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650x 03-29-2009 12:26 AM

Water Falls, Bridges, 1 Old Train and a little Rain
Katy wanted to ride the the old Columbia River Highway and take some water fall pictures. The plan was to ride down the Washington side, cross back over at The Dalles and take the old highway to the Vista House. She wanted to see the water falls while the spring runoff was still running strong.

This morning, the weather looked iffy, but Katy is determined and we hit the road.

A few miles out of Pendleton

We take the South Cold Springs cutoff

The required "River" shot

Crossing the Umatilla Bridge

Along the river on the Washington side

Stop for a few pictures at Maryhill Museum

The view from Maryhill

Art work? on the grounds of Maryhill

Up to now, we had only had a light amount of rain. Once we leave Maryhill, that would change.

The Dalles Bridge

Just outside of The Dalles, we get on the first section of the old historic highway.

Stop at the old view point

We then stop at the new view point

Between the viewpoint and where this section ends at Mosier

Once at Mosier, we have to take the freeway for about 25 miles to the exit past Bonneville Dam. There we get on the section of the historic highway with all of the water falls.

You will be able to see the water falls in Part 2 of this report. Hopefully it will be on line by tomorrow evening or Monday at the latest.

Stay tuned :evil:evil:evil

Ladybug0048 03-29-2009 05:05 AM

:lurk Looking forward to those waterfalls.

Thanks for taking the time to share your adventures with us. :freaky

Live2Ride 03-29-2009 09:36 AM

The Maryhill place looks pretty cool, where is it at?

shrubitup 03-29-2009 09:46 AM


Originally Posted by Live2Ride
The Maryhill place looks pretty cool, where is it at?

Great report!:clap

Maryhill is just west of the US97/SR14 JCT south of Goldendale WA.

Ladybug0048 03-29-2009 09:52 AM


Originally Posted by Live2Ride
The Maryhill place looks pretty cool, where is it at?

Next door to the Stonehenge replica, just a bit west.

ryanwilliamcantrell 03-29-2009 10:01 AM

:thumb Great pics. Too much rain for my taste, though.

Phantom30 03-29-2009 11:10 AM

You guys are having just too much fun on your new bikes!!!! Rain-not bad; rain/ice/cold-not good... Maybe someday the "dry-side" will start warming up!!!:rayof :rayof :rayof

Live2Ride 03-29-2009 11:58 AM

OK, I found it. Thanks. I have been by there many times and don't recall seeing it. Are there any road signs for it?

liv2rydktms 03-29-2009 12:31 PM

Stonehenge report
I don't know if I'm doing this right but maybe this is the link.:eek1

liv2rydktms 03-29-2009 12:39 PM

Sam Hill built em
Hey if your interested Sam Hill built both the Stonehenge replica and Maryhill as his Residence. FYI.

richard.bessey 03-29-2009 12:56 PM

HA! I sat in my house all day and watched it rain, and thought to myself "wow, its miserable out there!"

650x 03-29-2009 06:50 PM

Part II - Time to see the water falls
By the time we got off the freeway, it was really raining. We had made it this far, we weren't going to let a little rain stop us from making it all the way to the Vista House.

The start of this section.

This is always a good sign. :evil:evil

Horse Tail Falls

Latourell Falls

Would of had more pictures of this falls, but my camera lens fogged up and I didn't realize it until later.

Since it was raining fairly hard, we pushed on to the Vista House and planned to stop at the other falls on the way back hoping the rain would slow down by then.

View from the Vista House. Part of the fog was on the camera lens and some was actual fog.

The road back down from the Vista House. BTW, it was still raining fairly hard.

We stop at some more water falls on the way back. Still raining hard, so much for my great plan.

Had to walk a little to see Bridal Viel Falls, but worth the walk.

The road leaving Multnomah Falls.

Then its back on the freeway for a few miles. It was still raining real hard and so we didn't want to stay on the freeway any longer than we had too. Got off at Cascade Locks so we could get back on the WA side.

Went across the Bridge of the Gods. The deck is metal grate, but at least the bridge is fairly short. Both made it across with out mishap.

Once on the WA side, headed for home. The rain was still real hard, but there was a lot less traffic to deal with. Stopped in Bingen for gas. About that time the rain stopped and before long the sun came out for a while. Was having a really nice ride back. Stopped in Wishram to see the old steam engine.

View from the main highway above Wishram.

We notice the rain storm is following us and we need to get moving to stay ahead of it.

We make good time and manage to stay in front of the storm. By the time we cross back over the river at Umatilla, it is after 7 pm. At least we are close to home.

Some back roads towards home. The first picture is about 25 miles from home.

This last picture is just a few miles from home just before you drop down the hill into town.

Made it home by about 7:30. By 8 pm the storm hit and it starting raining real hard. Glad we were home by then. Total miles for the day; little over 400.

Great ride. Proved we can ride in the rain and not melt. Glad we had the heated gear.

Next weekend, we will be on the dual sports at the Desert 100. Hope to see some of you there. :clap:clap:clap:clap:clap:clap:clap

liv2rydktms 03-30-2009 04:44 PM

I was determined

Originally Posted by ryanwilliamcantrell
:thumb Great pics. Too much rain for my taste, though.

When we got half way to The Dalles Alan asked If I wanted to go on I told him the weather report said a 40 percent chance of rain so we should soon be headed into 60 percent of fair weather. I have made many trips to Portland since Jan. for union business. It has been driving me crazy missing the falls. So I had to ride and check them out. I have been so busy with union stuff I'm only home every other weekend. I gotta ride when I'm home. Rain or Shine.:norton

hayshaker 03-30-2009 06:04 PM

Nice, like them "bugs on the windshield" shots. :D


wachs 04-01-2009 08:18 AM

you guys are burly! :clap

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