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undersea4x2 02-20-2009 09:58 PM

Tasmania Australia......2up X 3 bikes
Heres a RR on a trip I did to Tasmania with the good lady wife and two other couples.
  • The bikes were a Honda ST1100 (Battle Star)
  • KTM 990 (with an embarrisingly small range)
  • DL650 VStrom (AKA Mighty Boy!!) (yes thats mine)
For those from the Northern Hemisphere Tasmania is the Large Island off the southern coast of an even larger Island...........Australia.
In these parts its every bikers dream to "Do Tassie" and i can tell you its worth it. Things are not that "advanced" in Tassie so its a lot slower and quiter than the Mainland which after the era of footy trips and pissy weekends that good for me!
Time to ..............S L O W D O W N.
I'll explain some of the mundane to assist any of you who havent been yet and want some details.
  • It cost us $970.00 for a overnight berth in a cabin
  • Meals are $20.00 for the Buffet
  • Beers are nearly bar prices
  • You can get better deals if you wait to closer to the date as we booked well in advance for the Australia day Long weekend 22nd to 26th Jan the RR
I mounted my camera to a bracket under the mirror arm to try some shots on the move..................with varying results as I'm fundamentally against removing a good grip on the bars to take a me a coward??? Each to their own I say

Here's the Police making an early impression!

The Spirit of Tasmania. For those who dont know Tasmania is an Island to the south of a bigger island (Australia) and is considered by some to be Motorcycling Nervana, me included after this trip

Back road to Penguin on the north coast..........keeps you off the freeway and is a really nice run next to the Bass Straight

Heading south on the Murchison Hwy

<IMG class=imgBorder id=mainPhoto title="undersea4x2 > South to strahan" height=480 alt="undersea4x2 > South to strahan" hspace=0 src="" width=640 border=0 name=mainPhoto>

Murchison Hwy going down into Heller Gorge
The image is blurred as I am trying to get some pix from a handle mounted camera, as you can see it needs some work!

A better shot on the fly......
Sometimes the vibration through the bars comes out in the image and other times it doesn't...............go figure?<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->__________________

Heres Warren praying for a longer never happened!!

Sercurity on the Strom............not a bad sort either!

The crew at Heller River Nature walk.....a good spot to stretch and walk off the 1st hour or 2 riding

Just after Heller Gorge the heavens opened up..........It can rain on the West Coast of Tasmania..................
Apparently it rains 300 days a year and it's not a summer shower either.
I didnt pack the pants for the wet gear so the draggins got a rinse in West coast rain ...................purest in the world!
If you notice I didnt wrap the panniers in the wet weather covers so when we got to Strahan all the cloths were wet as well.
The caravan park had industrial cloth dryers......................I wonder why??????????

We were in a bit of a rush as we got off the ferry and had to make it to Strahan for a Gordon River Cruise into a World Heritage Forest area and out to "Hells Gates" the entrance to Mcquarie Harbour and the Summer shower Tassie style stopped the photos for the rest of the trip into Strahan.

Once we got there it was out of the gear, into some civvies and down to the Harbour to get on a Catamaran and out to Hells Gates.
Due to the Shower we had on the way in to Strahan we had a bit of 40 knots!!!
Heres me Neale and Waz showing off to the girls.......

Hells Gates in a 40 knotter............................
Hells Gate lighthouse

The jetty on to Sarah Island Penal colony which was for all 2nd offenders and 2nd only to Norfolk Island for harshness and Bastardization by guards to the Prisoners. The Guards werent much better off as their conditions were not much better

Prison ruins Sarah Island

Then it was off to the Heritage walk through the forest in search of the mythical Huon Pine....................
Not many left but I found this nymph lurking in the forest

Heres one we cut down to count the rings............................nearly 700 years old!!

The $90.00 thrill ride I've been on in years!!!!!!!!!!and you get a feed as well.........The girls nearly ate their body weights in Smoked Salmon from the buffet...............and thats quite a bit..........:lol3

So after that it was off to the pub for some ale and mixers :freaky to get the land legs back and off to bed as we were STUFFED........a good first day......

Day 2 to come>>>>>>>>soonish:lol3

Dickyb 02-20-2009 10:12 PM

Looking good, looking for more.:clap 300 days of rain a year! Yikes, and I thought England was a tad moist:eek1



Matt 02-20-2009 10:49 PM

So far so good.........:lurk

When are you moving down there?:D

laughatmyvanagon111 02-20-2009 11:19 PM

can't wait for more
Didn't realize the ferries (Spirit of Tazmania) are so huge!

Great RR, can't wait for more!:freaky

Flinkman47 02-21-2009 01:36 AM

:lurk Great pics, keep us posted!

jtb 02-21-2009 04:11 AM

Looking forward to the rest!:thumb

By the way what was the range on the KTM?:huh

GB 02-21-2009 06:03 PM


RobTheRigger 02-21-2009 06:47 PM

I was in Tasmania in '94 with the US Navy. Can't wait to go back eventually. Loved the scenery and those Tassie girls!


undersea4x2 02-27-2009 10:55 PM

Range on a KTM??

