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fredgreen 06-27-2011 06:12 AM

FredGreen's Nova Scotia
In the past I've been prone hijack trip threads to post some of my Nova Scotia travels, usually Yellowknife bears the burden of my rides, although he is sometimes on those rides with me. This time it's all about me.......and my wife Shirley who loves to ride along when she's not at work.

First off; the horse I ride: 2001 KLR

and the jockey:

The missus and her ride: A 2008 KLR aquired from JDrocks (see his post here:

This ride was on our 13th Anniversary, it was a little drizzly in the morning so the ride had to be shortened a little due to lack of sun. We decided to head out from Bridgetown (it's where we live, so we like to start there) and head to Crystal Falls behind the air base in Greenwood. We took the railbed out of Middleton, crossed the Annapolis River

and headed to Bloomington, site of a small Hydro Generating station and waterfall

After that we headed across the East Trobrook Rd on the ridge of the South Mountain (not really a mountain). We stopped at the Charleton farm where the view is outstanding, across the Annapolis Valley is the North Mountain

eventually we came to this...

Crap, we're going to have to turn around......................................not

It's into the woods we go

About 2 miles in we came to the Crystal Falls trail, and a short walk down the hill and we were there

It's a nice spot, but sticking with Nova Scotia tradition some Asshat thinks the whole world shoud know he was there

Ok back to the falls

Something is lurking in the forest

Time to head out. We went straight through the trail and came out above Rocknotch Rd.

We headed off from there for coffee with my buddy Rob and his wife Carolyne, he couldn't come for the ride, his Harley isn't quite equipped for this. After coffee, it was over to the Bay of Fundy for a quick stop at a crowded Beach

Then we took off for

straight out over Bridgetown

towards Annapolis Royal

towards Middleton

After this it was home to get the BBQ going and washed down with some homemade IPA.....Talk to ya later

yellowknife 06-27-2011 07:19 AM


I want the directions for this place and the dam. Plan on using it once I finish getting through this work week, assuming the bike is ready to go.

Thanks for posting this.


fredgreen 06-27-2011 03:50 PM

Hah Hah, your initials spell ick. The bridge is the rail bridge going south out of middleton, west of the Middleton Tim's near the family feed store. To get to the Nictaux Falls bridge, follow the rail bed to the 201, turn left, go to stop sign at Hwy 10,(where we stopped last week). Turn right then left towards Bloomington, Nictaux falls. After turning off the #10 and taking the sharp bend there is a three way (tee-hee) intersextion....take the right had route, the bridge is just down the hill. Have fun. PS, I am going to my camp on Friday if anyone is interested in coming out for a visit.....

fredgreen 06-27-2011 04:39 PM

Monday ride
So....this morning (27th June) I went to the garage to get the KLR out and found the bike had morphed overnight.......into a Victory Kingpin

just screwing with you, this was going to be a road trip day with my buddy Rob. Rob and I were bunkies in basic training in Cornwallis 26 years ago, I think he's a little slow, most people think I a d*ck after an hour, Rob still talks to me after 26 years......Anywho, I blast off to his place to pick up him and his Harley, except...he's laid up with gout. I called him a pussy, old man, no avail, apparently this has no effect on gout, so off I went on my own. I took the back way around Greenwood Air base and before you knew it I was here

A cool old hydro dam from the olden days...

with a small lake above

From there it was inland to get to New Germany, In Cherryfield the LaHave River crossed under the road, I had to stop for some pics.

I was off to New awaits.....5 bucks gets this

at this place

All fuelled up it was cross country toward Bangs Falls. I had to stop here

Because the road was getting very twisty....and very twisty roads need The Minglewood Band to be blasting through the Ipod. If you've never had Matt Minglewood in your head...on a twisty road.....on a big V Twin, well son, you just haven't lived.
From here it was on past Bang's Falls, then south to Liverpool for fuel and a coffee. Then it was time to blast off for home. A few last shots of the Mersey River

and it's nothing but Tail Lights

Home in time for supper after 400 kms....A good day

kelsow 06-29-2011 04:25 PM

Awesome stuff.

That beach looks familiar,

ClearwaterBMW 06-29-2011 04:30 PM

great ride report
what a beautiful part of the world
thanks for sharing it with us

fredgreen 06-29-2011 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by ClearwaterBMW (Post 16284189)
great ride report
what a beautiful part of the world
thanks for sharing it with us

Thank you kindly, you're welcome to come visit, we're always open////

fredgreen 06-29-2011 04:51 PM

Love your beach shot Kelsow, thanks

CallMeBoog 06-30-2011 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by fredgreen (Post 16266414)

that's the old church near Knox road? I know it well.

fredgreen 06-30-2011 03:57 PM

I thought it was a cool spot to stop

fredgreen 07-04-2011 03:32 AM

A 110 km run around the Delap's Cove Rd.
So...Saturday was a little warm out when I got home from the camp, so I decided to go for a quick run over to the Fundy shore, it's always cooler over there. It's about 10 km from my house to Hampton. A quick stop at Hampton Beach/Wharf

The tide was in today

compared with last time I was here

The Bay was very calm, this is extremely rare

There were a few people on the beach

the water is just too cold for swimming though, it only gets to about 3 degrees C
Behind me are the fishing Shantys, these are immaculate ones compared to some I've seen (and smelled)

fredgreen 07-04-2011 03:45 AM

From Hampton, it was a quick ride 20km west to Parker's Cove. There were a lot of touristy types there, as there is a campsite just up from the Wharf, still a nice place to visit though.

Across the road is a seafood sales place, doesn't get any fresher than this

A big house by the wharf...must be a lobster fisherman's place

I'm not sure what they use this shack for....

Then it was off to Delap's Cove....the end of Shore Rd. The road ends on the wharf

There was a woman at this shack painting buoy's and flogging them to tourists

Roads end

A davit for unloading the boats

A couple shots along the shore

smashed up lobster pot

The Beast

fredgreen 07-04-2011 03:54 AM

On the way out of Delap's Cove there is a dirt road that leads to some hiking trails, I decided to take a quick run down there.....I came to a barricade with a road closed sign, so naturally, around the barricade I went to find out what kind of fool would close a rode that isn't really a road

The Road

I found out why the barricade was up....

Somebody busted the bridge

still enough room for a KLR though

The road was pretty rough all the way to Victoria Beach, lots of baby head sized rock, and it was very loose, but I made it out to the other end unscathed.

more to come

fredgreen 07-04-2011 04:04 AM

I came back out to the pavement at Victoria Beach, which is on one side of the Digby gut. The current here is very treacherous for boaters

The other side

The Digby/St John ferry was just heading out

A coupla road shots

Next stop was at the old Casey's fish plant. This was a busy place before we managed to fish everything to near extinction

view from the wharf

next stop...Granville Ferry/Annapolis Royal

fredgreen 07-04-2011 04:15 AM

I rode along the Annapolis Basin and stopped at the Port Royal lighthouse

A quick look down the road


the bike pulled up to was a retired woman, she was really cool, We chatted for 10 minutes or so, then off she went

Then off I went. This is the Annapolis Tidal Generating plant. The only plant of it's kind in the world

Along the Annapolis Basin shore as the tide goes out

Annapolis Royal

Granville Ferry homes

From there it was off home, Grand total of 110km, took 3 hours to ride. What a great day

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