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AlanI 03-27-2011 09:18 AM

Touratech Windscreen Spoiler for F800GS
Using the search function I can find reference to this spoiler for every other model of bike other than the F800GS. Has anyone used this on the 800GS or no of anyone, either living or dead LOL, that has? In short, I'd like to know whether or not it does the job as described on the tin and is it money well spent? Please no recommendations to alternative complete screens as non I've seen so far are suitable for the lines of this bike.......imho of course.

lawe 03-27-2011 09:54 AM

For me it didn't do any good. I just added more noise and turbulence for me, but as usual with wind screens it depends on your lenght, seat hight, riding position etc.

I ended up cutting my stock screen down with approx 10cm. to get more clean air above the shoulders. That's much better for me.

I'm 180 cm tall using standard seat.

markymcd 03-27-2011 12:50 PM

I used it for a while and I liked it a bit better than stock. I'm 5'6" and have a low seat. I then went to the MetalMule / Powerbronze screen which was better. Then I did the Madstad robobracket thing which was better. Then I did the Desierto 3 which was best and of course stupid expensive.

The clip on is an affordable way to do an 'adjustable' screen from stock. And, if you've got the right height and helmet combo it might work for you.

good luck,

AlanI 03-27-2011 01:33 PM

Thanks for the info guys. I'm going to fire off an email to TT in the morning (might even telephone them personally) and ask if they would be prepared to loan me one for a couple of hours to test. I've spent enough with them over the years and live only 30 minutes down the road from them so I don't think my request will be an unreasonable one.

HighFive 03-27-2011 02:56 PM

I bought it....tried it....and returned it immediately. I'm 5'-9" with regular stock seat, and it made things even worse. The wind was hitting me square in the center of my faceshield. Which also made the wind noise in my helmet much louder too.

The little spoiler fits up beautifully to the stock shield. Looks great and seems like a such a simple solution. But the stock shield produces cleaner air around my head & shoulders without out it. So, I'd recommend against it.

Now then, I didn't like the stock situation either. After much angst and handwringing, I followed Docking Pilot's good advice: Drank a 6 pack, then pushed the "Buy" button for the Desierto faring. Sinfully expensive, yes, but wow...does it ever work good for me. If I keep this bike a long time (which appears likely), the amortized cost over time should become insignificant. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. It has indeed made the slab rides way more pleasant.

HF :deal

AlanI 03-27-2011 10:44 PM

:beer HighFive

soyanarchisto 03-28-2011 04:44 PM

I'm 6'3" and I find the TT spoiler does a wonderful job cutting down the wind and noise. If TT wont let you borrow one let me know. I am in Portland and if you pay shipping you can borrow mine.

itsforrest 03-28-2011 07:44 PM

Alan, if you ever get down to South Sound BMW they actually have a demo of the windshield extender in the store that you can try for a blast up the freeway and back.

That said, I tried it for a blast up the road and immediately hated it. It was so much louder I thought for a moment I had forgotten to put in my earplugs. The stock screen puts the main turbulence on my neck and chest. The screen extender put it right in the middle of the helmet which was way worse than stock.

As the screen is about 5 or 6 inches tall, try slouching down into the seat, lowering your head about that much while on the freeway and see what that does.

niklasthedolphin 03-29-2011 03:52 AM

I would not recommend the TT windscreen spoiler on stock screen or even on TT High screen.

I had a very good experience using it on Wunderlich Ergo Vario Screen.
I am 192 cm and I can now ride with open helmet behind my screen without flies getting into my eyes.


AlanI 03-29-2011 11:32 PM

:thumb thanks for all the input guys. Much appreciated. As it happens, I received an email from TT today and they are going to send me one to test on a sale or return basis with the only stipulation being that I should not remove the protective covering pending my decision.

MSH 03-30-2011 04:47 AM


Originally Posted by AlanI (Post 15541602)
:thumb thanks for all the input guys. Much appreciated. As it happens, I received an email from TT today and they are going to send me one to test on a sale or return basis with the only stipulation being that I should not remove the protective covering pending my decision.

Pretty cool of them!

markymcd 03-30-2011 09:26 AM

Whether you like their product or not, Touratech is a great company to deal with... in my experience anyway.

They let me use their loading bay to install my Desierto when it was raining outside... I didn't even ask! and they gave me a full set of tools to use and a free t-shirt too.

HighFive 03-30-2011 09:58 AM

+2 I've experienced superb customer service with TT.

Anyone can look good, when everything goes right. TT has really shined when things were less than perfect (for me).

HF :thumbup

niklasthedolphin 04-06-2011 12:32 PM

By now I have had around thousand kilometers of testing the Wunderlich spoiler on top of the Wunderlich Ergo GS Vario Screen.

I changed back to the TouraTech spoiler for use on the top of the Wunderlich Ergo GS Vario Screen.
It's simply better because it's bigger and takes more wind for you as a driver.

Best compromise would be to have a spoiler the size of the TT one but with the convex bended form as the Wunderlich spoiler and with a base adjustable like the Wunderlich mounting base.


JRWooden 04-06-2011 04:20 PM


If you don't mind my asking, how tall / inseam are you?

I'm hoping not to need an add-on to the top of the Wunderlich if I go that way...
I'm about 6' 1" on 658 with seat that is about 1" - 1.5" taller than stock...

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