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Vrakas 09-14-2010 09:44 AM

He who insists ... wins
Why do i say this? Really after the problems, delays etc we went through only if we insisted we could win.
I started, just as every year, a planned trip of 2 weeks but this time, instead of going to Greece, we were going from one side of Cyprus to the other, use of a ferry to Turkey and then ride to Bulgaria ... and Romania?

Here is the map with the approx route that changed due to unexpected delay of 4 days.

The trip was on or was it?
5th of August, 2 bikes and 2 riders my friend Yiannis with his R1150GSA and i with my F800GS start from Limassol at around 6.00 pm towards Nicosia, going through the checkpoint then to Kerynia only to find out there is no Ships at Thursday nights.
Yes we did call the ship agency before hand, but due to poor communication with the lack of English we got the impression there was a ship, well, not until tomorrow at 12.00pm.
We return to Nicosia and stay overnight at a friends house (George) to go back to Kerynia the following morning.
FYI, there are no ferryboats on weekends and the last one is on Friday 12 noon from Cyprus with a 6 - 8 hours trip to Turkey.

Photos, maps, GPS recorded maps with all the info, video etc are coming in the next posts

Vrakas 09-14-2010 09:51 AM

6th of August.
Got up early, had a coffee, thanked our friend and back we go to the Nicosia border crossing section with no need of an insurance, since we bought one the day before (€20) for one month and is ONLY valid in the Northern section and NOWHERE else. Stamped again for entry and continue to Kerynia.
Photo from the small port of Kerynia.

We find the ship agency at 8.30, checked the passports and saw that my friends is expired but "there is no problem, show the ID", they said. So we go to the ship as instructed only to find that we must wait for 3 hours in the sun, not even an umbrella is available.

The ship leaves at 12pm and after 8 hours we arrive at Tasucu port in Turkey. :clap

Here comes the fun part.

We go through various sections that there not in any order but you ask and keep going back and forward like a yo yo until we hit the jackpot, "Problem" he said, "expired passport". We showed the ID, as they told us, but the answer is no, only passport is accepted and nothing else.

After 3 hours we are left for last without getting anywhere so to make a long story short, the decision was my friend has to leave, but, as there is no ferry back to Cyprus, he has to leave the bike there and return with a passenger ship and they will send the bike on Sunday midnight with the agency to Cyprus.
I on the other hand had to leave my friend, the port area, enter Turkey with my bike and this was something they insisted on.
Not accepted by him but not much he could do about it, i stated that i will not leave the port and my friend behind but we go together. That was it, they were surprised that i was willing to go in to custody all night and not leave without him. :huh

Here we are together chatting, programming with a "complimentary" sleep-over in Turkey under custody, waiting to depart Turkey and go back to Cyprus without our bikes and to return later, some way, with the question on coming back ...
to collect the bikes and leave again with the next ferry?
to collect them and continue our trip? :lurk

Vrakas 09-14-2010 09:55 AM

7th of August woke up in custody but as my paperwork was ok, i was allowed to go out and get some coffee and food for a breakfast but i had to leave my passport with them.
Here are some photos from the village and port early in the morning.

A bikers dream? :shog

The street where i got the coffee and food (Bogatsa) from a bakery that made it fresh from the oven.

The time has come for us to get deployed without our bikes, i must note that they were kept behind bars, next to the security guys office, under the spot light and a camera facing them!
In the ship (that is a Katamaran with 2 engines) i could not resist to take photos such as these ...

The interior of the ship.

Yes, they do have Duty Free

The little fellows are curious.

and my friend taking a nap in private. :poser

We arrive 2 hours later in Kerynia, get a Taxi to the borders, his brother takes us back to Limassol until Monday morning so we can maybe get his passport sorted and then decide how we will handle this.

Vrakas 09-14-2010 10:00 AM

8th of August we re-planed the trip since we lost 4 days due to the passport problem.
Now we are only sitting around and waiting for Monday to come and fix my friends papers and get a fast ferry to get to Turkey .... but this is going to be a very tight schedule since we will have less than 3 hours to get the passport, go to Nicosia, Kerynia, get tickets and go Tasucu Turkey.

Talking with a friend, he said we can get it done in Nicosia instead of Limassol, so the plan changes again .... :lurk

Vrakas 09-14-2010 10:13 AM

9th of August Monday early in the morning, Y's other brother takes us to Nicosia near the border where our friend George comes to our rescue again.
He comes to the meeting point on his bike, takes my friend to the Nicosia government office to be first there while i wait with our bags.
Around 8 o'clock i get the phone call that all is ok so we get moving by calling the Taxi driver that brought us there to now take us to Kerynia port.
We arrive, get a ticket for the fast bus, as they call it, 10.30 am we sail and 2 hours later we are in Tasucu again.
Coming off the ship one of the guys there saw me an shouted "Welcome", we had a handshake and asked if Yiannis and his passport is ok and i replied "Yes", then my friend came and shake hands with him and the same again he got a warm Welcome! :thumb
He then ordered one of the police from there to take us and get all our paperwork done without us having to wait in line and i must say we did not expect this kind of a treatment.
Time to get our bikes if they were still there that is.
We go through customs office and the guy there tells us your insurance (northern Cyprus) does not cover you here and need to make another.
We get a taxi to the commercial port, walked in 38 Celcious for 1.2 Kms and finally we can see our bikes, what a relief!
We took a closer look and find that they were un-touched and were as we had left them, i even left my helmet on the bike. :nod
Back to the other port were there is a coffee shop that makes sandwiches with fish, yes with fish.

Fish sandwich anyone?

Vrakas 09-14-2010 10:15 AM

9th August Part 2
The GPS map recorded can be found here.

The decision is final and we were not going to be put off because of reasons such as:
Last day changed rear wheel bearings
No ship on Thursday
Spent the night in custody in Turkey
Sent back because of expired passport
Lost 4 days from the plan trip
Running to fix passports, catch ships, taxi, no insurance, walk for 1.2 kms etc

This days route from Tasucu to Alanya

So we start the journey in the afternoon going on the sea side road towards Alanya.
It wasnt long before we hit another problem, they decided to bomb down a mountain and cut the only road there unless you wanted to go back plenty of Kms. We waited for 3 hours to clear the one side of the road so we can continue our trip.

The closed road and the mountain side on the road.

We continue and stop for a photo

We arrive near midnight covering a fair distance in Alanya where we stay in the hotel Ali Baba for 50 Euro a night or more likely for a few hours as we always was up at 5 am and left at 6 am to leave some traffic and the hot sun behind.

Outside the hotel early in the morning and some photos from Alanya.

To maybe be continued some other time ;)

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