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AngryScot 05-26-2009 12:33 PM

Mini Eastern Sierra Loop - But won't there be too much traffic?
The stage was set, a mini loop to celebrate the opening of Tioga pass in Yosemite.
Yes memorial day weekend! Are we mad to consider this feat with the millions upon millions of travels out to get us and wreck our fun :dunno

A quick old fashioned "in/out" of the eastern sierra's.

the route = simple
Bam, done, no rocket science no large gps track log etc.

Can you tell I am trying to draw this out yet? :D

The adventure bunch for this outing:
jocflier & lookoutlinn

Joc and I departed the cloudy bay area at 6am to beat some of the friday morning traffic:

Where is that guy? :dunno
As you notice I was packed light for this trip no large duffle just ma jesse's and a camelpack

My god is that a UFO! nope just sun bright piaa's

It was cloudy and cool, great get out of town weather

caution caution caution, here comes the sun do do do do

It started to clear up too

As suspected all the traffic was going the other way :clap

well most of it anyway, joc bringing up the rear

We didn't stop, we had some traveling to do and a milk shake would have been tasty but it wasn't even 8am yet :D

So I am dumb and do not know what IOOF stands for but I saw it on two different buildings, then I looked it up and they are a bunch of odd fellows :dunno :D

:snore so much traffic :lol3

The salute, I think he means it too! :huh

more in a minute....................

AngryScot 05-26-2009 01:18 PM

So we stop to gas up and call lookoutlinn and he met us outside Twain Harte, again with the traffic! :baldy

Ok, 2 in tow and we are off


We stop for a nature break

My god boy, what did you drink!

hmmm, more elevation and clear roads ahead

The boys were having fun, well as much as they could following me slowly up the hill :hide

This did not suck

Not much snow left and the temp was perfect

I photshoped these cars in to give you an idea for scale etc :wink:

Then some more of this

and this

They had resurface quite a bit of the top section on 108

then down into the bridgeport area

nope, have not lost them yet :D

WOW! Just lovely views

AngryScot 05-26-2009 01:25 PM

Then off for a side trip to scout out some hot springs for another ride

The sky was amazing this day

We arrived to a short maybe 1 mile dirt road to the springs

The source

"look! cascading water!"

The above was the man assisted pool near the road, a short walk and you got to the main pools


The water was very warm, they do not allow camping however which was a shame.

Off to our camp spot for the nigh in lee vining. Close to town so we could walk in and get grub and beer.
Almost there! Again with the traffic!

The guys playing CHiPs :lol3

I love this place, mono lake

Lobby 05-26-2009 01:42 PM


California doesn't suck, does it?

AngryScot 05-26-2009 01:42 PM

At camp

We arrived before check in time so we went to the whoa nellie deli for lunch

and then the sky opened up and it pissed down with rain and thunder for about 20 minutes :dunno then it was fine :D
lunch was tasty

this guy had a wet bed for the night

it cleared up and was time to head back and set up camp

lookoutlinn went for another scoot about, while joc and I went to grab beers and snacks :D oh and to goof about on the kids play ground :D

The weather had moved off to the north so we were going to have a nice clear but chilly night

into town we go....

back to camp with some boont amber :tb and some snacks, much chat

Even after the snacks we decided to grab a small bite in town later and the BBQ menu was not calling me so I opted for the kids menu :D
The waitress was more than accommodating. :lol3

The sky was amazing that night

We watched the troop next door trying to put up their tent it took about 2 hours! :huh :lol3

Then we tried not to laugh as the tipsy old guy next door said his prayer for the evening "and thou I walk thru the valley of death I fear nothing, as I am the baddest motherfucker here" :jack

He even woke me up around 2am yelling in his sleep :huh
Was chilly but not bad and apart from the asshats arriving at 3am and setting up next to us I slept very well.

AngryScot 05-26-2009 01:55 PM

Up early the next day to a great sunrise

lookout was off for some more exploring before heading home and joc and I gassed up and headed for tioga.
Cool trailer as we gassed up

Ok, this is why I came, here we go :clap

mono lake disappearing in the background


was :vardy for a bit in the shade

A bit wet in spots with some run off from the snow but the roads was in great condition

this is my happy face :poser

odd snowman

the views :bow

more water

the one bit of traffic in the park, nice tw though :D

we paid at the lower gate since the top had issues with the payment thingy? The traffic going into the part was growing.

for us however it was open and easy sailing

big oak flat I think

more of those odd folks

a few twisties, we did actually get stuck behind some asshat city worker doing 20mph the whole lower section, but he pulled off eventually too

our direction nothing the other way however was packed as we went into the central valley.

Bit of lane splitting near livermore and home safe and sound.
Was a great wee get away and was nice to met a new ADV'r and hang out with an old one :gerg :lol3

till next time folks


AngryScot 05-26-2009 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by Lobby

California doesn't suck, does it?

Nope, I love it here, so much to see. Wish I had more time! :ricky


MojaveGS 05-26-2009 02:01 PM

Looks great Garry! :clap

Much more scenic than my ride report.

AngryScot 05-26-2009 02:20 PM


Originally Posted by MojaveGS
Looks great Garry! :clap

Much more scenic than my ride report.

No benton and no black steak this time though. :wave
Ah the good old days :D

katbeanz 05-26-2009 03:34 PM

Cool! I really like the eastern sierras. I drove out a few years ago just to see Bodie.:thumb The Clint Eastwood movie High Plains Drifter was filmed on the shores of Mono Lake. :nod

jocflier 05-26-2009 03:45 PM

I would like to thank Garry and Tony for a great time. The roads were great along with good company. The old guy was a piece of work, and Gerry was not kidding about the "walk through the shadow of death" prayer.:lol3 along with screaming at the top of his voice COCKERSUCKER:huh at 1:00 am. Must have been some dream.:norton


Bob 05-26-2009 04:11 PM

Nice pics!

Teufelhunden 05-26-2009 05:21 PM

Nice RR with great photos. I'm up here in Bishop for a fishing trip and will probably take a similar route over the Sierra, but then I will turn south for home. :thumb

achesley 05-26-2009 06:32 PM

I was amazed at the beautiful mono lake when coming out of Yosemite a few years back. That first site coming down the mountain was something awesum. Thanks for sharing the pictures and trip. Love that area of the country.

dave6253 05-26-2009 06:59 PM

Thanks AngryScot!:thumb I plan to ride through there again in July. I can't wait.

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