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thetourist 11-30-2009 08:13 PM

A Two-fer...North Cascades Hwy,WA to Lost Coast,CA
I headed west across the Palouse farmlands. It was a lovely warm and breezy
summer day. I'm in a hurry so no pics. Out into the Columbia Basin and the breeze turns to real wind and the temp climbs considerably.

It feels like I'm riding thru a hair dryer at 100 mph. Head buffeting and my sinuses hurt from the heat and low humidity.

My goal is a slide show, etc, by Lois Pryce and Austin Vince, in Monroe WA.
Of course I start late and am trying to make up time. At Vantage I veer right and head to George then to Wenatchee where I make a wrong turn and wind up downtown at rush hour. Some construction slows traffic and a loss of power messes up the lights and turns off the gas station.

Back on the main road I find gas and as I head up the valley the winds subside.

I barely slow for the tourist trap of Leavenworth and press the low speed limits to Stevens Pass. Fog slows me to 10mph and the cold is enough that I put on my Hippo Hands and wind breaker.

I arrive a bit late and Lois is already speaking.

Lois Pryce...Lois on the Loose.

Lois is an attractive sassy lass and will make a lovely grandma some day.:evil

Austin Vince...Mondo Enduro

Austin is a serious character with a lot of energy, and the two of them put on a good casual informative show. Mostly trying to encourage others to take the big step for a long cycle trip.

After meeting them, I wander around in the dark looking for a cheap motel.

Next morning I head up I-5, after a heart attack breakfast at Nadine's in Smokey Point.

I dead reckon NE and there was a lot of wandering. I think I went thru both Concrete and Darrington. How did I do that?

I did a bit of flower smelling.
This old school bldg is still in use. Tafton Elementary. A caretaker said it is an historical bldg.

I finally clear the traffic.

Old #6 has a bit of a starboard list.

and a superheater

I like these steel bridges.

thetourist 11-30-2009 09:09 PM

Finally into the North Cascades Nat Park.

Perfect weather and some nice twisty bits, but the speedlimit is low. Still, a nice ride.

thetourist 11-30-2009 11:59 PM

Out of the forest and into the heat of The Basin once again. I flip a coin and head north on 97. It's time for a cookie run.

The border was fairly busy.

It is getting late as I head up the hill in Osoyoos.
looking back on Osoyoos, the lake and the town.

I did a stealth camp in someones access road. No fire, no tent. Just as well, I was up half the night with an upset stomach. Bad road food.
this was staring at me when I woke up.
The morning view.

these were all over the top of the hill. Some were a little creepy.
There were two of these observatory type domes out here. I assume one of them is the B&B.
Nice road.

East on hwy 3 into cattle country

Ladybug0048 12-01-2009 01:09 AM

When you were up there on Regal Ridge did you see the Sasquatch? Last time I was past it he was carrying a 1/2 case of Bud :lol3

Looking forward to the rest of the report. :lurk

Thorne 12-01-2009 03:15 AM


thetourist 12-01-2009 08:25 AM

No Squatch siteings. My snoring scared them all away. This was early Sept.

liv2rydktms 12-01-2009 08:34 AM

I've been waitin for this.:clap More please.:shog

thetourist 12-01-2009 09:45 AM

Greenwood is a colorful little town with lots of nice bldgs.
Town Hall, if I remember correctly
the Post Office.

At the edge of town was this oddity. Where did the dirt go? Was there a railway thru it or over it? Hmmm

I could have crossed the border here, but I haven't found my cookies yet. Lemon Crunch, a store brand, and I can't remember the store name.
It looks a bit stormy in the mountains.
An interesting road below the bridge, but the impending weather keeps me going forward.

BC has such good riding. Good roads. Low traffic. Great scenery.
A few junctions and decisions later I find myself in Nelson,BC. This is one of my favorite destinations. A laid back town with lots of small shops set up for walking around. I take a break for a cup of tea at this place up on the hill. The young waitress was friendly and easy to look at. I plopped into a comfy overstuffed chair and started to read "Lois on the Loose". The chair won and I started to head bob. More decisions. Take a nap, and make a spectacle of myself or get back on the bike.

Down at the gas station the pump wont take my card. The scanner inside won't take my card. I relinquish a $20 US and get bad conversion rates:eek1

An Atm down the street won't take my card. Hmmm. This puts a crick in my trip.

I've let myself get low on cash. $10 us and about $12 canadian. 300 mi from home. Time to head south for home in a direct line.

Kootenay Pass. The highest pass in BC.

At Creston I top off the gas using my Canadian money. Since no one will take Canadian when I cross the border, I spend it on cookies. Not the cookies I was looking for, but a nice cheesecake crunchy cookie. Mmmm.
The Porthill Crossing Post Office.

Back in the USA and the light is great.
Watch out for those north Idaho turkeys.

