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Scotty 06-15-2002 08:16 AM

2003 Ktm 640 Adv.r
Hey! I am getting closer and closer to putting the clams down for a 640 Adv. R instead of spending a small fortune trying to turn my 01 Dakar into one!
This late in the year I am wondering whether I should wait for the '03 KTMs to hit the dealers or go for the price break on an '02 model??????:confused

Anybody heard any significant changes, good or bad, between the two?

Or maybe a limited edition "Dakar" model???

Thanks in advance,

flyshop 06-15-2002 09:46 PM

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If the KTM rumors are correct there will be no 2003 LC 4 imported to the US. That would inclued the AdventureR. They just made a few changes in 2002 so I would think that the 03 if they do come to the US would be like the 02's. I have an 01 and the more I ride it the more I like it. It's becoming my first choice for all but long trips, I have a R11gs and R100gs pd also. I also have a 99 r11rt that I'm trying to sell if anybody is in the market. When I got the KTM last year the deal I made with myself was that something had to go and the RT lost the draw. Get the 02 and don't look back.

I think this thing should be on the Montana state flag.

Scotty 06-16-2002 07:12 AM

Hey man, thanks for the info!!

Wow, nice pic!!! I had forgotten how beautiful it is up in neck O' the woods!! What all have you done to the Adv?? I have been looking into aftermarket stuff for 'em and can't come up with a whole lot??

Anyway, the local KTM shop has an '02 Adv. coming in sometime in the next couple of weeks so I think it will probably have my name on it!!

flyshop 06-16-2002 08:44 PM

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Hi Scotty,
Where to begin. Replaced tires with Michlen Baja knobies and rejetted, opened up airbox, and KTM SXC exhust. WOW! these are the two best things I did.
Luggage rack from Happy Trails in Boise ID with Ortlieb soft bags from Areostich.
Made leftover Touratech rear top box mount from F650 fit. Made a great rear rack plus I can use the top box from my R11GS if need be. I would not buy it for this reason, but I had it laying around from another bike so why not.{montana winter are long with to much time on your hands] Other BMW GS Touratech leftovers made to fit the KTM. Took front spoiler for R100gs pd windshield and made a great extension for fairing. Rear touratech tail bag turned out to be the perfect tank bag. Dosen't get in your way like the full size ones that are available. Bar end weights fromm R1100RT, after puting on bob's wrist rest, did the trick for bar vibrations.
Used road book holder from KTM for place to put GPS mount.
Tool box skidplate from germany. Fender bag to carry spare tube and tire irons.

And last but not least, Lots and lots of stickers.

Hope this was of some help. If you have anymore questions I'll try to answer.
Will try to post a few pic, but don't know if they will make or not.


flyshop 06-16-2002 08:46 PM

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flyshop 06-16-2002 08:50 PM

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more ktm

flyshop 06-16-2002 08:52 PM

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Cat0020 06-17-2002 07:43 AM

Neato KTM
Hello Flyshop,

That's a nice looking LC4 Adventure, I think I will try and do similar things to mine when I get time this winter.
I have been trying to put a GIVI topbox mount on the back of the KTM Adventure, I wonder if you can help me with some details about how you put the BMW topbox mount on your LC4 Adventure.

Have you ever tried to find a front wheel hugger for the USD fork?
I really like the look and function of the front wheel hugger on my BMW F650 classic. The front wheel hugger really keeps the mud from flying up and hehind the front wheel, just needs to clean thing (mud) out more often on the trails. I have been trying to find one that would fit on the USD fork of the LC4 Adventure. I know that KTM makes a fronth wheel hugger for the 660 Rally bikes, but have not been able to find any retailer to be able to track one down for me.

Here I include a webpage picture of the 660 Rally.. Does that thing look badass or what..


MountainMan 06-17-2002 09:35 AM

Thats one sweet Adventure R.
It almost looks like the Adventure R front windscreen could be retrofitted to a stock LC4. I wouldn't mind adding one of those to mine for some of the longer jaunts around here..


Scotty 06-17-2002 09:43 AM

Yeah, I agree with cat0020, good work!! I have the same Touratech tail rack bag on the DAKAR and was wondering if there would be a use for it on the KTM!

Sure do like the bashplate/toolbox!

Hey thanks for the #'s for the shop up in Jersey that had the '00 660 rallye! They were some sketchy fella's huh??? Pretty cool bike but the technology was kinda outta date as far as the KTM Rallye bikes are concerned IMO!!

Cheers for now!

Cat0020 06-17-2002 10:34 AM

KTM Ralley Bike in NJ

I have been to that place in Lodi, NJ twice to look at that KTM Ralley bike.
Considering that it is a 2000 model, it has just about all the mechanical components of a late model LC4 Adventure.
I tried asking the salesperson about telling more about what everything is on the bike, the sales guy had a thousand mile stare, and told me that he does not know what or how everything works on that particular bike. He even had a hard time locating where the turn signal switches are on the handlebar.
After taking some twenty digital photo of that Ralley bike, I figured out as much as I can without operating that machine, what everything probably do in the controls. The bike actually has two batteries, two oil tank and three fuel containers, can you believe it.. I would probably tear the map scroll unit off the top of the bike and mount the GPS in lieu. I am telling myself that I have to get it if I can't track down a 2002 KTM 660 Rally bike. All of the sudden, Brazil, Argentina and Chile seem like prime vacation spots for my next trip.

flyshop 06-17-2002 08:34 PM

cat0020 top box mount
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Glad you liked it. Top box mount was Touatech for older F650. All I did was take it apart and put one peice under the luggage and bolted it back together. It works pretty well as rack the way it is and I can put the Touratech top box on if needed. Only thing was I had to take the locking mech. off, won't fit, and use a strap to make sure it dosen't come off when the going get ruff. I'm talking about the top box not the base. Base works just fine as is.

Have fun

witzgall 07-01-2002 09:01 AM

Windscreen attachement

I'm working to prepare my bike for the Alcan 5000 (

Could you tell me more about the winscreen attachment that you used to provide more wind protection? How much of a difference did it make? Is it easy to remove/replace?

Also, where did you get the rally bashplate, and how much $$$ was it?


Scotty 07-01-2002 10:23 AM

Hey Chris,
Thats not me Bro, you need to speak with Flyshop about it!

C-ya here or on the CG site and GOOD LUCK!

boyscout 07-01-2002 10:56 AM

Re: Windscreen attachement

Originally posted by witzgall
Also, where did you get the rally bashplate, and how much $$$ was it?
They've got one at Moore and Sons in Capitola, CA. It is made for the Paris Dakar. Holds tools on one side and water on the other. Pretty cool but HEAVY and I can't see a need to carry water in my bash plate. Don't know what it costs either.


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