the cash
register is second to none and it is too tempting to pass by. FYI: pepperoni sticks and
honey buns are a poor combination and don't mix well.

At this point the excitement level ratchets up a little. We're heading into some new to us territory
and don't know what to expect trail-wise and can't wait to get to it. We take off from the
Chevron with a friendly admonission to ride safe.
The route is a fantastic jeep road. We were expecting a few more rocks due to our previous
experience on that other "road" a couple canyons over. But it wasn't anything like it and we made
good time headed south.

It was a great mix of conditions: rocks, sand, ruts, washouts. Perfect, having a ball.

Along the way I'd clutched for a downshift into a corner and felt a little "tink" in the lever.
Now that was different, I thought. Out of the corner I squeeze the clutch again to shift up and POP.
Flopper lever. Oh boy. Looked down at the odo. 27 miles out of Christmas valley and we
still have a ways to go today. And tomorrow! Oh well, that doesnt really affect forward motion
so kept moving. Got pretty decent at the upshift and downshifting with the throttle again. That
DRZ has a very forgiving tranny.
We got down out of Fandango Canyon to the north shore of Lake Abert. Seemed a good spot to try
to make repair.

Just the end piece up at the lever had popped off so we still had plenty of cable to play with.
Forecast was for mid to high 80's and by now of course the morning chill is long gone.
It's somewhere around 10 or 11 and standing there with the coats on its starting to heat up.
Starting to work up a little sweat fiddling with the lever and anxious to get moving and cool
off a little. The stick meat and little debbies have faded and we're starting to think about lunch too!
Vice grips applied and we're ready to go.

StroupDog 08-04-2008 12:49 PM

Nice writing Greg! I can't wait to hear what's next and I was on this trip! I'll wait for Jon to post some of his experience up then I'll have a go at it some more. Day one teaser, were geting hungry and our 18 miles slab run from Plush down to Adel got a little boring so I thought I'd dig the camera out of the tank bag while riding and give some video a shot........."Hey wait up guys".
Finally caught up with them with one hand driving the bike.......

StroupDog 08-04-2008 12:51 PM

Juanitos "long" comments: :evil And nary a pic :huh

This trip was actually three days of paradise for me. I had just worked something like 21 days with one day off, and had been looking forward to this for over a month, when Greg mentioned a big ride to Cedarville.

I wrapped up work on Thursday night, got up at about 5:30 a.m. on Friday morning to make sure there weren’t any work related “crisises” to take care of, did some general office work until about 9:00 a.m. and then had nothing more to do. It was a real weird feeling.

So I thought I do what I like to do best, travel down through the valley and visit my friends. So I hooked up the little trailer to the trusty Toyota, loaded up the XR and my gear and headed south.

First stop was to see my friend Bill, at Bill’s Motorcycles Plus, the Husky Dealer in Salem. It is always good to see him and we talked about the motorcycle business, BMW’s buyout of Husqvarna, and his other business, Mike’s Cycle Parts for about an hour. If anyone needs a Husky, Bill is the guy to see. He is the largest volume Husqvarna dealer west of the Mississippi, and a simply great guy.

Second was a stop off to see my friend Gary Beyer at Gran Prix Cycle in Albany. I have known Gary for almost 20 years, and first met him when he had little more than a desk, wood stove, a chair and some empty racks with no inventory in the shop. Now the shop is bursting at the seams, and is what could now be considered a “don’t miss” or “destination” shop when driving by.

My final stop in the valley to see my brother. He builds custom bicycle frames, is starting to build motorcycle frames, and I wanted to see the latest project. We ended up hanging out for quite a while and I ended up helping him disassemble a set of motorcycle forks and showing him how to shorten them for a bobber project he’s working on.

So, it was getting near 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon and I needed to head over the mountains. I was going to drop off a tire for Taco250, but ran out of time (your tire is a Greg’s house!). I stopped by Tom’s World of Weirdness, where there were about 7 guys sitting around drinking Busch Beer (or maybe it was Pabst), with classis rock blaring out in the shop. I was having a good conversation with Tom about the sorry ass state of vintage MX when the guy from across the parking lot came over and asked if anyone owned the yellow Toyota.

