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cRAsH 07-08-2001 10:38 PM

Good news, bad news. Who can tell?
Phil and Bill at BMW Santa Cruz made a believer out of me today.
I've had some parts "issues" lately, and one particularly
frustrating incident cost me the ability to ride my bike to see Stig
Petterson at Laguna Seca this weekend, so he could fix my shock.
Not wanting to drive my big-ass truck into that madness, I took a
chance and called Phil to see if they had a loaner bike I could borrow.
He talked to Bill, and they said it would be no problem.
I yanked my shock, grabbed all my gear, and barrelled down to
They had set me up with an 1100R strippy. Perfect.
I also had a pair of Airflow pants waiting that Aaron had special
ordered for me because of the split crotch syndrome on my others.
Of course, there was no documentation on this, and Aaron wasn't
there, so it would have been totally understandable if Bill had
said I needed to wait so he could straighten it out with the boys.
But no.
He said "No problem - let's just fill out a repair order and get you on your way".
Too cool.
I get there - it's my first motorcycle race, but I can't enjoy it. I
need to find Stig, and have no idea where he is.
Wander, wander ask, ask... turns out he MUST be in the paddock.
Paddock passes are sold out.
I scout the perimeter - probing for weaknesses.
Not good - they got it covered.
I spot an older gent who's trying to do a good job, and sidle up
during a lull.
"I need to ask a favor of you" I sez.
"The paddock passes are sold out, I need to take this shock to
PPS, and I'm running out of time, can you help me??"
He just jerked his head towards the gate, and stepped aside.
KEWL! I'm in!
This place is huge - I finally stumble across Lindemann
Engineering, one of Stig's competitors.
But, I was getting desperate so I asked Jim if he'd seen Stig. He
laughed when I told him why, and pointed the way.
Get to Stigs truck, two empty chairs.
I wander around, staying within visual of the truck in case he
gets back.
I've now missed like 3 races, and the 750 super sports are lining
up. I decide to take a chance and watch the start and the first
coupla laps.
Better head back - can't see much from the paddock anyway, and
I can't leave.
Get back to where the truck was - it's gone!
Run into Peter Connolly - he says they left 5 minutes ago...


Screw it. I took the shock back to the bike, locked it up, and went
in to watch some racing. Might as well get something for my
Saw the GP and a great little high-side right in front of me on 11,
Ben Bostrom looked like a men among boys in the finale.

Good news is, I can have the bike until Tuesday.
Bad news is, I don't want to ride it....

Good news, bad news. Who can tell?

Myles Whitfield 07-08-2001 11:21 PM

hmmmmmm BUMMER...
butt it's not like you had to go to work or anything, right?

personally I spent the day out in the wilderness, alternately screaming down hard pack, and then schlepping through slippery sticky mud-only dumped the bike once...

thank god for the H+B bars....

cRAsH 07-09-2001 01:09 AM

yeah. thanks.
rub it in, pal.:rolleyes:

Marc 07-09-2001 07:42 AM


cRAsH said:

Phil and Bill at BMW Santa Cruz made a believer out of me today...
I gotta agree here. Since I don't live in the Bay Area, I've only dealt with SC BMW over the phone. In all cases, they have been responsive, accurate and friendly (just what you'd want in a dealer). If I lived there, I'd buy more stuff from 'em, but since I don't, I just get some stuff from them via phone and UPS.

The bad: ain't so bad. At least you've got Ohlins. Some of us are still saving up...

Anyways, glad you got to see at least one race - I was out arguing with some rancher about private / public land-use issues :mad: ...

billcat 07-10-2001 11:44 AM

Ack Phip
I think you just came here so that you could have that "cute" pigpen icon...

cRAsH 07-10-2001 06:07 PM

Re: Ack Phip
1 Attachment(s)

Originally posted by BillCat
I think you just came here so that you could have that "cute" pigpen icon...

Yeah, well it worked out purty good for you too, didn't it B da C?

Whyncha use this one?

billcat 07-11-2001 11:40 AM

If that were a copy of the Campmoor catalog it would paint a pretty descent picture of my morning ritual

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