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One Less Harley 02-01-2010 07:36 PM

Wrenching on my R80 G/S, an ongoing therapy
1984 R80 G/S WB1034803E6362926

1) 05/6/86 Purchased New from Psycle Therapy, Columbus Ohio by B Grimes (Urbana Ohio).
2) 4/16/98 Purchase from Competition Accessories (Springfield Ohio) with 57,4557 miles, C. Roelling (Miamsburd, OH), for $1,500
3) Gunner65 purchased and only had it for 3hours
4) Lexington owner purchased it from inmate Gunner65
5) 09/11/2008 One Less Harley (KY) with 95,000 miles from a guy from Lexington KY, who didn't own it very long.

According to Gunner65 the bike has been to Alaska at least twice. Cosmetically challenged when I purchased it, mechanically very good and well maintained. Very clean oil oil pan w/ no sludge. Nice original example. Bike now has a R100GS front end w/ HH Race Tech Inserts, 4 pot Brembo, Taller 5th gear, top end rebuilt, Enduralast, repainted blue.

Links to miscellaneous post-

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3) Bosch Starter Repair, Bendix Replacement

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7) Painting HPN tank (polyethlene)??, why not?

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19) Page 3, Post #45 ring gear bearing replacement

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29) R80G/S to 2012 MOA Rally via the TAT

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So here's the old gal as purchased, notice the big honking headlights and angle irons for brackets.

...and here it is now.

One of this first things I did was drop the oil pan to check for gunk in the engine and check the oil pickup. I've heard these can loosen up. All was well inside along with changing all the fluids, that included the brake fluid.

Next on the project was to pull the tranny and lube the splines, plus since the rear frame was off why not powder coat it???

Then a custom muffler guard for the Sito Muffler out of plain metal rods.
Look here for link

Then some eyebrows for the large PIIA's as I was getting a glare from the top edge.

Then reinforcing stock racks for the Happy trails panniers. Gussets added.

And a rear bar, stood up to a good crash, but probably should be bigger.

Happy Trails bags mounted plus new paint on tank and side covers. I had the original blue tank scaned for a color match. This tank is from a R100GS with the seat tab cut off.

Cut down side cover for muffler and accessory plug added.

1st installment hope I haven't bored anyone w/ the repost!!

Infracaninophile 02-01-2010 08:14 PM


I wonder if there's any way for the Mod to "Join" your old posts to your new thread. I know Mods can do it. Perhaps if you get the info, Putts could do the heavy lifting. Just a thought.


R12Battletub 02-02-2010 01:53 PM

I noticed you have the larger brake rotor in the later pictures. How do you like it? Did it make much of a difference?

Cheers, Gunther

Rucksta 02-02-2010 03:19 PM


Originally Posted by R12Battletub
I noticed you have the larger brake rotor in the later pictures. How do you like it? Did it make much of a difference?

Cheers, Gunther

One Less

I went back to have a look and the "original" rotor on the standard looking carrier. It is quite interesting. It seems to be a floater or semi floater judging by the big buttons. Any idea what is was and where its from? Is it still around? Can I have it please?

One Less Harley 02-02-2010 03:22 PM

320 MM brake upgrade
Instead of reposting what has already been discussed I will supply one picture from the post and a link to the discussion. I think this will work out best, not to mention easier!

For my post and pictures on the 320 mm brake upgrade look here...

or thoughts of adding a second disc brake to the G/S, check out link below-

Beater 02-03-2010 01:22 PM

Nice. Keep it coming ... :lurk

One Less Harley 02-03-2010 04:35 PM

If I get off my but and don't feel to guilty about not working, I'll post on the upside down brake lever and some post on replacing the drive and driven bearing on the final drive.

One Less Harley 02-03-2010 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by Rucksta
One Less

I went back to have a look and the "original" rotor on the standard looking carrier. It is quite interesting. It seems to be a floater or semi floater judging by the big buttons. Any idea what is was and where its from? Is it still around? Can I have it please?

What is it that your are asking??? The original rotor is a "floater" the 320 has some laser cuts to allow for heat expansion. I'm keeping my original rotor.

Personally I like the 320mm conversion, I can now lock up the front wheel, does anyony really need a 48 piston front brake, just kidding about a 48 piston brake, but six piston seems a little overkill, maybe I'm not ridding hard enough or carrying that much weight.

Sololobo wasn't that impressed with the 320mm and stock caliper I think he has higher expectations.

