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woody's wheel works 01-26-2011 08:42 AM

SuperTuff II ss sidestand brackets for HP-2
FYI,,,this is an's 27 Sept 2011,,, i thought that i would not build any more ...however half dozen HP-2 riders are waiting for some more of you to step up and order one need at least 15 committed sales to break even and the machinist needs at least 25 orders from me to make it worth his while,,there ya ahve the conundrum,,,so pass the word!!!!

since 9 out of 10 of the last 90 customers insisted on the grease fitting version ,,,that will be all i'm making this go around,,,,they'll be the same $220 price ,,,this includes USPS priority S&H to anywhere in continental USA,,,for those outside the USA you'll get $10 subtracted from your S&H charges:1drink

i just copied this post from another wordy thread,,,here's all ya need to know about them:

Below are some photos of comparison between the bendable oem aluminum HP2 side-stand bracket, my first SuperTuff I bracket, and the newer lighter SuperTuff II .

price which includes S&H to anywhere within continental USA:

SuperTuff I without grease fitting=$180....with grease fitting=$220

Coincidentally the non-grease fitting matches the $180 price of BMW's current solution. For the discerning ,,,,this is NOT a 'bling' is a Tough,,Durable,,Corrosion/Rust resistant solution that as usual happens to be pleasing to the eye....Why not??? isn't that what QUALITY is all about?:wink:

OBTW,,,it will support anybody stepping up on the pegs as well as support the whole bike when leaned over on it...hence SuperTuff:wink:

they also hold the bike a bit more up-right per previous owners request...

Not only won't you need to track down additional longer bolts for the BMW powdercoated steel version but you have a choice to improve the longevity of your Super-Tuff side-stand bracket by using the grease fitting option.
Side View

here's the link that explains what happened to the third run,,,,which we called ''the run from hell'',,,,not only because of the interminably long time to get product but to add insult to injury the machinist moved the grease fitting a few degrees CCW causing the grease gun to be useless if ya still had the sidestand switch in place,,,was a non-issue for the bikes with it removed,,,,i called them Super Tuff IIa [''a'' as in aaarrrggghhh:wink:],,,,,here's the link to the Rx:

last but least here's a link to a show n tell post i did to make it easier to do the install:


r8pistol 01-30-2011 10:41 AM


IN for one with grease fitting.


blaster11 02-15-2011 03:39 PM

Any update when the sidestand brackets will be available? Thanks for doing another run of these!

woody's wheel works 03-04-2011 05:01 PM

update on the progress of the Super-Tuff HP-2 sidestand brackets
fellow HP2 riders,,,the brackets were supposed to be ready by:
Friday the 18th ,,,
which then became for sure last Friday the 25th of February,,,
which turned into pick em up after lunch on Monday the 28th,,,
whereupon i got a message it'll be Tuesday afternoon for sure,,,
which got changed to Thursday morning,,,
so it's Friday afternoon today around 3pm when they call me ...woody ,we have a problem'',,,''please come by we have 4 of the 25 you ordered'',,,,

i get there and find out that some yoyo mis-machined a critical surface by .100'' ,,hence,,they won't work in the welding jig,,,all the grease fitting galleries were'nt even there and lo n behold they weren't on his cutting-bill,,,same for the grease fitting hole and 6x1.0 metric threads for the zerk and to top it all off the finish looked like someone hit it with a body grinder....

let me tell you ,,,,i can't see straight,,,want to puke,,,:cry:cry:cry:cry

they tell me to come in on monday:lol3


blaster11 03-05-2011 01:56 PM

Thanks for the update!

wcisse 03-10-2011 10:48 AM

HP2 Sidestand
I'll take one with a grease fitting. Thanks for your perseverance, Woody!


woody's wheel works 03-10-2011 10:59 AM

hp2 Supr Tuff ss sidestand braket update..

Originally Posted by wcisse (Post 15384305)
I'll take one with a grease fitting. Thanks for your perseverance, Woody!


it sucks having to persevere,,,on monday i returned the 4 good pieces,,, to have the grease galleries and zerk fitting threads installed

we got on the same page about what i expected from him,,,
he thought that the last run was the end run ,,yadayada,hence deleted a good part of his drawings,,

i told him ,,i wanted replicas of our last run,,,there's always excuses,,yayadyayda

i assert 'one either produces results or ya have excuses...'

end of story,,,,i'll stop in on my way to work....we'll see


randomrider 04-01-2011 11:42 AM

Just got mine
I was glad to here that Woodys was going to do another run of those side stand brackets. Delivered early better than expected, money well spent. Fantastic detail and workmanship on it, can't wait to put it on and put the slightly bent OEM on the shelf. Now I won't have to worry about a stiff breeze blowing the Widow Maker dirt bike over. I'll get that put on and then I can concentrate on the Cafe' Bob R 90 that Woodys is making wheels for in the near future.

