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Mad Jack 05-10-2011 08:33 AM

11/2/14 Brushpoppers Dual Sport & Mad Jack's drool (IL)
Hello Adventurers
Brushpopper's will be hosting two dual sports in 2011. The Cow Patty Cruise on Saturday June 18 & The Bitter End on Sunday November 13.
With the Cow Patty coming first we'll talk about it. This year expect the same style of dual sport as our last 5 nationals. Just ran one day instead of two. Length will be longer with bail outs if light or skills run short. This event will be for street legal type bikes.
Website for B.P.

will post more later,
roost on,
Mad Jack

Mad Jack 05-11-2011 08:21 AM

Brushpoppers; who we are.
In 1969 the Brushpoppers were formed as a district 17 AMA club. Main focus was riding and hosting events for the "bettering of motorcycling". [is that even a word-bettering?]
Through out the 70's we ran enduros and scrambles mainly and considered ourselves an enduro club. This did not stop the club from stepping away from the norm and putting on any event our members were brave enough to vote on sanctioning. It's hell to be so damn democratic. This brought the club from near its comfort zone, as in national enduro, to way out in left field, like moto-x. Lets have a some what accurate list to qualify this.
national enduro
hare scrambles
national qualifier enduro [six day training the AMA said]
road poker run
short track
1/2 mile

In our ambitious years we put on up to 4 events in one year! My personal favorites 2 enduros & 1 hare scramble,this had been done many times before difficulties with land permision.

B.P. has survived over 4 decades with membership usually ranging from 12 to 20ish.

We have given to many charities over the years such as injured riders, ambulance crews, bridge restoration,ect.

B.P. biggest expense is a banquet we put on every spring for the land owners , just trying to thank to those who really allow our events to happen. With out private land we are just street bikers in Il.

Well enough of that.
Will talk about riding next.

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Mad Jack

2whlrcr 05-11-2011 04:32 PM

I miss the enduro.

Mad Jack 05-11-2011 06:58 PM

Thanks for the reply 2whlrcr. We all miss the enduros, if just 2 or 3 hunting land owners would have a different view a quality enduro would still be possible. Sad. But we don't wish to put on poor events. Which enduro did you like best, the north or the south? If you've played with us much i'm sure you know what I mean.
Back to riding. Oh ya 2 wheels and fun.
Some of our past has put members in the dirt all over the USA. Early on some of my best times where had on holiday weekends in Mi.,the lower part back then, and more recently the U.P. Camping and dirt biking fun oh ya! But different members have rode LA BARSTOW TO VEGAS, Co. mountains, Arizona desert,Utah,W. by god Virginia, Fla.,Ga., Ky.,Tn.,Missouri,and thats just off the top of my head. Do you get the idea, we like to ride!
2011 started off with myself ,The Mad One, in Fl. for bike week. In the two weeks down south I was able to hook up with some inmates and road in the Ocala National Forrest one day. Followed by two days in the Sneads Fl. area. This was a total good time. Thank you very much; PK [the original sand flea] & Tree Man and a host of others at the sneads ride. All great inmates to spend seat time with.
While I was gone and week or two after my return two groups made tracks to freeman offroad resort in Missouri to play with Link. First group had good time even though Link put it to'em on the first uphill, Oh yah we usually go down that, I think was the quote. Second group had weather issues but still squeezed in some quality riding.
Then the big let down, Leaf River D.S. I think close to a dozen hands went up for who's going. But alas midwest spring time weather shut down this extremely well liked local event. I feel for the Forest City Riders but totally understand their position. We'll be there next time. Oh Ya next time!
This put us up to the present. Currently we have been chasing land owners and to date have about 28 OK's , just leaving a handful to still track down.
Started mowing madjackistan tonight. Meet'in tomorrow.

Next I'll talk about Memorial day weekend. Are you busy?

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2whlrcr 05-12-2011 04:44 AM

South enduros were the last few years right? Those were fun, but relatively easy. North side was tougher. Also rode some of the trials events back in the early '90's.

Mad Jack 05-12-2011 07:51 AM

Mad jack's shindig may 27-30
2whlrcr glad to hear you were able to enjoy some of our past events. The north was tougher on average for sure. Some of it was literally in my back yard growing up. Land very sadly missed.

Wow mowing and brews last night must have killed some brain cells or maybe put them in a short term coma. Didn't mention the next ride.
Theilman, Minn. on May 21-22. Some B.P.s heading up there for riding. I haven't made this trip in the past but sounds like a blast. Horse and hiking trails open only twice a year for dirt bikes. That sounds tough to beat. If farming goes good I'm hooked up to go this year. Come on good planting weather.

MAD JACKS SHINDIG; what, camping and riding
where, near Morrison Il.
when, starting fri. May 27 at 6pm close of madjacks m/c
ending Mon. afternoon when the last dogs hung
This is a open to all, nonPC fun type event. Please post or pm me if your interested. Hello?? are you out there, do you like fun times camping and riding? Where are my front yard campers? Questions? More on this later.

Then comes June 4&5 Bixby Mo. national d.s. another first for me, but farmer and I secured entries for this. So its on, lets see how they do it in the show me state.
This should be 3 good ride'n weekends in a row,yowwza!

roost on and think about memorial day weekend
Mad Jack

Mad Jack 05-13-2011 08:22 AM

Meet'in & more on memorial day
Lots of bikes in the drive for the meeting,as in; XT600,DR650,TE610,XR650R,WR450,ZRX1100,GSX1250S,CB 450SC,VFR800,FZ1 Oh ya we are a diverse group of hooligans.
Six B.P.s are gearing up for the annual treck to the U.P. Doing something different this year. Sounds like two 300mi. days of self guided dual sporting from Gwinn to Copper Harbor and back over the holiday weekend. Have fun and be safe guys.


