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GCRad1 07-13-2010 06:56 PM

GCRad1's ATK 605 The ADV-Rotaxerie [1998 Model]
SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND... My new to me [1998] ATK 605 Dual Sport Rotaxerie Machine! Who is not so little... I picked this bike up back in December 2009 from a friend of a friend... yea, one of those deals and the deal was GOOD! With work being such, no leg would be thrown over the saddle for six months! And stabled not in my garage, but at my buddies house who arranged the purchase. No, he is a good friend.. How do I know? The brand new tires are still brand new! That is a real friend! Thank you J-Shizzle!!

What spurred a ATK 605 purchase? The KTM950ADV is gone. A little bit missed, not forgotten, but not the right tool for me currently. It could come back into my life...

And then there is the XR400 Dirt Dawg that died in battle of the great forest of Big Bear Mountains protecting the West Coast. It will come back to hunt again and is a "life-keeper" due to it's "CA-plated-status!" A hunting dawg with PAPERWORK! And it too sits in wait as the ADV80 has taken some time and status more with the family members.

A lot of my time has been spent on, more like in the ADV80 Land Cruiser, because it hauls the kids for the family adventure's.

A name is a name, and everything is in a name... So, why: GCRad1's ATK 605 The ADV-Rotaxerie?
GCRad1 - cause that is who I am, search around.
ATK 605, 'cause that is what it is!
But why the trickery wordplay.. "ADV-Rotaxerie"
2: Rotax & Rotisserie together make: Rotaxerie. Belt driven motor spinning some BEEF and that is what this motor delivers - BEEF!

Fun research:
ATK Motorcycles:

Rotax Engines

So the journey begins.................................

GCRad1 07-13-2010 09:43 PM

ATK 605 Manuals; Owners / Engine Repair / Engine Parts
Got all these important items: Owners Manual, Engine Repair Manual and Engine Parts Manual. They come as three separate manuals.

Spoke with Lee of ATK USA in Salt Lake City, Utah today! He said, change the timing belt once a year and to keep an eye on the sprocket shaft, best time to check it is when doing oil changes. Other than that - ENJOY! Bit more detailed than that, but never the less, I was able to spend time talking with him as he personally has built a lot of these bikes and has some serious racing history with his 605.

Huskyfatman 07-16-2010 02:15 PM

Congradulations on getting an ATK. If you like XRs, you should love it.

Two good sources for parts and such are:

Keith at ADB. He is a weath of knowledge on the Rotax models, and can supply lots of parts.

Dan and Motoxotica stocks a surprising number of parts and can get them to you super quick.

Also check out the ATKRIDER forums.

I have a '97 and love it.

notmybikemodelname 07-16-2010 02:53 PM


Rotax's Rule! Come out an hit the CNF with us sometime for an early morning beer run up Saddleback.:freaky

MZcountryboy 07-16-2010 05:17 PM


Being a rotax man, an ATK is on my short list.


MZRider 07-16-2010 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by MZcountryboy

Being a rotax man, an ATK is on my short list.


Funny, I feel exactly the same way! Loved the engine of my MZ Saxon Country, but the suspension just wasn't up to the task. A buddy sold his Saxon Tour rolling chassis to a guy in FL and I bought the engine. Just picked up a '91 604 rolling chassis last month, a new-old-stock 4.6 gallon "desert" tank and a Corbin seat more recently. Hope to have it done by Spring of 2011. Should look pretty much like this:

oremike 07-16-2010 09:29 PM

I had a 99 605 and enjoyed everything about it except the fuel range, 93 miles just wasn't far enough for the type of riding I wanted to do.

MZcountryboy 07-17-2010 04:37 AM


Originally Posted by MZRider
Funny, I feel exactly the same way! Loved the engine of my MZ Saxon Country, but the suspension just wasn't up to the task.

You ain't kidding there.

Great engine, super reliable. Looks like a great project. Be sure to update us on the progress, as it happens.

MZRider 07-17-2010 08:15 AM


I had a 99 605 and enjoyed everything about it except the fuel range, 93 miles just wasn't far enough for the type of riding I wanted to do.

Great engine, super reliable. Looks like a great project. Be sure to update us on the progress, as it happens.

