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Just GO! 09-03-2008 08:05 PM

Making time with the Mountain Momma...250 style.
It's all Meef's fault. I have to have someone to blame this ride for, don't I?

So, Meef.............................................. ..............:fitz

It's Meef's fault because of this. Meef and his 15 cubic inch tour of Ohio. Touring on a 250 cc dual sport. Now that's one of my ideas of a good time.
I've aways wanted to own a 250 dual sporter.....since high school actually, but you know how the story goes. For one reason or another, blah, blah, blah. Well 36 years later and a lucky find and I'm a kid again. With a 2000 KLR250 in my garage and the world at my handlebars, looking for a place to shred with my 27 horses of power! :nod

Now I'm really not much of a planner or a stickler for details...never been one to set long term goals for myself either. I guess that's the main reason that I carry a tool kit at work as opposed to a brief case. So the planning stage of this ride kind of went like this.....

I planned which state I would ride...WVa.

I made phone calls to a couple friends to plan where I would spend my nights...I don't camp.

And I planned what I would use for transportation...that was the easy part.

Five days were set...four days for riding and a day of rest but as it turned out the fifth day was needed for, you guessed it, riding. :ricky

I spent a couple evenings getting my gear and the 250 ready for the trip...the, clothes, map, tires, fluids, chain, etc., etc., etc.
A last minute call to John in Seneca Rocks to remind him that I would be on my way tomorrow morning and would be there sometime around, who knows when, tomorrow evening. He says that the spare room above the Gun Room is ready, come ahead. More on John later.

I would be traveling light and slow. So I packed the bare essentials and only needed a tail bag for the bike and a backpack for me. And the main piece of gear would be my camera.

Enuf words? I agree. Lets ride.

Chapter 1

"The fog"
"Delaney Atkins...Where's the kill switch!?"
"The mist"


Just GO! 09-03-2008 08:50 PM

Thursday night the bike looked like this....

Friday morning it looked like this.....

with a nice thick layer of fog for a background. And if there's one weather condition that makes me a little nervous when I'm riding it's fog. But with weeks and weeks of planning.... ...... that I put into this ride I wasn't about to let the fact that I couldn't see to ride keep me from riding!

So I rode.....into this.....

That is a nice view of Marietta from Harmar Hill....use your imagination, huh?

At the corner of Front and Greene streets.....I'll be crossing that bridge into WVa shortly.

I've crossed that bridge a thousand times but this crossing was different. It was like crossing into another world. Who knew what lay ahead? Good weather? Good fortune? Friend or foe? Sometimes a simple twist of fate can be life changing, especially for riders. We all know the risks and we all regardless ride.

As I cross the bridge I hear John Denver in the back of my mind singing "Almost heaven, West Virginia."

I've always thought that fog is great for taking pictures. For me it adds a certain sense of mystery to a photo.

The fog had started to thin out some as I headed across Schultz Road and into North Bend State Park.

I was going to be traveling on back roads as much as possible and if I passed something interesting I planned on going back to take a photo. If I saw an interesting road going away from my general direction I was going to investigate.

Cause I ain't in no itchin' hurry. Simple plan for in Seneca Rocks before the lights go out.


Outwardbound 09-04-2008 06:06 AM

I'm in !

GsVs 09-04-2008 09:07 AM

250 !
Great start .... :clap

damasovi 09-04-2008 09:11 AM


Originally Posted by Just GO!
Cause I ain't in no itchin' hurry. Simple plan for in

NOw this I like... I am and since I asked for it I will be here.


Just GO! 09-04-2008 01:33 PM

Visibility was improving mile by mile as I passed through North Bend State Park area. The air was cool and my anticipation was increasing.

WVa is loaded with rustic old pieces of Americana....a favorite photo subject of you will come to find.

I've always been attracted to rugged landscapes and structures. Don't know why...just have.

Just GO! 09-04-2008 03:59 PM

One of the nice things about riding solo is taking the time to do things that you might not if you were with someone else. When I first saw this barn I thought it had an interesting character. But I rode passed.....then suddenly stopped. :bluduh What am I doing! :nono Turn around, fool! Go back and compose a picture to share with all of your ADV friends.

So I did. :thumb And it looks like this...........

I must have done that 50 times during this ride. Check the mirrors, clamp on the brakes, spin around, ride back, compose, click, turn back around and move on. You just can't do that as easily with another rider along.

This caught my eye during a much needed nature break.....