“Why yes, that is mine,” I said. “Well, were are open and trying to run a business across the parking lot, and your truck is parked in the way,” said our new friend. I replied, that since there were weeds growing in front of their roll up doors and the windows were all dirty, I though the place was vacant and out of business--sorry. Boy, the guy really didn’t like that comment, screwed up his fact just like the Mexican Bandit in “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” and said, I kid you not, “Weeds? Grass? There are now weeds or grass in front of those doors!” So we walked out, I pointed out the weeds I was referring to. He stormed back into his building. I left for Bakkinsammich’s place for MSR Fuel bottles.

...more to come...

AHRMA17L 08-04-2008 04:36 PM

AHRMA17L aka as Juanito
So, fast forward to 12:30 that night, after great food and maybe a little too much beer, it is time to go to bed. Were were getting up in four and a half hours.

5:00 a.m. came way too early. We geard up an rode over to the Chevron to meet Jim. Jim was there and there was also some other guy there on one of those new WR250 dual sport machines. It is not uncommon for new people to show up where we are meeting and come riding with us, and I thought this was the case, but nope, just Greg, Jim and I.

It was kind of cold out and we decided that is was a good idea to make haste out to Christmas Valley. The last thing we wanted to do was be out at night 50 miles from Cedarville. Usually, it takes us about 5 hours to get there on a standard “CV Burger Run” but we weren’t on the scenic route and I think we were there in about 2 hours.

Jim, the Stroupdog on the left, and Greg (LiesureClub) on the right.

Here's a little better of the picture of the fog in the valle East of us at out first of several "warm up" stops.

Brand new Kenda Carlsbad tire, mounted in the "intermediate" direction. At this point the traction this tire give is nothing short of phenominal. I had heard some positive reviews for it's use as a Baja tire. Maybe a new favorite tire? We'll see how it holds up on the trip.

At the Fire Look Out on Green Mountain (?)

Mainline forest service roads and some fast fireroads got us out there in about 2 hours. 2.5 gallons of gas, and a Little Debbie’s Apple Pie and we were out of there for Fandango Raod. This was good since I hadn’t ever been where we were going.

Ready to go after "gas" and breakfast at the Christmas Valley Store. I think we had traveled 86 or 99 miles to this point.

Now, is is time to do the Fandango!!

AHRMA17L 08-04-2008 05:26 PM

Well, I got fandagoed on the Fandango road. There were a lot of rocks in the road, and normally that doesn't bother me too much, but sometimes you just can't get into the groove.

So I was cruising about 40, hit a rock which deflected the front end out to the left and the we (the XR and I) careened to the right side of the road. The problem is that while the road has a lot of rocks in it, the side of the road really has a lot of rocks--big ones, too. I am not sure how I made it as I landed on top of a sage brush breaking my fall and the only think that happend to the XR was a scratched and kinked front fender, a small dig in one of the head pipes, a small dent in the mucffler, and a badly twisted set of forks. I got up before Jim could take a picture of me, tried to straighten the fork, and proceeded at a somewhat slower rate.

The rest of Fandango was fine, we made it out of the rocks, and down toward lake Albet, where Greg had the clutch cable issue, and we decided to take a break.

I was wandering around off the road and found this little guy:

I really have no idea, but I think it is some type of nasty odd looking spider or maybe a scorpion? It didn't look like the ones I have ever seem with the long, skinny tail as his was kind of short and flat, but it sure curled up with a pointer on it! He was about 1.5 inches long I would guess.

Greg working on the DRZ from the nasty looking crawly creature's vantage point.

The place we stopped was next to a bunch of cows and some lonely cabin--though I had picture, but I guess not.

So, we cruised east toward Highway 395 on this steadily improving gravel road, passed an alfalfa hauling semi on said road and got dusted out. Then, just like that we were at 395.

