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ScienceOfDirt 06-21-2011 07:42 AM

Adventure Engineering EZ-Pull compact block & tackle system.
The details of group buy are:

The cost is $60/each + shipping. He ships them for a flat $10. I think they would fit in a flat rate padded envelope at $4.95, or the flat rate small box at $5.20, but I would have to ship them after I got them. I'm still working out how to pay for, and get them to you. It will depend on how many actually commit to one. I can certainly ship 5 or so for cost, but if it gets out of hand, I'll let the manufacturer ship them.

You need to order by July 17th, 2011. See post #20. We may repeat this if there is sufficient interest, and the manufacturer agrees to another group buy. I have no financial interest in, nor am I making any money on this, so it is completely up to the manufacturer.

The item is described here

This group buy is ONLY for the EZ-Pull. The manufacturer is not interested in a group buy on the BringAlong.

Also, keep in mind he's a 1 man shop, and I know he only has a few ready to ship. If you need it now, it's not going to work.

In return for doing this group buy, the manufacturer has asked that if you actually use the device in the field, that you post non copyrighted pictures here of the device in use. Some of them may end up on his website, so don't post anything you wouldn't want used in that way.

So far, the following have expressed interest. If you have expressed interest, please subscribe or watch this thread for order information. I will save me having to PM everyone on the list. I'll post a new reply as needed.

ScienceOfDirt -I'll order last
JDLuke - Ordered
Pardus - Option 2
Simplyred - PM sent
brfinley - Option 2
Eugene - PM sent
gonzo2k - Ordered
ChrisZ - PM sent
S1am - Ordered
wdeTA - Ordered
Raven Rider - PM sent
Kbroderick - Ordered
Mr. Canoehead - PM sent
EdGear - Ordered
maverickoc - Ordered
dnrobertson - Ordered
dcstrom - Ordered
shoot870p - Option 2
Motoriley - PM sent
FJRick - Ordered
ChiTown - Ordered
Mike.C - Waiting

ScienceOfDirt 07-01-2011 07:23 AM

OK, the current group buy round is over July 17th, 2011. There are 2 ways to order.

The first way - the preferred way.
1. Place an order on the website for the regular price+shipping.
2. Immediately send an email to Victor here -> vmimken at g mail dot com
3. In the email, state that you are part of the AdvRider group buy, and list your handle.
4. Upon confirmation of your participation in the group buy, a charge back will be issued for $29.00
4. Wait for the arrival.
5. You must order before July 17th to be part of the group buy.

The second way - use this only if you have a problem with the charge back.

The second way is full for this round at 7 interested, 6 paid.

1. PM me to get my PayPal address.
2. Place a PayPal gift to me for $60 + $5 shipping
3. In the notes, tell me your Advrider handle.
4. I will place a bulk order for these on July 18th, and ship them to you when I receive them.
5. Wait for the arrival.

EDIT: Please post a reply here, or PM me when you have ordered. I don't want anyone to miss the chance.

JDLuke 07-01-2011 07:38 AM

Thank you for arranging this.

Order placed. I also included the google shopping order number in my email, as that seems like the most solid way to tie our emails to our orders.

wdeTA 07-01-2011 01:06 PM

Order placed and email sent.


Raven Rider 07-01-2011 02:12 PM

If someone backs out I'll take their spot for one or wait for the second round.

ScienceOfDirt 07-01-2011 04:13 PM

Raven Rider - Wait until July 15th. If there are any left to ship, I'll add you to the list. I'm pretty sure you'll get one. I just want the people who signed up to get theirs without waiting for more to be produced.

JDLuke 07-06-2011 04:40 AM

Got an email last night, that mine was shipped yesterday. I was never charged for it until yesterday, and it was straight up seventy bucks, no refund required.

ScienceOfDirt 07-07-2011 05:35 PM


Originally Posted by JDLuke (Post 16329184)
Got an email last night, that mine was shipped yesterday. I was never charged for it until yesterday, and it was straight up seventy bucks, no refund required.

I guess there's no reason not to go with option one then. Let me know how it looks when you get it.

JDLuke 07-08-2011 05:32 AM


Originally Posted by ScienceOfDirt (Post 16342177)
I guess there's no reason not to go with option one then. Let me know how it looks when you get it.

It came in the mail yesterday. It's even smaller than I expected, and will fit almost any nook or cranny you have available. The metal bits are assembled perfectly and are very nicely finished. Overall it's a lovely little setup.

I need to pick up some nice strong rope to use with it now I guess. I do have one tow strap that I carry, and I guess that will serve for anchoring one end. I almost can't wait now for my buddy Ron to drop his 1200GS off the side of a trail again. :lol3

I'll try to take and post some pictures of the thing later today, but that's iffy. My phone has been acting up lately and I'm never sure if it will be perfectly usable or if it will act like gremlins are running over the surface of the touch-screen.

kbroderick 07-08-2011 09:31 AM

Glad to hear the report. I placed an order with method 1 as described above, look forward to having some chance of getting my 1150GS back on the trail if it tries to escape.

Mr. Canoehead 07-08-2011 09:37 AM

Put me down if there are any more extras.

wdeTA 07-08-2011 01:28 PM

Got it
Got mine yesterday, just two days after the email saying it was shipped.

Very small and light. Looks very well made.

My primary reason for getting it was to get the bike up if I dropped it, or get it out of a stuck position. Since I didn't feel like dropping the bike just to test it out, I resorted to the simple test we use for rigging Z-Drags for boating which is to attach it to the ceiling in my garage and my climbing harness and see if I can lift myself off the ground (yes, I realize that violates at least two of the safety precautions).

It rigged easily and had no problem lifting my weight off the ground with pretty minimal effort. The attachment holes are well machined and very smooth so no risk of cutting whatever rope/strap you want to run through it. A standard climbing caribiner will fit through the hole, but depending on the biner shape, it won't rotate all the way through since the bend in the biner has too sharp a radius for the width of the hole.

The spectra cord is more than long enough and strong enough for lifting the bike up or pulling it out of a hole. The spectra line is very thin and stiff however, so it wants to tangle easily. The biggest drawback I see is that the cord is so thin, it is difficult to get a good grip. They include a dowel which definitly helps, but it cannot be reset under tension. This means you can get your initial pull easily, but if you need to regrab the line farther up you might have problems. I might need to see if a clam cleat like winsurfers use might work.

Something like this:

or this:

In all, I'm pleased with the system and I'm adding it to the gear I carry on trips.

wibby 07-08-2011 02:00 PM

Great idea

Hope someone will post a video of it in action :wink:

maverickoc 07-08-2011 02:14 PM

If you still can, please put me down for one as well!

JDLuke 07-08-2011 02:18 PM

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