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Stovebolt 02-12-2010 02:30 PM

Custom GPS Cradles for select Garmins and SPOTs

As users of the 60-series Garmin GPS's are probably aware, there are cradle mounting options from RAM and TOURATECH, and either of those cradles may serve. Some users, myself included, have noticed that while the RAM mounting system is a great system - at least it is in my opinion, that the cradles themselves can leave a little to be desired. So, I went ahead and made my own to keep the pesky GPS unit attached to my cockpit. Long story abbreviated, I made a few for some friends going off-road to Baja, and they reported that they were an improvement over the RAM cradles, certainly in terms of performance - no more premature ejections....Each one is made by me by hand using Kydex or Concealex materials, tools I have fabricated from scratch, and they take me a bit of time for each one. I haven't tooled for mass production and I do this more or less as a kitchen table home occupation effort.

If anybody wants a cradle, I'll sell you one for $75 and mail it to you CONUS USPS. You'll need to mail me a check. Free shipping remains in effect for ADVRider inmates, indefinitely. That is, free mailing US Postal Service, Flat Rate Priority Mail with USPS tracking to the continental United States addresses. International may be extra, but no UPS or FEDEX.

The power on/off button area is relieved for access and the buttons are easily navigable with a gloved hand. I've tested these new-improved cradles on my snowmobile on clapped-out trails in Idaho and Montana, and I really like it. I call it the "Buzz Bomb Cradle" because it's a Team Ruptured Buzzard effort. (RAM ball/diamond mount not included, but I send a pre-drilled reinforcement insert with two bolts and locknuts for mounting to the standard RAM ball/diamond.)

These are the kinds of things you will need (and supply for yourself - I don't sell these RAM mounts) to mount my CRADLE -

A RAM diamond plate with ball

The BUZZ BOMB Cradle is designed to connect to the RAM Diamond Plate on the back of the cradle. The diamond plate has a 1.0 inch diameter rubber ball connected at right angles to the plate, which connects directly to the 1 inch arm socket. You will also need the RAM arm socket...

You will also need a way to get this onto your bike, and there a different ways to do that with the RAM system. A common mounting is on the handlebars using a setup like this...

Medium length arm kit: or maybe,

Short length arm kit:

Thats the basics. There are so many options to "get your balls together" with RAM components that each rider needs to sort that out with their own bike. Different handlebar diameters take different sized U-bolts, so pay attention to your dimensions when shopping. But I will stress that the cradle I make is designed to work only with the RAM mount system. The adjustability and shock absorption and impact resistance of the RAM mounts help keep my cradles "bomb-proof." Mounting them any other way with any other components is specifically advised against. Please don't do that... it's a bad idea and it defeats a specific design feature/concept. Do not "hard mount" to anything without using the RAM mount system.

PM for further if interested, or post here. If BALDY runs a Garmin 60CSX and wants one, his is free.


Dave Jankowsky
aka "Stovebolt"
Victor, Idaho



Garmin 60-Series Black Carbon Holstex
Garmin 78-Series Limited on hand availability - check with me
Garmin Montana Series Black Carbon Holstex
Both Generation SPOTS Black or (Gray fleck carbon KYDEX - discontinued color. Check with me for colors...)

All models remain $75 and I will pay to mail them to any ADV inmate within Continental United States via US Postal Service, Flat Rate Priority Mail, for free.
I don't take PayPal or credit cards.
Garmin Montana now available - September 2012
Montana - Carbon HOLSTEX
Garmin Montana on left and Garmin 60CSx on right - Carbon HOLSTEX
Montana and GEN1 SPOT
G60 and GEN1 SPOT
Garmin 60-Series / Garmin 78-Series / Garmin Montana Series / GEN1 SPOT / GEN2 SPOT
G78 on left and G60 on right, mounted up for display on Casper my Friendly Punkin. 2010 450 XC-W Six Days dream bike.

advjackass 02-12-2010 04:52 PM

great product
i have used one of the original prototypes and never had an issue loosing my GPS. sign me up for a new one out of that fancy material Janko!!!:D

clapped_r6 02-12-2010 09:43 PM

looks cool

if i didn't already have a TT one, i'd be on this!

Jwats 02-13-2010 08:03 AM

keep your GPS where it belongs
I am sure there are other riders out there that have seen their GPS skipping across the terra firma. Our group cannot be the only bunch. This cradle works very well, it does not block the SAT signal & holds your unit firmly,heh heh. We have had the misfortune of losing a GPS. There have been quite a few miles covered to miraculously find one.You can end that bullshit with the purchase of this cradle, we did. Excellent product Jenks, I want the sexy new model. Joe

EdGear 02-13-2010 10:26 AM

Very nice looking case.

Kydex has technical data showing it good for antenna domes (covers) in the 1.5Mhz region of the GPS signal

I did a quick google search and did not find technical data on Concealex. Might want to verify the RF properties before you go too far.

Stovebolt 02-13-2010 12:40 PM

RF transparency of Concealex

Thanks for looking at this and for the advice - much appreciated. And thanks for the look at my cradle and the encouragement.

You are correct about precautionary wisdom since the performance of an antenna can be affected by surrounding materials and I did check the Kydex in the field and in the available literature, and found similar performance characteristics reported as in the example provided in your link for Kydex. My intention is to provide a printed disclaimer with links printed that substantiate claims about RF transparency for liability concerns - since it covers a navigation device and all the itinerant legal reasons for that in the crystal ball.