One Less Harley 05-02-2010 01:15 PM

Silly me forgot I was trying to post my wrenching in one place, so to move this topic to where it needs to be----

R80 G/S, loose change sound

<hr style="color: rgb(87, 87, 87);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> I've noticed an unusual noise from my R80G/S. It is noticed when shutting off the engine and at idle. Noise does not go away when pulling in clutch at idle.

Sounds like a metallic rattle, briefly when shut down, basically like loose change, clanging together. Not overly noisy and most people probably wouldn't notice.

I'm thinking it may be the starter, which had new bendix installed last year.

I've put a screwdriver up to the heads and the front cover and listened, no unusually noises there.

Recent work done, tranny installed, valve and ring job.

Any thoughts???

One Less Harley 05-02-2010 01:48 PM

I had suggestions to check the, exhaust collector, center stand, timing chain, and exhaust nuts.

So to investigate further on Thursday before leaving to the GA mountain rally, the starter was removed, because it seemed that the noise was coming from that area.

With the starter out the kick starter was used to rotate the engine, well the noise was definitely coming from the clutch area!!! Clang clang when turning the engine over with it and also when rocking the wheel back and forth in gear. Then I looked where the starter engages the ring gear....well then I saw and heard where the noise was coming from.

The ring gear is held on by 6 6mm allen head bolts, and these were backing out, not just one or two but all six, and two were missing the nuts on the back side.

The threads were ruined so replacements were sought out, mind you this is at 8 PM, and my only option for a 6mm-10mm socket head is Lowe's. Remember I'm really wanting to leave for the Ga Rally tomorrow at 7am.

A quick trip to Lowe's to source out 6 allen heads, I'm not optimistic. The airhead gods must have been watching, since THEY HAD WHAT i NEEDED!!!!

Now to get the allen head out and replace one at a time, while not dropping the nut inside. I got all 6 replaced and lightly threaded. Wow this is going well...don't you think!!!!

Of course you know the airhead gods have a twisted since of humor, don't you??? Now I proceed to tighten the 6 bolts down (Yes I used locktight). Some of you bright people know that this is going too well, right?

Ok. last two nuts to tighten down, yep then it happens, the 10 mm wrench slips on the final tightening and.....drops. Where you might ask? In a most unlikely spot., through the hole where the starter engages the ring gear, WELL FUCK!!!!!!!!! and a few more explicative s in disbelief. IT has dropped behind the ring gear and crank case housing, but I can still see the wrench.

So off to the toolbox to get a magnet to fish the wrench out. Got it.....but as the airhead gods would have it, the wrench snags something and drops, completely out of sight. It's now about 8:30 and there is only one thing to be done.....if i really want to go to the rally...pull the tranny to retrieve the wrench.

Ok- to make a long story short, the wrench was retrieved and the R80 was taken for a short road test at 12:00 that night!!

Ride to the rally was great, perfect temps and about 30 miles of mountain gravel roads.

mark1305 05-02-2010 03:13 PM

Dude! Glad you found that noise. :clap

Loose bolts on any rotating machinery bits bode no good. BTDT more than once in my life.

As for the wrench falling back in, I keep not one, but two of the telescoping magnets that fit into your shirt pocket protector when collapsed. Just in case I forget to put one back where they live on the side of the rollaround tool chest.

In addition I keep two pairs of forceps and two antique mechanical fingers in the bucket organizer of "ready tools" for most garage chores.

I also like your organizing your mods and stuff under one umbrella. I hadn't seen your pannier rack mods before, and like those. Keep it coming.

AntonLargiader 05-02-2010 03:15 PM

I have never seen ring gears bolted to the clutch carrier. Every one I have here is riveted. Immediately at hand I have a 1st revision '82 or so Airhead and an Oilhead. I'd be looking for a new carrier.

One Less Harley 05-02-2010 03:22 PM

Hum NEVER??? The socket head were 10mm or maybe 11mm long. There was locktight on them. Your comments on riviting puzzle me as to why the ring gear was bolted in place. Is it bad that it's bolted in place??? IF so why???

AntonLargiader 05-02-2010 03:38 PM

There were three '81-on carriers. The first was know for breaking and I don't know if that one was bolted or not. The second and third are riveted. Details are on Snowbum's site somewhere.

It could simply be that rivets are the correct fastener for this application.


Is it bad that it's bolted in place??? IF so why???
Well, hypothetically I suppose bolts might come loose.

One Less Harley 05-02-2010 04:22 PM

hypothetically come loose, yep, that's for sure

BTW, Anton do you have a used one for sale, or you wanna trade for an input shaft. You might need one sometime.

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