That's mostly the reason I went for the older/original 604 chassis - tank choices. In the MZ Saxon Country the 504 was averaging mid 60s with Bing CV carb. Average range before going onto reserve was 300 miles! With the 4.6 gallon tank, I should be good for 200+ before reserve with the 604. Gearing will be slightly lower and the carburetor different (I've chosen a Dellorto PHBE 38), but it should do at least mid 50s.

I thought about doing a build thread here, but my progress will likely be so slow that everyone but me would lose interest. :D I started a blog elsewhere, once there's enough content I'll post a link. I did create a small photo album so my friends could see what I'd been babbling on about.

Huskyfatman 07-17-2010 08:52 AM

It's funny how crappy the mileage is on the 605. I've had several Husky 610s with the same carb, and way more power, and they get at least 10 MPG better. 95% of my riding is off road though.

Kieth at ADB was talking a while ago about producing some new tanks for the +'95 models, he has access to the molds. Would be nice if they could give it more capacity, maybe by eliminating the right side cut out?

GCRad1 07-20-2010 09:58 PM

Haggard old grips gotta GO! PROGRIP #714 RALLY RAID TO THE RESCUE!
First things first, after getting the bike to my house and doing the initial inspection, the first signal of things to change are the GRIPS! These old dawgs have seen better days!

Top sides are toast:

Bottom sides are BLOWED UP!

Not just any oh-grip will work for me and I am finicky when it comes to grips!
I have only found one type of grip for me.
ProGrip #714 Rally Raid
Rally ProGrips mounted up...

But they are missing something...

Something in those grooves or channels....

Is missing.
AAAHHHH the wire tied tried and trued method for double insurance for safety. Plus it add's that nice "FACTORY PREPPED" look.
The old battery... SHOT! So, a new one was in order. I like the E-BUTTON! And the kick start on the left side of the is IMPOSSIBLE!!!
So nice, I think it's time to take ADV-Rotaxerie out for a desert shake down!

odium1 07-28-2010 10:11 AM

What a beauty man, I've always loved those 605's. I bet it's a rush blasting through the desert on it :D

GCRad1 08-15-2010 11:29 PM

Finally Time To Ride! Desert in JULY!?
We played our cards right and got some great weather in the desert after the "desert crowd" has headed down to the beaches or up to the mountains. Yes, the summer heat is on, but got lucky with some mild temps. But we wanted some wide open space and I personally was looking for some good desert two-track just to get back in the saddle with the new bike.
Making to drive up to my buddies house in Victorville, Ca. and as I climb up the last portion of the Cajon Pass, the sun peaks over blindingly!
Yes, July in the desert! We actually had a good streak of mild temperatures! We started out from "Four-Corners," the intersection on HWY395 and Cuddeback Rd and heading to Randsburg, Ca. as they have a cool ghost town there and good lunch at the General Store. So off we go!
We were having a good time traversing the desert and noticing we where making tracks on roads and trails that had not seen traffic in a few weeks. And we run up on some company. Meet Mr. Desert Tortoise. He was making his way across the road. Rare to see these guys. DO NOT TOUCH - let them be - Federal Offense for messing with them! We kinda wait and seem him across the road.

We make our way up to this nice look-out hill:

Looking down onto the town of Randsburg:

Made our way into town, tied the horses up:

The General Store is where the FOOD is!

These is a lot of Curioddities around the town of Randsburg, CA:

The town of Randsburg is a cool place to visit off the radar of most travelers, but for those that know, during "season," town is littered with off-road enthusiast:

So it's time to make our way back, and so far the ATK605 has been a WINNER with flying colors!
Just another beautiful day of riding in the desert!

Trail marker as we expanded our loop:
The ATK605 I am very stoked on right now! I do miss my XR400, but it will be back up and running in time, but this ATK605 is a sure nice addition! It's a KEEPER!

GCRad1 09-15-2010 12:51 AM

ATK 605 Speedometer
You know when you buy a used "anything" there is a box that comes with it of "stock" stuff the original owner removed, well, lucky for me, I did not throw out all the empty boxes as the Speedo was buried down in one of those boxes!

Been seriously busy with work so no time to work on the bike, so just making notes of items I need to sort out for the bike.

ZuminaZX 09-30-2010 06:15 PM

How did it fare against the XR? It looks like you're running twice the stock amount (8) of discs on that muffler!
I have a 99 that I just finished updating to 01' spec:
I also swapped out the 80s looking headlight for a polisport halo

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