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YukonTracker 09-09-2010 09:22 AM

Vstrom Dl650/1000 Decals

As many Vstrom owners are looking to customize their bikes, I would like to offer some alternatives that may help you to create a personalized appearance and help you to increase your safety.

Decal kits are available for both the DL650 and the DL1000 and are only sold as sets. The material used is layered die cut vinyl, with one layer consisting of engineering grade reflective vinyl. I do not produce single layered vinyl decals with printed graphics.


Each decal kit includes the following:
- 1 set of DL650/1000 fairing graphics decals (no lettering)
- 1 set of Vstrom logo decals
- 2 sets of DL650/1000ADV decals

- Layer 1 options: engineering grade reflective vinyl, either silver or orange.
- Layer 2 options: 2mm vinyl black (gloss/or matte)-red-orange-yellow-blue-white-grey.
*Lettering DL650/1000ADV decals can be ordered multi colored (max. 2 colors)
*For fairing graphic decal larger bottom layer in reflective please add $7.00.

PRICE: $68.00


- Layer 1 options: 2mm vinyl black (gloss/or matte)-red-orange-yellow-blue-white-grey.
- Layer 2 options: 2mm vinyl black (gloss/or matte)-red-orange-yellow-blue-white-grey.
Lettering DL650/1000ADV decals can be ordered multi colored (max. 2 colors)

PRICE: $55.00


A) $20.00

B) $20.00

C) $20.00

D) $20.00

7x7" (18x18 cm) Strom Donkey: available in Wee haw and V haw!!


Strom Donkey prices:
Vinyl on vinyl $20.00
Vinyl on reflective/metallic/mirror sheet $27.00

Shipping charges:
Canada:1*) $1.50 - 2*) $2.00
US:1*) $1.75 - 2*) $2.50
Other:1*) $3.00 - 2*) $4.50

*1) under 5" (12.7cm) height
*2) over 5" (12.7cm) height

Combined shipping allowed.

Only Paypal payments please. Paypal is free and simple to set up and can be linked to your bank account and credit cards. Transactions are fast and uncomplicated.

If you have a question, please post a reply to this thread. Please order your selection via private message. Clearly state items, colors, material and number per item. I will request payment for the items from you after receipt of the order. Make sure your Paypal account, including shipping information, is up to date.

* Have you ordered my products? Please post your experiences and results. Your business is greatly appreciated.

* Application instructions are included with your shipped order.

* Please also have a look at my pannier decals by following the link to my other offerings below.



Senderofan 09-09-2010 01:55 PM

ADV Riders:

Just wanted to drop a quick note regarding Yukon's Vinyl's. I own the DL 1000 in the pictures. These vinyl's are professionally designed and manufactured. My specific goals were to add something that would set the bike apart from its mundane factory appearance and increase safety. Yukon has done an outstanding job on both goals. I can tell you....with his instructions...these are very easy to apply. The night photos don't do justice as to how well the reflective material silver ends up being extremely bright white. My bike really needed further reflective materials being it is basically all black.

If you're looking for something to transform the look of your bike...and perhaps add additional safety....seriously consider these vinyl's. Yukon is great to work with...he's got great advice on placement and colors for the vinyl's. And the product is professional grade.




I have no affiliation with Yukon. I'm new to ADV Riding...and have had my V Strom since mid July. I just wanted to share how these vinyl's far exceeded my expectations!

black lightning 02-10-2012 08:56 PM

Question about decals
Hi Yukon ,

I would like to order some of your reflective decals for my 650 V-strom, the bike is a 2008 in low sheen met grey for the tank and upper fairing, gloss black for the rear. I'm thinking that the graphics colors on the black 1000 in your photos would also work on my bike. Any thoughts before I place the order? Also you indicate to place orders via private message, how do I do that? Sorry, this is my first post.

Black lightning

whittrated03 06-06-2012 04:04 AM

I assume that you have a 800cc kit in your 650?

eyball 11-11-2012 01:08 PM

Are you still doing these decals & if so how much for just a fairing set? Thanks!

YukonTracker 11-18-2012 04:44 PM

I have been a bit busy floundering the globe. I do not make the decals anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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