Originally Posted by jtb
Looking forward to the rest!:thumb

By the way what was the range on the KTM?:huh

Sorry I've been away so long.......

Had to do some work away from home for a week.

The range is somewhere in the mid to high 200k's??

Every chance we got we stopped to top you do!


undersea4x2 02-27-2009 11:52 PM

Tasmania 2 up x 3 bikes
So.........................sorry for the delay

Day 2 Strahan to Hobart

Things started off a little wet and still overcast
Expecting the worst we got some wets for my wife at a well over priced rate but the reduction of complaints from the back seat was worth it and its off to Queenstown after breakfast in town.

The view as you come into Queenstown

The view of Queenstown without trees, all cutdown for the mines which produce Gold and copper among other minerals. The high sulfur content from smelting prevents trees to regenerate easily and gives the town a moonscape its famous for.

The road on the way out. The start to the alledged 99 hairpins...................sounds about right

The gang posing.............

Team meeting.............who wants to go FAST??????????
That would be ME!

Further along the road it opens out to some large sweepers near Lake Burbury

Bridge over Lake Burbury

Stopped off at Nelson Falls for a walk and picture opportunities.

We stopped at the carpark for the Frenchmans Cap walk to try the swing bridge over the Franklin River.

Franklin River
Had to have a "team meeting "with the pillion as "set your own pace" appears to mean two TOTALLY different things for each of us.
With the corner speed duly adjusted, we continued.

Stopped for lunch at Derwent Bridge and then took the only dirt rd for the trip to the bottom end of Lake St Clair

Still had a few Klm's to Hobart so we kept going

Twisties near Tarraleah

Some of the locals..............Tarraleah

Next 150 k's we pushed into Hobart and arrived at about 7.30pm

End of day 2

Day 3 later tonite.........I promise



undersea4x2 02-28-2009 01:58 AM

smania 2 up x 3 bikes
Day 3 Hobart to Bicheno via Port Arthur.

After a walk around the Salamanca Markets in the Morning we were off to Port Arthur, a Penal settlement that was Tasmanias first industry.......The transportation of misery.

As you can see they're still dealing out the punishment.

looking back to the settlement from the ferry.
The ferry gives you a small trip on the harbour to see....................

The Isle of the dead. This is where over 1000 bodies of prisoners and guards and settlers are intered.
The Authorities or on the upper tiers of the Island and the prisoners are in unmarked graves on the lower parts.

The church was for most of its history non denominational as apparently the catholics tryed to claim it at one time and the Prodies refused to go into a Catholic Church. It may have been the other
way around here though....................I dont want to get anyone off side here, just trying to paint a picture.
After the prison was closed the buildings were sold off and ment to be moved. Some stayed and were burnt in 2 bushfires that swept the area and thats why its ruins now.

The road at Eaglehawk Neck

From here we went to Bicheno for the next 2 nights and a day walk to Wineglass Bay on Freycinet Peninsula

We travelled to Coles Bay on Freycinet Peninsula next morning ,its only 50 k from Bicheno and after getting a Parks Pass we went to the carpark at the start of the walk.Here's the crew in walking attire.......we look fitter here than when we got back ................great walk though!

Overlooking Wineglass Bay

On the beach
After the walk we were recommended to go to Cape Tourville Lighthouse. We were also promised that there was not much walking involved so we rode the 6 k's and found these views back to Wineglass Bay

Absolutly brilliant

After another night in Bicheno we were on the last day and still about 400k's back to the Ferry in Devonport to go so it was planned for an early start until.............................
The old dames next door had to have a ride on the bike...........

Shame she picked the KTM..............we had to refuel.............again!

She did return the favour by taking the group shot for up but why can some people never get the hang of the focusing of digital cameras?.........just push the button a little bit and then push it down.

We decided to go to the Elephant pass Pancakes for breakfast............goooooood choice!!!

They may have seemed a little touchy about some things but the pancakes were good

Didn't see them get him to do this true!

So we went on to St Helens and Bridport on the way to Devonport.
Heres a shot of the entrance to the bay at St Helens
from here it was so more great bike roads to Devonport and then the ferry back to Melbourne

Here's a blurred shot of the sunrise over Melbourne......the day turned out to be 38C and was the start of the hottest 3 days in the Cities history and a warning to what we had 2 weeks later............

Hope you enjoyed this little review of my Tassie trip and now I'm going to see if I can work out how to get more photo's out of my computer and on to Smugmug................not easy for a nuff like me.



french horn 02-28-2009 04:56 AM

I kinda fell onto this Report ... makes me sick I tell yu. Next Thursday my Bro and a bunch of FJR's are hitting the ferry .... 9 bloody days they will spend on the isle, bloody work ... gets in the way of life !!

Great report undersea, ... think'n of quit'n work now:evil ... see what you've done !!:lol3:lol3

STay upright

danno626 02-28-2009 09:58 AM

Have not seen to many RRs from Tasmania, great info. Thanks for sharing.

Siva 04-01-2009 12:07 PM

:D... good RR mate.!

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