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SrFrog 03-05-2005 04:45 PM

Soft Luggage
First time writing on this great site. A lot of knowledge out there and I'd like to get some opinions. I have an '05 Dakar and would like to keep the luggage "light". I'm thinking Ortlieb Dry Saddlebags. Question is: should I bother with side racks to prevent melting? If so, which ones. The Happy Trails racks look bulletproff and would offer the ability to go "hard" if I choose to later.

Also, any opinions on good off road pegs? I'm guessing the TT's are probably a no-brainer.

Ride Safe,

craigincali 03-05-2005 04:59 PM

There are sooo many threads on here about soft luggage. Search under soft luggage, luggage, panners. I have been researching soft lugage too and it sems that Dirt Bagz are very popular ($219.00 for luggage and rack) and Wolfman and some company from Austrailia.. Andy something..

The Happy Trails will work with everything but at $200.00 just for the rack you can buy an entire Dirt Bagz set up. I like the way RKA's look and all their features are nice but I only know of one other guy using them.

TT are a no brainer but it all comes down to personalopinion. I love me stock KTM pegs, I just removed the rubber pads.

Asshat 03-05-2005 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by craigincali
and some company from Austrailia.. Andy something..

i did quite a bit of looking around and i settled on Andys a bunch of goodies....should be here in a week or so....


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