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243Win 07-07-2011 01:54 AM

$1000 in the pocket, how far can we go?
Plan is to leave home Monday and head east across the northern portion of Washington State and simply head east until I run through half my money and then turn around and come home.

The ride is like my last, to clear my head. Monday would have been my start date at my old employer if I'd successfully nailed my last two interviews. Well the interviews went very well, but somethng apparently went awry on me. The last ride did a lot to help me get my head on straight and get over the depression of getting laid off.

I'm hoping to get at least as far as Glacier Nat. Park. Never been to Montana before. If the money is holding out, N. Dakota is a possibility too. No time set, just go and come back when funds are depleted. Route back will be 12 across Idaho and southern Washington out to the coast and essentially circumnavigate Washington as I close into home.

If anyone is traveling in that vicintiy and spies a dark gray SV650n with luggage (and Moose brand handguards) sporting an ADV sticker or two, drop by my camp, I mix a pretty good Gin&Tonic.:freaky

I'd prefer to take my DR650, but I've got plans for it and I won't have time to fix it up in time to leave Monday, I worked all winter on my SV making some mods to make it roadtrip comfy so it is ready to roll, I only need to mount a top box and it is good to go.

More to come, I like to post from the road while the experiences are fresh in my mind.

Flashmo 07-07-2011 05:40 AM


MikJogg 07-07-2011 05:42 AM

sounds good :lurk

Hulked Up 07-07-2011 05:49 AM

I took a similar trip in 2005 at the end of an 8 month lay-off, just before I started a new job. Pretty cathartic. You can always get another job. You can't always get the time for a trip like this.

Flying-D 07-07-2011 05:52 AM

Plan on getting past Montana! I can make it to the west coast and back from here (Missouri) on less than $1000.00. Enjoy the ride.:freaky

bk brkr baker 07-07-2011 05:55 AM

Good chance to see Dry Falls before the next Ice Age starts.

Reconstructed 07-07-2011 07:53 AM


Hominid 07-07-2011 10:22 AM

gin & tonic
he's not kidding - he does mix a good G&T :freaky

Hominid 07-07-2011 10:56 AM

When I travelled East through Montana back in 2004 I branched off of I-90 just East of Missoula and took 12 to Roundup, then branching South to see the Little Big Horn Monument. I think Montana is the road kill capital of the U.S. so keep your eyes out for animals, live and otherwise. Little Big Horn was worth the time.

Another highlight of that trip was Devil's Tower, which is not too far from LBH. I wasn't expecting much, after all it's just a big rock, right? But it really was impressive in person. There is camping there, but there are also places to camp not far from there that would be better.

If you have the time make a run through Yellowstone. Entering from Cody to Cooke City via Dead Indian Hill Road and Chief Joseph Hwy is awesome for either entering or leaving the park. Very steep with switchbacks, but the views are incredible when coming from the East. I spent one night at Buffalo Bill State Park before taking that route - it's very convenient for an early morning start to roam through the park.

on2wheels52 07-07-2011 05:03 PM


unexpected traveling suggestions are dancing lessons from the gods

eupson 07-07-2011 09:05 PM

Give em hell out there, take no prisoners, and keep the road reports coming in. I'll just have to sit back and enjoy the read.

Eagletalon 07-08-2011 01:09 AM

Sounds like a great ride and a good challenge for yourself as well with the $1,000 budget. No better time to think than when going for long rides. What is your time frame?


elindst 07-08-2011 08:14 AM

Good luck old man - no sleeping on lumpy ground this time.

FargAT 07-08-2011 11:21 AM

i'm in.

ficoszac 07-08-2011 12:15 PM

in mexico??? can you live for a month whit that budget mi amigo!!!!!! :freaky

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