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Holaday 11-10-2008 08:25 PM

Left for the Baja on a BMW came home on a 990S
So the idea was to ride my well looked after low km 91 GSPD down the Baja from my home in North Vancouver BC. I was going to take about a month or 5 weeks to do it. I got the bike all ready changed all the fluids, fresh fuel lines and filters. Had the dual seat built up so I would be more comfortable with my long legs. I was picking up my wife Glynis in the Palm Desert and she would spend ten days with me and fly home from Cabo. I had a fresh set of TKC's waiting for me in the Palm Desert. I left North Van on a rainy thursday morning and headed down the I5.

Day 1 North Vancouver
Saw this cool HPN BMW at REI in Bellingham
No sign of the owner. He must have been in the Tai Restaurant next door.
Check out the bomber R100 motor with new style swingarm. Hope BMW remembered to circlip your transmission [authors attempt at foreshadowing]

Next stop Tully's Coffee to warm up and get caffeinated before hitting Touratech. I did my major shop there in the summer so this time I got out for under 20 bucks. From TT it was out in to Seattle rush hour traffic in heavy rain showers. Made it to Kelso Washington and checked into the Super 8.
Next day I was heading for Bend Oregon I had planned on heading down the east side of the Sierra's through California so I figured I would cross the Cascades and check out Bend. The weather sucked so I didn't take any pics. But don't worry there is lots of Baja pics coming.

Nice Condos in Bend OR.

Checked in to Sugarloaf Mountain Motel and called it a day.
Next day was the first day of hunting season. Lots of camo and orange vests.

HWY 31 stopped to put on more clothes.

What is that bright warm thing in the sky

Sun finally comes out

Lunch at Jerry's in Lakeview OR.

After lunch I headed south out of Lakeview. Passed a restaurant on the south end of town that had a few Adventure bikes out front. About 15 miles south of town just as I crossed into California I started to get this weird vibration coming from the bike. I hoped it was the change in road surface as I crossed into California. It was getting worse, way worse. Now it was coming through the foot pegs. Oh SH*T I had better pull over. I pulled to the shoulder. The bike stalled. I restarted it and tried to move. It lurched forward and stalled. I started it again and turned it around and made it as far as the shoulder on the north bound lane. The tranny was F#CKED. I guess the circlip mod wasn't done. I never really new for sure. The p/o had told me that it hadn't been done, and then later said he thought that it had. The mileage on this bike was low 42k kms. I thought that even if it hadn't been done that I would be ok with this low mileage. I hitched back to Lakeview and got a 175 dollar tow back to town.

Racinace 11-10-2008 08:38 PM

More Please....
Subscribed.... :lurk

viola-tor 11-10-2008 08:51 PM

cool bike! But a KTM 990s is cool too, can't wait for the story!

Holaday 11-11-2008 09:39 AM

Time to pull the trigger
During the drive back to town with the BMW in the trailer I thought over my options. I could cut my losses and just get the bike back to North Van some how. Or I knew that there had been a 2007 990S for sale in Bend just 3 hours north of where I was broken down. I had been lurking in Orange Crush since I first found I had only ended up with the GSPD because I saw it as the poor mans KTM Adventure. It was time to pull the trigger on a KTM. I decided that if the 990 was still available in Bend I would buy it and keep on going to the Baja. Don the tow truck driver was quite helpful. As soon as we were back at the tow yard I got on the computer and fired off a PM to Racinace who had the 990 for sale. There was a lot of action on Ace's bike with other buyers scrambling to get deposits together. I told him I'd take it. The bike was mine.:clap Ace also agreed to come down to Lakeview and get me and my broken down bike the next day. I checked into a hotel and tried to enjoy my little lay over in scenic Lakeview.

Killing time in Lakeview

Cool old building in Lakeview

mrbreeze 11-11-2008 09:54 AM

this is gonna be good.

Everytime I have found myself far from home, I have had the urge to buy a bike and ride it back. Just never had the $$$ to actually make it happen. There was a 2006 Concours for sale in Astoria OR a couple of years ago. Lots of new farkles and less than 1,000 miles on it. The owner had decided motorcycling was not a good idea for a new father with young kids, so he offered it at a very nice price. Man I wanted to fly out there and ride it back, but it was gone almost immediately.

GB 11-11-2008 10:09 AM


:lurk :lurk

Loud Al 11-11-2008 10:57 AM


GB 11-11-2008 11:10 AM

So you bought a bike in Bend, OR, and you're taking it to Mexico... then back to Canada... I'd like to hear how you managed to paper work, because I keep hearing to enter Mexico you need original documents... :lurk

Racinace 11-11-2008 11:42 AM

He had it

Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
So you bought a bike in Bend, OR, and you're taking it to Mexico... then back to Canada... I'd like to hear how you managed to paper work, because I keep hearing to enter Mexico you need original documents... :lurk

Well he had them. Paid cash and since I had the title in hand he got the paperwork necessary to continue his journey... but I digress.... there is more to the story that needs to be told. Come on Dreamer... the natives are getting restless!!!:rofl

toyotarig 11-11-2008 12:45 PM

We are all still listening, can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

Holaday 11-11-2008 12:45 PM

Up loading pics very time consuming
Hey Ace

Do you have any pics of my departure from your place?
E mail them to me. Thanks Blair.

euskalherria 11-11-2008 01:30 PM

ktm 990,s adventure.... you have a great bike.:thumb :thumb
:lurk :lurk :lurk :lurk

JustAdam 11-11-2008 01:35 PM



Originally Posted by EUSKALHERRIA
:lurk :lurk :lurk :lurk

Holaday 11-11-2008 04:19 PM

Sunday Oct. 5
Ace arrived at the motel about 1 pm and rescued me from watching girls college volleyball. We loaded up my broken down bike and hit the road for Bend. We hadn't eaten so planned to stop for pizza in Paisley but when we got there the place was closed. Went to the greasy spoon next door, but when the 300 lb short of breath waitress told us it would be at least a half hour wait for food. We split and grabbed some snacks at the gas station. Back in Bend I checked out my new ride and we dragged the broken down beemer around the side of the house. I took the 990 for a quick test ride. Wow!! A completely different bike from the GSPD. A lot has changed in sixteen years. Ace's wife Susan made us a nice home cooked meal and Ace put me up for the night. The next day I was working the phones getting insurance from my insurance company and changing my mexican insurance over to the 990. Ace came home from work and we headed off to his bank. I had told my credit card security department about the trip so I called them to advise them that I would be getting a cash advance to buy the bike. Once at Ace's bank they informed us that they only had 5k cash on hand and that that was the most they could put in Ace's account in one day. To make a long story short we went to another bank and I got 75 one hundred dollar bills and we took those back to Ace's bank and deposited them. The bike was now officially mine.:deal

Ace saying good bye to his baby

Baja trip back on

So about 48 hours after the GSPD blew up I was on the road again. Gotta love the internet and ADVRIDER. I had some serious mileage to make up. Glynis was going to be landing in Palm Springs on wednesday afternoon at 5 pm and I had to be there to meet her. I went and filled up my new ride and hit the road for Klamath Falls OR.

Frostbit 11-11-2008 05:46 PM

Oh man...keep it coming :clap

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