At the same time the rest of the members claim they will be dropping in and out at my Shindig. The Shindig, hope some inmates are able to attend. I'll try to describe what to expect.Wives, kids and girl friends will be in attending. Primative camping in open field, bonefires,tents,Chef Ra will be there cooking & greeting & guarding.Camping area has trails of varying skill levels.What to bring? Tent,good attitude,dirt bike,pit bike,dual sport bike,minibike and maybe thick skin wouldn't hurt either. Get the idea-bring a damn bike or the hole garage.
The plan fri. night set up camp,try out trails,eat pizza while enjoying beverages by the bonefire. Sat. morning eat breakfast burritos, ride trails at camp and at 2or3 other spots close by. These will be single track challenging woods trails. Real dirt bike with knobbies = most fun. Back at camp for food ect. Sun. breakfast, play around, group up for dual sport ride,as in legal bikes to three more different properties, one has the ol'mississippi as a back drop. Bikes could be hauled following us if desired.Then return to camp for the food & ect. Mon. get up eat ,see who's left and discus what everyones still up for.

Hope to be throwing roost with ya
Mad Jack

Mad Jack 05-17-2011 07:12 PM

Not sure what else to say on this event. Talk with many locals and this should turn into a GREAT weekend.

I'd like to single out the CABINNETTES as I coined them on their first trip to the U.P. after all staying in a cabin away from us tent people , all of them ridin smurf collored bikes. You have to tease guys like that even if they do ride good.

Pit boss Sauce will be showing up and helping with the NAPA RON HORNADAY signature grill, converted to smoker status [side fire box].

Things are still planned for harder close by trails Sat. Farther d.s. to trails Sun. The flood went down at Albany and rumors of lawn-weed mowing soon.

More of the drool. Moved 4 logs at madjackistan, you know just for practice.hahaha. Conquered all tonight.

roost on
Mad Jack 8 logs 0

chevsuz12 05-18-2011 02:10 PM

Hi Jack,

I look forward to the Dual sport ride. And will try to make at least some of the Shindig ride.

I will PM you with some other questions....

little john 05-19-2011 05:48 AM

hey Mad Jack,

you guys used to put on the little muddy in Morrison? thats where I got my first enduro trophy,,, only one in my class that didnt pull a DNF card.

always wanted to make it down to your national ,but it always seemed to fall on a set up weekend for our ride. I'm going to try and catch the cow paddy but the Nov run looks more promising. looking forward to riding down there with you. lj

Mad Jack 05-19-2011 08:01 AM

Some more thoughts and drool. This event will not be taking place at madjackistan. I will be posting directions next week. I'll even try GPS coordenance, shit I cant even spell that but i'm going to try.
The camping area has a tractor lane leading up the wooded hill to the field, this is not motorhome friendly. I'm going to check with land owner to see if any big rigs can park down at his yard,will know and post next week.

Zeb, I told your dad you have a special charge, dont let me down. Like the pictures your Mom took of us crashing at your place..haha.

Chevsuz12 I pm,ed you I hope. let me know if received.

little john glad to hear you could enjoy one of the little muddys, and to trophy when most dnf very cool.

Will be pretty busy till after Minn. this weekend. If your at Thielman find me and say howdy. Cant wait to see what this rides all about.

roost on Mad Jack

chevsuz12 05-19-2011 03:18 PM

Got the pm jack, thanks.

Mad Jack 05-20-2011 07:10 AM

Yedmod made the meeting last night and hooked me up with the right #'s. Thank you yedmod.

N 41.79969
W 090.08711

I'll be checking this next week. More to see if I'm able than it being wrong. Mad Jacks GPS skills are weak. Will also post route sheet type directions from Mad Jacks m/c, after checking milage.

Loading up for Thielman
Will be roosting Sat.
Mad Jack

Mad Jack 05-22-2011 03:21 PM

Thielman: wow did it pour down
5 of us were across the river when the hardest rain hit, 1 was a youth riding a honda 100, things turned worse when I broke the shifter off my XR400 in a lane that was the only place I used 4th gear. After some McGivering got it in 2nd and dropped back in to ride the blue trail back out of the bottoms and back to the bridge. Along the way pulled a 250x out of a sand trap for a spent 16 year old seperated from his group. Drenched we all came out ok. A loner shifter from another honda 100 [thank you Chuck] aloud us to take a short ride up the bluff for phone calls at the end of the day just before they closed the trails at 6pm. More rain sat. night and we weren't surprised they cancelled sun. riding. Trails looked like a total blast in good weather. But with rain fri. night,sat,& sat. night, things were not in anyones favor. Thanked many Golden Eagle members for their effort.

Shindig left out the cost.....ready........ FREE! But if you want to join in the food we're cooking a donation would be nice , also let us know if your in for food quantity please.

chevsuz12 05-22-2011 09:43 PM

Sounds like you had a good time Jack!

I finally got my sons XR80 back together today, it runs great.:clap We are looking forward to the weekend.

Our plan for the moment is to head out there friday afternoon. Setup the tent, and ride some friday evening. And ride as much as we can on saturday then head home.

I saw the sattelite view from the GPS coordinates, and recognized the area from past DS rides. That track is awesome.

I do have some concerns over where my son can ride his XR80. He is not yet experienced enough for serious woods trails, but is good for open areas, and easy trails. Will there be areas such as this (near camp) available for the youngsters to ride on?

Also, what time are you expecting people to show up?



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