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Colorado CJ 04-18-2009 08:36 PM

Custom Ammo Can V-Strom Install (Now Painted!)
I just bought an '09 V-Strom 650 last week and am in the process of getting it ready for some longer rides. I really couldn't see spending $700+ on some panniers, so I decided to mount some ammo cans.

I also couldn't see spending $200+ on a luggage rack to mount my $12.00 ammo cans to, so I welded up my own. I used 1.25" angle iron and 1" strapping for the rack. I've looked over many other racks and I think mine are stronger than most, and only cost me a few bucks :evil. I also didn't have to relocate any lights :D

The rack is held on by 8 bolts, and is in one piece, so I can install it and take it off the bike in 5 minutes. Width with the cans mounted is just under 40". I wanted to keep the cans mounted symmetrical as I wanted space for a tool tube and don't care for lopsided looking mounts. I'm not completely done with it yet, I just need to build some sort of tool tube for the left side. I'll then sandblast/paint the ammo cans and rack.

Total time spent so far is about 8 hours and total cost about $30.00. Can't beat that.

Well, here are a few pics. Sorry that they are a little dark (don't mind the mess in my shop either).

Rack from the back:

Rack from the side:

Ammo cans mounted:

sapperranger04 04-18-2009 08:51 PM

Looks great, nicely done, plus cant beat cheap .

kshive 04-18-2009 11:00 PM

dang... love to have a garage with a tig, mig and O/A welder! :tb

Oh ya, nice rack!

Kawidad 04-19-2009 06:43 AM


Originally Posted by kshive
dang... love to have a garage with a tig, mig and O/A welder! :tb

Oh ya, nice rack!

What he said. :thumb:lol3

Colorado CJ 04-19-2009 06:52 AM


Originally Posted by kshive
dang... love to have a garage with a tig, mig and O/A welder! :tb

Oh ya, nice rack!

Yeah, that, I guess, is the main reason why I built my own. Part of the fun with anything for me is to fab up parts for things instead of buying them. (I got a nice hydraulic tube bender over in the corner, and a metal cutting band saw as well :deal).

Here's one of my other projects I've been working on. It has been on the sidelines since buying the bike though :evil.

s10rat 04-19-2009 11:14 AM

Nice work man:clap
I like very much your cj tire carrier
...inspiring for my scout:evil

Colorado CJ 05-01-2009 01:46 PM

Got the cans painted. I used a metallic matte black, very similar to the frame color. You can't see it in the pics, but the metallic really shines in the sun, looks great!

Bob Tosi 05-01-2009 05:12 PM

OUTFREAKIN' STANDING! Very nice work. Gives me lots of good ideas when I get mine. Thanks for sharing.:freaky How exactly did you mount them to the frame? Your install is very clean. It looks like factory stuff and will be very rugged.

oldmanb777 05-02-2009 08:12 AM

Very nice for sure. So what do you charge for another set? I'm sure you could make some money for other stuff with a couple sets of those.

crosscountry 05-02-2009 08:17 AM

wow, you haven't even had the bike very long and it's already looking good.

what were the mounting locations again? Passenger pegs? I'm not sure if I see more than 6 bolts.

Zapp22 05-02-2009 09:28 AM


crosscountry 05-02-2009 09:53 AM


Originally Posted by Zapp22

those things are like 20 lbs each but very sturdy.

Colorado CJ 05-02-2009 02:49 PM

Thanks guys, I'm using the original 4 bolts for the top rack. There is also a 3/8" hole under each pillion foot peg that I am using. Finally, although not structural, I am using the license plate bolt locations for the crossover bar.

I think I am pushing close to 50 lbs. or so, but the Jesse system is around 40 lbs. I've heard and my rack and cans are probably alot more durable. I can't tell any difference when riding at all, and I have a tent in one side and a sleeping bag, heavy gloves and odds and ends in the other side right now. I'm going to be keeping a light weight camping setup on the bike at all times, so if I am out riding, I can camp out where ever and when ever I feel like it.

kshive 05-02-2009 03:30 PM

Think you should add something on the left inner side of the bracket... there's just so much empty space there that you could maybe put a small ammo can with your tools or something.

Snr Moment 05-02-2009 06:36 PM

Looks good. Thought about using those cans on my Uly, but I have to wonder if the stock HB rack will hold them adequately. Flat steel looks like a better option.

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