I haven't had more than field testing joy yet though on the CONCEALEX research, and need to source some decent scientific documentation on that RF transparency issue, neutral dielectric effects with this material. So if you or anybody else comes across any such beef in the scientific literature and would care to point me to it, I would be grateful. I'm not a scientist and don't even play one on TV, and the importance of covering this base is obvious and shouldn't be overlooked, even at this stage of the game. I do appreciate you chiming in with this point.

My 60CSX gets a 9-bird lock within about 20 seconds with the CONCEALEX, no different than without a cradle, but will that stand up in court when somebody decides to sue me? Important stuff, to be sure. (Newer MTK chipset. Haven't wrapped the CONCEALEX around SIRFIII chipset'ed 60-series, but can't imagine any difference in chipset technology affecting the antenna performance - but then again, like I said - I'm not a scientist and ought to cover that base as well, now that I think about it.)

Thanks to all who have responded and for the encouragement.

I remain -

Sincerely yours,



Originally Posted by EdGear
Very nice looking case.

Kydex has technical data showing it good for antenna domes (covers) in the 1.5Mhz region of the GPS signal

I did a quick google search and did not find technical data on Concealex. Might want to verify the RF properties before you go too far.

teton bailey 02-14-2010 05:41 PM

GPS Cradle

Fantastic idea! You have certainly put a lot of time putting this together. I know the folks that have used your product and they have rave reviews. Sign me up for one of your new ones. I need it for my snow bike, so get on it!

Also, I want to give props to your website. Great stories and friends.

Keep up the good work.

Stovebolt 02-14-2010 05:57 PM

Humble appreciation Teton Bailey,

I will acknowledge right here that Teton Baily is one of the most accomplished motorcycle riders I've EVER ridden with, and a righteous dual sport companion in his own regard. Not to mention years of travel and adventure experience throughout North and South America. Coming from you.... WOW.

A million thanks, Sir!

Stovebolt 02-14-2010 06:01 PM

Concealex gone until end of February
I sold my last CONCEALEX cradle, and have a handful of KYDEX left. More material inbound to me in the coming week, so no CONCEALEX units completed for a couple weeks.

Thank you everybody for your support. I will also be an LLC by the time the new CONCEALEX cradles are made. Wish me more luck.... I feel like a virgin at the Buffalo Chip campground.


bumpylogz 02-15-2010 09:35 PM

Love it!!
I am one of the unfortunate victims of the ram mount system. I sent mine into some sagebrushy rabbit hidey hole or some such. After that I painted the replacement blaze orange in hopes that if I sent it bouncing across the desert at 60 MPH there might be some hope of finding it. I have one of the prototypes and it is BOMBER. It has been stellar, the unit is solidly held, there is no way it is coming out or off unless it is ripped off which would be no easy task, so I guess it was a waste of good paint. The buttons are easily accessible and the there is no interferance with the screen visibilty at all. It did a stint in Baja on some crazy single track and never even budged, great product! I look forward to getting my mitts on the "New and Improved" version.

Nicely done!

ThumperDRZ 02-16-2010 04:42 PM


Originally Posted by Stovebolt
I sold my last CONCEALEX cradle, and have a handful of KYDEX left. More material inbound to me in the coming week, so no CONCEALEX units completed for a couple weeks.

Thank you everybody for your support. I will also be an LLC by the time the new CONCEALEX cradles are made. Wish me more luck.... I feel like a virgin at the Buffalo Chip campground.


Sign me up for one of them Concealex cradles when you get more material..:clap .....tired of that Ram cradle tearing up the bottom rubber on my GPS----this unit needs to last me a few more years......Please send me a PM when one is ready.

Stovebolt 02-16-2010 06:04 PM


You're in, thank you. List in progress, won't be a problem making new runs - it's my focus in life! I'll shoot a PM when I've got 'em done and buffed.


Stovebolt 02-17-2010 05:48 PM

CONCEALEX in action today...
Just wanted to say I'm having no problem with the GPS antenna reception from actual use, and continue to gather my scientific fact find on the rf transparency issue to line that up for all the lawyers.

Here's a pic of my current personal proto in use in the cockpit of my fuel-injected nightmare of a snowmobile, showing the bird-lock from a cold start at about 23 seconds. 11 satellites high and tight inside my concealex cradle, FWIW.

Thanks to those who have placed orders already, and especially to the mutts who cleaned me out of the last of the current crop of Concealex ones! I have about 8 Kydex units shippable by next weekend in the interim between the next build that should be done by the end of this month, shipping first week in March. Orders and checks in advance will be first served.

For those who may be searching for a Garmin 60CSX - PCNATION had been selling them online for about $282, and it might be worth a look there. (I have nothing to do with PCNATION. Just spreading the good word - if it may help anybody. That was a pretty screamin' price tag.)


Also, RAM's are the way to go, in my opinion. Nothing compares to a clapped out approach trail to the mountains on a sled in terms of a guy and a machine getting slammed for all get out - far worse than Baja - mountain sleds do not have the suspension of a trail cruiser. The RAM system holds fast and true - just like my "Buzz Bomb" cradles.

Seizure later,


BBriggs 02-17-2010 06:44 PM

Good product
I to have been using one of the original mounts and it works great. I have tested it for about a year. The new ones are much more refined and looking quite good.

Thanks for the great mount, Keep up the good work.


Stovebolt 02-18-2010 05:57 PM

Thank You Berg!

I can't thank you enough for all the assistance you've given me on my projects over the years, including this one, but I can at least express it publicly here for starters.

I salute you, Sir. :clap


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