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BARB 04-23-2010 08:39 AM

Alaska Travelers Emergency Phone Tree
AK Charlie had a great idea and I am finally posting it. Let's put together a phone tree for Alaskan riders and travelers who need help (other than financial). Let's say you break down in Homer, you'd call Charlie. Or if you break down in Spenard, you could call me. Kinda like the BMW anonymous book for Alaska. What do you guys think? Locals are already on the road and travelers arriving soon. Thanks, Barb

And here's the link: Alaska Travelers Emergency Phone Tree

And thanks to Barb for this awesome Idea and making it happen.

Solarmoose 04-23-2010 09:54 AM

Great idea. I'm in to provide assistance in/near Fairbanks.

KHuddy 04-23-2010 09:57 AM

Okay, I'm in; now what?

However, I challenge the assertion that AKCharlie has ever had an idea, let alone a good one.

akkurt 04-23-2010 10:02 AM

Break down in Knik at you own risk.:evil

I have a trailer or two, a couple trucks, and a place to camp. If they have a woman with them, well, she can probably stay in the nice warm house...

AK Charlie 04-23-2010 10:23 AM

My thoughts are that if you want to be available to help a fellow inmate. You can pm Barb with your number and area you live in. She could make a master list and distribute to those particapating. I plan on traveling the whole state this season. I thought it would be nice to have a list of inmates and the area of coverage just in case of emergency or need of some kind.

You could also pm me your name, number and area. When the list is compiled it can be pm'd back to you. This way all that info. isn't totally public. Anyone interested in my area and number, pm me.

Ha Ha Kevin.........surprised you.:poser

HackyMoto 04-23-2010 10:29 AM

Im In.

Alcan Rider 04-23-2010 10:39 AM

Sounds like a good idea to me. :nod If you break down anywhere in Alaska, call Charlie. He'll get there eventually. :rofl

Seriously, add my name. Already on a few lists to help in case of need, gotta let others on this list know I'm available as well. Have tools, flatbed trailer, emergency transportation, etc.

dbarnes180 04-23-2010 10:50 AM

You folks got my attention
Sounds like a great idea! I for one would really appreciate something like this in an emergency.

Wheeldog 04-23-2010 01:08 PM

I will help out when I can. I have been letting riders camp at my place for years. Let me know what info you want.

Folks should consider joining the MTF Tourers Assistant. Especially if your gonna visit America. Jack and I are on it. It's free to join and it will give you access people willing to help in the US and Canada. You can check it out as a non-member, but all you will see is names and email information. Once you join you have access to phone numbers and other information. They also have an extensive library where you can borrow motorcycle related books and videos.

RDJEff 04-23-2010 01:32 PM

I'm in!

ADVBMR 04-23-2010 01:37 PM

Sounds like a great idea. I'm near the airport. Barb, I'll PM you later with contact info.

It may help if folks note what they can provide: place to stay, haul a bike, pick up/send parts, etc.

alaskaOE 04-23-2010 02:26 PM

I'm in, PM on the way to Barb.

Spicy McHaggis 04-23-2010 03:46 PM

I'm in.

Of course, if you are on Kodiak "by accident", you've probably got other issues...:lol3

beamertwin 04-23-2010 05:52 PM

Must have been a long winter in Homer.....

Info sent.

AKmud 04-23-2010 06:56 PM

You guys thinking a similar format to the BMWMOA Anonymous book? They don't post names, just locations and phone numbers. I wouldn't be too keen on having my name/address out there, but my phone number would be fine. :thumb

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