We jumped on the highway and headed south...for about 100 yards, crossed the highway to a gate with a somwhat faint road that went east over the grassland--the place Greg called our off ramp. The "road" was real faint if there at all, luckily we were following a BendDualSport menber's GPS track, so even though is was a grass covered, rocky moonscape, we knew we were going some where--ultimately to visit the lady that has become know as the wicked witch of the west...

taco250 08-04-2008 09:11 PM

:clap :lurk

brad21 08-04-2008 10:20 PM


Humunn 08-05-2008 06:07 AM


StroupDog 08-05-2008 08:36 AM

When Greg first posted this ride on I immediately jumped on it; Then I started second guessing my ability, the distance (600+ miles), the Oregon, Nevada and Cali desert in August!?? a few weeks out I actually had plans to bail out half way at a favorite spot of mine and the wifes called Summer Lake Hot Springs.
Watching the weather forcasts daily it looked like a cold spell (for this county in Aug) was going to show up just in time for this weekend trip, and it did! I must say Greg did and excellent job planning this route and weather dancing. This was the most enjoyable and relaxing ride for me to date! The 650 ran great, got great mileage, and to my suprise stayed rubber side down the whole way! Great riding partners!, great county!, great weather!, great scenery!, great food! More to come after the ride planne posts his next section..................

LeisureClub 08-05-2008 09:16 AM

The next leg was more Central Oregon rock garden goodness. The powerline ran south down to our next
gas stop (and maybe lunch) in Plush at the Hart Mountain Store. It started out nice and enough easy
sit down type jeep road and we cruised a short distance before having to skirt around a cliff. Once
on top of the plateau it was a bee line towards the Coyote Hills. A rock infested bee line no less.
Great fun fast up on the pegs bumpy. My arms and legs are starting to get a little tired when up
comes one of those ubiquitous cattle country barb wire fence gates. Aaahh, short break here.
I reach for the clutch lever and it offers no resistance. Whoops! Shoulda taken Stroup up on
the zip tie earlier. Darn, I had much affection for those pliers. We'd been through a lot together.
They worked out as a shift lever couple springs ago. Sniff, sniff, bet they hung on just as long as
they could. Ah well, mourning over, toe it to neutral and coast up to the gate. On the other side
Jon graciously offers my his. A nicer pair with more surface on the jaws to hold onto the cable
end. Thanks Jon! (BTW, they're still on the bike so you're just going to have to come over for
another ride to get 'em back) Stroup walks over and offers me three zip ties. Thankyou. Lesson learned.
We meander our way through the hills following overgrown jeep and atv tracks then down into the Warner Valley.
What a gorgeous place. An oasis. Green fields and two huge lakes with Hart Mountain backing it
all up.
Now we have a decision to make. Turn west into the hills for some forest riding down to the border,
or continue south and keep to the desert. We pick desert. Cant get enough of the Big Picture.
The immense vistas with no trees impeding the view are what we crave.
We gas up and decide to head down the pavement for Adel to get a sit down cooked lunch.
No pics of Adel here maybe one of you others have some? Regardless, it was great. I really like
a place where you walk inside and there on the board is clearly stated What Is For Lunch. And
Saturday was spaghetti bake. Three please. We thoroughly enjoy the food,company and service.
Top notch and the place was hopping.
Finished with lunch and starting to get too comfortable just sitting around, we top off the tanks
and continue south for Cedarville. We're making good time leaving Adel around 2 and looks like
we'll be down from Hays Peak well ahead of dark. On through Coleman Valley we pass more agriculture
and then out into the desert. Jim and Jon take the playa while I stick to the gravel. We're really
enjoying passing through this big country.
That dot out there is Jim trying his hand at the record.
And then, Nevada.

Lopoetve 08-05-2008 09:22 AM

that bug is a camel spider. They're related to scorpions.

gunnr 08-05-2008 11:31 AM

Looks like a nice trip! Excellent :thumb

dualist 08-05-2008 12:11 PM

A desert ride in August
I envey you guys I'm still working on my airconditioned riding suit down here in so cal. still have'nt found an exstention cord long enough yet!!:knary

That is beautiful country and looks like a bitchin ride
power on boys I,m waiting for more

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