I came around the corner and these guys were 10ft deep and clear across the road. Edge to edge, and they didn't move. I came to a stop and got out the camera. A car came by and divided the flock. This pic is only half of them.

I hit reserve just before home. I still had some change in my pocket, too.:lol3

So, a bit of drama that turned out OK. It seems the bank issued me a new replacement card (with different numbers) and canceled the old one. My old one was still in good shape and I hadn't put the new one in my wallet. Doh!

Next up is my trip, a couple weeks later, from north Idaho thru Oregon to the Lost Coast, CA. Thru the Wallowas, John Day, Mt Lassen Park, Redwoods Park, Hwy 36.

GB 12-01-2009 09:57 AM

Great ride, thanks for the report and pics :thumb

GhostRunner 12-01-2009 05:44 PM

Very good so far...Waiting patiently for more.


WeeBee 12-01-2009 06:14 PM

Nice pics and RR, Dick - next time I'm in Idaho we'll have to meet & compare our twin Transalps :thumb

I spent way too little time in North Cascades NP in July of 2008 as I rode across WA State from east to west on Hwy 20 - can't wait to ride that beautiful stretch of road again but in less of a hurry next time!

Crystal Falls off Hwy 20 west of Colville, WA

Living the Good Life - Colville, WA

North Cascades N.P. near Washington Pass

Waterfall somewhere before Ross Lake in North Cascades NP

Attack of the Killer Rabbits at the Skagit River Resort/Clark's Cabins - Rockport, WA

Ladybug0048 12-01-2009 07:53 PM

I'm waiting for more but not patiently. :lol3

Come on Dick, on with the story and pictures. :lurk

You know patients isn't one of Rocky's virtues and she's watching this one too. :D

thetourist 12-02-2009 12:06 AM

I have to make a living, you know. I worked till midnight today. Big Bucks today. :clap

That is a mighty shiny TA. Mine is a bit more "rugged". :lol3

thetourist 12-02-2009 12:56 AM

Things work out so that a couple weeks after North Cascades Park I have an opportunity to take another trip. Horizons Unlimited is having a get together in the Lost Coast area and I've not ridden in north California.

I had a bad experience in CA some years ago and just avoided the state. A couple years ago I came up the east side of the Sierras and changed my mind. I've been back a couple of times since. I just stay away from those cities and freeways.

I've labeled a few "good" roads and have a plan. :lol3

I'm gone by noon. South on 95 to Lewiston.

The Spiral Hwy, or to the locals it is the Old Lewiston Grade.

Across the Red Wolf Bridge, thru Asotin and south on WA 129. This is a nice ride but no pics. I was moving right along.
I did stop for a PO pic.
Rattlesnake Grade. If you enter this canyon slow there is a spot that looks remarkably like the famous Batopilas canyon.
Lunch at the bottom of Rattlesnake. A good destination eatery. Real ice cream milk shake.

Fueled up I hit the OR side of Rattlesnake.
It is kind of dry on the way to Enterprise, which is a gas and go.

East on 82.
Lots of interesting old bldgs in these little farm town.

The sun is getting low and I keep my eyes open for deer.

I shortcut past La Grande onto I-84 and head to Baker City. It was dark as I enter Baker City and decide to use a motel.
Just a block from my motel.

thetourist 12-02-2009 02:10 AM

Some nice bldgs in Baker. This is like a skyscraper in the towns I frequent.
Geiser Grand. I learned, after the fact, that there is a tour. Next time.
Nice house, on the way south out of town on hwy 7

Nice ranch. When I was very small, my parents worked on ranches in this area. That was a lo-o-o-ng time ago.
John Day Post Office.

Less than a mile away is the Canyon City PO
Seneca OR.

I stopped at the Seneca Lodge for a cool drink and saw the Bobcat. He looked a bit lonely. The pics seem to have disappeared.

Shortly thereafter things get hot, dry and barren.
both directions on a low hill.

I take refuge from the glare.

I sat here a couple hours. I had an eye get dry then turned super sensitive to the light.

I taped up my visor. I was driving straight into the glare. Even when the sun got low it was intense.

A really smelly lake. Sulphurous.

A sign said these cliffs were a 1000ft high. A 1000ft of sediments. :eek1

It turned dark shortly after here. I grabbed some supper in Lakeview and headed out of town. (south on 395). 30 mph repeating my night mantra. "Watch for deer. Watch for deer. Is that a deer? Watch for deer."

Near the CA border I find a wide spot and set up my tent. There are creepy crawlies out here so I like the tent instead of a tarp. I leave the fly off so I can see the Milky Way directly overhead north/south with my tent. Sometime in the night I awaken and the Milky Way has shifted and runs diagonal. Some coyotes are making a lot of noise. I listen about 5minutes and am sound asleep, again.

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