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*kartman* 04-13-2009 10:51 AM

Kartmanīs ī98 LC4 Adventure & ī99 660 Rallye Diary Thread
Iīd like to start this thread in order to documentate some of my trips, changes and repairs of the bike and so on ;)

So letīs start with a few pics I took on saturday, while riding to baja saxonia, which is a rally through an open pit near Leipzig, Germany...

wrk2surf 04-13-2009 08:28 PM


Did the aliens abduct everyone in Lepzig?????

*kartman* 04-13-2009 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by wrk2surf
Did the aliens abduct everyone in Lepzig?????

If you mean the last one... this was back in good old Cottbus, my hometown :rofl
Saturday evening, about 8 p.m. .... and the town center really was almost completely empty :huh:eek1

liferider 04-14-2009 07:01 PM

You travel and travel ... and your bike is always clean!
You are in the no-dirt-land!
I like my bike when it's dirty, but here it's covered with dust even when she stays in town.
Some times It would be great to be able to keep she like yours just for a change.
Nice pics, Kartman!

header 04-14-2009 07:53 PM

Ive been thinking about a thread like this one for myself, I think they would be great fun.

I really like your pictures and your bike.

This should be a good thread with time. :lurk

thechickencow 04-14-2009 07:53 PM

Those are nice pics, great start!

endurists 04-17-2009 04:01 AM


Originally Posted by *kartman*
Iīd like to start this thread in order to documentate some of my trips, changes and repairs of the bike and so on ;)

So letīs start with a few pics I took on saturday, while riding to baja saxonia, which is a rally through an open pit near Leipzig, Germany...


Nice bike and nice pictures!
Do You like this exaust? Is this something special or OEM for this year?
I have the same bike and the same exaust and can not to decide change it for SXC exaust or not :)

Kalvis, Latvia

*kartman* 04-17-2009 04:15 AM

I think the HXC exhaust is pretty okay....but mine still has the sieve in the end cap and so itīs very quiet....
For rally / racing purpose Iīm thinking about to buy a SXC....
Akrapovic and co are too expensive....:huh

By the way, Iīm actually planning to get a bit of rally-flair for the bike ;)
I want to add a rally skid plate, keihin fcr 39, foam grips, roadbook and some other changes :evil Any other ideas I could add ?
If you want to, I could document the work and post some photos here :)

Max Kool 04-17-2009 04:52 AM

You did the Baja Saxiona on those tires?


*kartman* 04-17-2009 05:14 AM


Originally Posted by Max Kool

lol no, of course not.... I watched the Baja Saxonia ;)
I wanted to see if I would like it... and Iīm thinking about to take part next year :evil
The Metzeler Enduro 3 tyres really are mostly for street use... but I used them in deep mud once.... without falling down :rofl

Max Kool 04-17-2009 05:23 AM

So you want to use your bike for amateuer rally use? (no typo)

If so, take one other good look at that shiny bike because you are going to ruin it! Scratches, dents, bent subframes, dirt everywhere, and you are going to love it at the same time! Hahaha.

What kind of offroad riding do you already do (on another bike probably)?

*kartman* 04-17-2009 05:59 AM

Iīm not doing any dirtriding so far.... bought the Adventure last octobre and so now Iīm starting "to get dirty" :D
Maybe next year is too early to take part, because of course I need practise an so on... but we will se.
First I want to prepare the bike and then do some training.
Unfortunately our local offroad track has closed due to some problems with environmental protection :hack
And itīs hard to find legal dirt tracks or proper areas for offroad riding here in Germany :(:

Max Kool 04-17-2009 06:21 AM

Can I give you some advice? I only started riding offroad like 4 years ago. I started with a meticulously prepared BMW F650 GS Dakar with WP USD forks, rally dash with roadbook/IMO, 18"/21" wheels etc. No scratch everywhere.

I joined some roadbook ride-outs from the Dutch GS Club, did my own allroad/offroad riding. Fell every once in a while of course. After 6 months I got fed up with it. For my lack of riding experience that bike was just a handfull too much. Still quite heavy, vulnerable and simply said not the easies bike to ride. I bought myself a DR650SE (which I know these can be had in germany for around 2000 euros). Played with it to no end. Now that was fun! 35 kgs lighter, lower center of gravity, hardly anything to break and easy to pick up after you fall. After 2 years I sold it for what what I paid for in the first place. While the F650GS Dakar was already sold long time. Now I have an Xchallenge which I love to no end.

My advice to you, get a cheap, oldish DR650/TTR600 type of bike and use that for learning your skills, mud puddles, sand washes. Only after you feel confident start using the Katoom Adv. You will love it even more that that old learners bike, but in the meantine you've kept the learning curve low enough, and you haven't crashed that very nice KTM Adv of yours.

(my €0,02)

*kartman* 04-17-2009 06:37 AM

Maybe you wonīt believe me, but I (in general) bought this adv as a cheap bike for playing in the dirt.
It was the cheapest one which I could find in the Internet....but it also seemed to be one in best condition :eek1
I really made a great deal for it.... So itīs really a dilemma... on the one hand I have a cheap bike... but on the other hand itīs to nice for riding it in dirt :huh

And to buy a third one (I own a 2004 LC4 Prestige Supermoto, too) .... everyone would declare me completely nuts :rofl

I already thought about buying another (used) tank, because the original one is in perfect condition and I think this is really rare.
The other plastic parts (except the wind shield :huh) are relatively cheap, so that would be no problem to replace them sometime, I think...

*kartman* 04-19-2009 11:30 PM


And after :evil:evil:evil:D Keihin FCR 39 MX :clap
Of course the choke cable is missing on the pic, but in general thatīs it.

Due to the shape of the frame it is really tight :eek1

I got major problems with attaching the throttle cabels...
The original Dellorto PHM 40 uses only one cable, which has a small nipple on the carb-side and a bolt on the side for the throttle grip.
The Keihin uses two cabels (open/close, but of course you know that ^^), which have no bolts.... so my problem was to attach them on the original throttle grip. After boring out the thread of the throttle grip and adapting the cables to the grip, I determined that the cables are damaged in the inside, because they get stuck sometimes :huh:cry
I know ordered 2 new ones including a dimono throttle grip....

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