Many of the roads I traveled were similar to this.........

And if I'm not mistaken, that is a county road. :nod

A cool shot of a tree eating a county road marker...

I'll bet WV loses a lot of state property that way. :lol3 I can here 'em now, "Well Ah know thar used t' be sign around here somewhere's, things just don't up 'n disappear ya know."

It was about this time that I came upon an intriguing sight....

Now I'll be 53 years old soon and I feel the aches and pains that go with those years. And every now and then I think about my own mortality, but......

Yeah, I thought about it. Go ahead, Denny, take a sip. Nice cool mountain water. Shut 'er down, pull that hot helmet off, step up to the sink. Right.

What would you have done? :lol3

A retired old CJ5. Probably huddling in it's final resting place.

There were also some very nice farms. :thumb

I noticed a lot of the decorative stars along the way. They were on houses, garages, barns and just about and kind of structure. Anyone know if there is any significance to them or are they just ornamental?

I passed through Williamstown, Waverly, Shultz, Harrisville, Pullman. I took one lane county roads down into Auburn and then rolled south on SR74. I was getting hungry and was looking for a place to stop and eat a lunch that I had packed before leaving.

Riding down a short straight stretch I glanced left to see a field full of rusted old cars and trucks behind a small white house in need of some TLC. A cluttered yard not unlike many I had seen earlier this morning...but something screamed at me to............STOP!

This is when I met Delaney Atkins...Car Guy. :deal


Just GO! 09-05-2008 09:37 AM

Where's the kill switch!
I shut the KLR off, unbuckled my helmet strap and hooked it on the mirror, took the gloves off and walked up to the front porch. I knocked...........nothing. I was really hoping someone was home because I thought there might be some good photo ops in that pile of rust behind the house.
I walked around to the back and heard voices from inside. I knocked............the voices fell silent............nothing again............but they knew someone was there. Then the back door opened and an older gent peered at me through the brown screen...."Howdy." "Howdy." I said back and then explained to him that I was on my way to Seneca Rocks area for a couple days. I asked if he would mind if I went back and had lunch among the cars and if he cared if I took a few pictures.

He stepped out into the yard. Thinning disheveled hair, glasses, short sleeved shirt...unbuttoned and untucked, faded jeans with the unbuckled end of his belt hanging to his right knee, teeth left back in the house in a, no doubt, dirty glass. "Nah, hep yourself. I have more cars than that if ya want t' see 'em. Back on th' hill in a trailer."

I thanked him and he then started going on and on about this car and that, engine displacement, 8 lug wheels, horse power, etc., etc.
I slowly started making my way back to the bike to grab my lunch and camera, him still talking in the background. He eventually wound down and mosied back into the house while I let myself into the field where the cars were.

Cool, right up my alley. A 1952 Ford pickup! I had one back in high school! :clap

I took my time weaving around and through the cars snapping shots that I thought might be interesting. I ate lunch as went and just took the time to relax a little.

BackRoadNomad 09-05-2008 10:44 AM

Superb pictures and storyline.....a very enjoyable read!
Having lived for awhile in Morgantown, WV...I'm very interested in this thread. For some reason, the themesong for "Deliverance" keeps running through my mind while reading your story.

IcyBlues 09-05-2008 10:49 AM

Great! Looking forward to more! :D

GB 09-05-2008 11:03 AM

Beauty! That's the beauty of traveling on a 250, you slow down and enjoy the scenery.. :thumb


Just GO! 09-05-2008 11:37 AM


Originally Posted by Back Road Nomad
Having lived for awhile in Morgantown, WV...I'm very interested in this thread. For some reason, the themesong for "Deliverance" keeps running through my mind while reading your story.

Yeah, I know what you mean on that. Early the first morning I thought I could hear banjo pickin' while I was making my way up one of those mud covered "county" roads.

Also the movie "Wrong Turn" was flashing before my eyes! :eek1

sixer 09-05-2008 11:42 AM

Great pictures so far. I'd want to tour around on a DR350.

Just GO! 09-05-2008 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
Beauty! That's the beauty of traveling on a 250, you slow down and enjoy the scenery.. :thumb


That was my main goal for the entire ride. And except for some riding around the Charleston area that I had to suffer through, I feel, for the most part, that I accomplished that.

Just GO! 09-05-2008 01:16 PM

"Ventura the sunshine."
"Where the days are longer, the nights are stronger than moonshine."


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