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snooker 04-16-2011 08:36 PM

Snooker's G650 XCountry Mods
Snooker's G650 XCountry Mods

I've gotten so much good info out of everybody else's mods I thought I'd post my mods here. It is a bit different as most of the writeup is on my external website here:

Snooker's BMW G650 XCountry Page

So what I'd thought I'd do is put up a post and a picture for each page on my website that includes several mods. Before you ask questions, please FIRST check the link at the top of each post for more info at my website, then feel free to post anything else here...

ok here goes... this bike is ridden 90% as a commuter, but when it goes offroad it tends to be a bit rough, so I have 2 sets of wheels and bags, depending on its usage...

snooker 04-16-2011 08:42 PM

1. Mod: Replace stock exhaust muffler with a Leo Vince

snooker 04-16-2011 08:46 PM

2. Mod: Select and install a Wilbers rear shock

[UPDATE: The following shows my Wilbers but it never worked out and after 2 years I switched to a Yacugar (sister company to HyperPro). I'll try to update my website someday... In the meantime:

At this site you'll find a lot of shock information including dimensions, sag, etc, for more than just the Wilbers... check it out!
For me, the shock was THE weak link on the bike - just ask my swingarm... so it had to be replaced.

snooker 04-16-2011 08:49 PM

3. Mod: Install a Sportech windshield

snooker 04-16-2011 08:53 PM

4. Mod: Fender support - fix for FARFS! ...or... (Floppy-Ass Rear Fender Syndrome)

snooker 04-16-2011 08:58 PM

5. Mod: Replace license plate light with bright LED auxiliary brake light and LED license plate bolts

snooker 04-16-2011 09:03 PM

6. Mod: Install better Skid Plate, Engine Guard, Case Saver, Extenda Fender, Radiator Crash Bars, Highway Pegs

snooker 04-16-2011 09:09 PM

7. Mod: Barkbusters handguards, gel grips, mirrors, paint tank panels black

snooker 04-16-2011 09:11 PM

8. Mod: Install KTM Axle Cap Nuts that use common 27mm wrenches, also stainless steel wheel spacers

snooker 04-16-2011 09:17 PM

9. Mod: Kickstand Improvements: disable safety switch, improve boot clearance, bigger foot pad

snooker 04-16-2011 09:25 PM

10. Mod: Rekluse "auto" clutch

snooker 04-16-2011 09:29 PM

11. Bags: MoJavi bag by Giant Loop, Wolfman tail bags, Nelson-Rigg tank bag and D-B-G number plate bag.

snooker 04-16-2011 09:37 PM

12. Mod: Gear Shift Lever

[ UPDATE: THIS SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST MOD! AS THE RISK OF DAMAGE IS VERY HIGH SHOULD YOUR STOCK LEVER TAKE A DIRECT HIT! SEE MY WEBPAGE LINK FOR MORE. I Prefer the Touratech lever. You can also get a Yamaha or Honda one, I don't have the details exactly. ]

You MUST replace the stock alloy left as it is too stiff and will snap off the shifter shaft out of the transmission upon a big hit. Replace it with a softer bendable steel shifter lever. Shown here is an old F650 Funduro lever that is mounted, and a TT lever held up to it as a spare.

13. Mod: Add Tool Tube

This is the Tool Tube mounted in place of the charcoal canister. Has held up well on off road use. I use it for a fuel bottle:

14. Mod: Front forks reworked by TrailTricks

15. Mod: Hi-tech LiFePO4 battery

16. Auxiliary LED lights

PROBLEM 1: My broken swingarm

The page linked to above was originally written simply to show BMW North America of what happened. From it is links to my ADVRider postings.

This occurred on the 2010
LA Barstow 2 Vegas AMA ride. I blame the OEM shock for bottoming and stressing the shock - though I was careful to not let it bottom much in the 3 months I rode it before I replaced it with a Wilbers shock.

snooker 04-16-2011 10:16 PM

FINALLY a huge page of various links for my G650 XCountry, from mods by other to parts, accessories, history, you name it. I hope it helps...

DRONE 05-02-2011 06:29 PM


You've done an amazing complete farkler's re-do of your bike with a whole bunch of smart, functional mods. One thing I find interesting is that your bike and my bike share only two of the same mods--the LIN3 aux brake light and the Scheffelmeir Alu Ritzelschultz--despite the fact that both bikes have many many mods. Shows how wide a range of options are available and how we can individualize our bikes to our own taste.

Thanks for doing all this work and posting up all the info on your website.


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