randomrider 04-16-2011 07:31 AM

Just got around to putting it on
Wow what a change!!! I just put my Woodys Wheel works side stand bracket on my HP-2 Enduro. My bike has about 4,500 miles on it, has never been set on the side stand with any type of load. When the bike is washed, serviced or parked in the garage I use the padock stand instead of the side stand, even with all that extra effort the OEM bracket was bent and distorted. The mounting bolts were stuck in there holes to the point I had to drill the head off one to remove the OEM bracket and upon inspection of the old bracket the pivot hole and the bracket itself are noticeably distorted. With the new bracket installed the stance of the bike when on the side stand is nearly perfect. I now have a great measure of confidence in using the side stand on the bike. Thanks for the outstanding customer service and product Zach and all you guys at Woodys Wheel works.

woody's wheel works 05-04-2011 04:17 AM

hey the new Supertuff SS with grease fitting HP2 sidestand brakets are ready!!!
got the pieces back afew days ago,,,welded em up and are being detailed as i write,,so PM or e-mail me with a reminder...:wink:

i do have a list and will check if ya still want them...
i cnat't ell you how disillusioned i am with a certain machine shop:cry:cry:cry:cry


woody's wheel works 05-13-2011 09:35 AM

WOW,,just 4 left:<(...
yep ,, e-mailed all of you that were in my computer,,,perhaps i missed someone,,,

so FYI just 4 un accounted for...

5 went to a fellow in japan who unfortunately lives near the Sendai disaster...

pics o fthe last ones will appear here shortly

Dorito 05-27-2011 03:45 PM

According the to repair CD,


Remove circlip (1).
Remove washer (2).
Remove side-stand switch (3).
Remove screw (5).
Use a suitable tool to remove slide bush (4), taking care not to damage the thread in the side stand.
Remove the side stand.

What is "Suitable tool" to remove slide bush?

wcisse 05-27-2011 05:00 PM

HP2 Side Stand

I removed the side stand bracket to get a better look-see at the bushing, following the steps below. Once I had the bracket off the bike I could easily grab the end of bushing (there was about 1/8" sticking out) and pull the bushing out. It wasn't a tight fit.

1. Remove circlip (1).
2. Remove washer (2).
3. Remove side-stand switch (3).
4. Remove screw (5).
5. Remove the side stand.
6. Use a suitable tool to remove slide bush (4), taking care not to damage the thread in the side stand.

I found that the bushing fit snugly in to the new side stand - so snug that I couldn't use the two little grease cups, so I left them off.

I noticed that the side stand switch was so close to the grease nipple that I wouldn't be able to attach my grease gun hose to the nipple with the side stand switch in place, so I greased the stand before remounting the side stand switch.

The little circlip was a pain in the butt to me. It flew across the garage and took me 30 minutes to find it. I'll pick up another to have on hand 'cause I'm sure I'll loose it when I remove the side stand switch to grease it again.

Hope this helps.


Dorito 05-27-2011 05:58 PM

Hrm, thanks for the reply. The one I've been toying with is certainly not in any mood to come willingly. But will give it another go...

woody's wheel works 05-31-2011 11:35 AM

the latest word on Super-Tuff III foibles...
hi guys,,,
for all of you that have ordered what i call ''the third run from hell'',,,if you haven't received em yet it's because i told my troops to not send them til i return from Mexico...

I just got in and naturally getting to the bottom of reports that:

1... the grease fitting is useless because of it's location

2...another report that the side-stand wouldn't fit ,,,

i have the following news and solutions...

1,, the thickness of the bracket is within specs,,,,so there should be no reason why the side-stand should slip in place effortlessly...the issue with the sidestand not fitting is for an HP2 Megamoto..for some reason this customer has a thinner sidestand bracket,,we sold the identical unit to a Megamoto owner a tear ago with no problems...the crazy part is the megamoto and HP2 share the same part numbers for the brackets ,,go figure

2,,YES indeed the grease fitting is a few degrees CCW of the original location and possibly a few thousandths closer to the switch AHHRRRGGGGH,,
Rx= use a needle point grease applicator or i will swap out all the straight grease fittings for a 45 degree offset's the pics showing what happened with the sharpie showing the original location and the fix with 45degree grease fitting

3,,FYI,,if you have trouble installing the OEM bushing,,,there's one of 2 causes:
A=the used bushing often gets a little burr built up on the ends from hammering
Rx= either replace with new one or sand/machine off the burr on yours,,,wcisse, this is the most probable cause of your binding,,,FYI,,,the bushing has to slip freely through the sidestand,,,i am positive that the bore is within spec,,everyone of ours measured within tolerance ie .630-632'' ,,,
B= the lip on the SS unit was inadequately de-burred,,
Rx= de-burr the edge ,,we will double check all remaining units for fit before sending them Done as of noon 5/24/11,,all units sent out by the end of the day with up-graded 45 degree fitting....Like i mentioned somewhere else,,the grease fitting issue is a mute point/no-issue for those owners that have removed the side-stand kill switch

hope that helps


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