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Gruebane 03-07-2005 05:56 AM

South African members
going to the Buffulo rally in mossel bay next weekend , if so pm me an we make a plan to share a beer or 2. Anyone from JHB? My plan is to leave jhb at around 5 AM and pretty much head straight there to get there at about 4 or so stopping for brunch and generally taking a relaxed ride.


HappyGoLucky 03-12-2005 05:43 AM

Hi Pawn Star

Not making it, cos have a 4 day trip that will culminate in Die Hel. 6 Bikes, 9 Riders so far... meeting more there. At the moment, all Daks and Adventures, but prolly will meet up with some ATwins et al there. From my side, I am trying my damndest to spoil the BM party (I ride a Dak) with a Katoom 950.:D

I am glad I found your post. I am looking to start a thread where all SA Adventurers can come up with a list to contact each other for rides. Know of something already going?

I like exploring, ride technical stuff that supposedly the Daks arent made for :eatme, my fave hunting ground is in the Grabouw/Steenbras Dam area in the mooontans. Obviously, I live in the Cape.

So, I am looking for more riding partners, as I start to lose some...:ricky due people not wanting to stretch limits :vardy Having said that, I am no Jan Du Toit..

rvdcolf 03-14-2005 10:09 AM

Rider from Namibia
Living in Namibia - we are planning to go to BMW Annual gathering in Oudtshoorn (end of April). So far 16 in the group - road bikes and dual purpose: 2 KTM950's, just to make them mad! We'll do the 1750km to Oudtshoorn in 2 days, mostly off-road for the KTM's. Planning to return to Windhoek via Cape Town. As far as I can gather, they are organising quite a few offroad trips whilst we are in Oudtshoorn - Gamkaskloof, Baviaanskloof, etc.

HappyGoLucky 03-14-2005 01:09 PM

Howzit Man - hoe gaan dit? (I am in Bellville now, en ek leer die taal... al weer)

So we were chatting today and discussing going to the Annual Gathering. Do you reckon they would accept Katoomers there? I have mates going up with 4x4's to Namibia in 2 months time and I am choosing not to go at the moment, cos I would be the only bike in the group.... more fun with at least another..

I am envious that you are coming down and having so many k's of offroad riding. Of course, this weekend coming should be around 1200-1400k's too. But, Namibia must be sumfin special.

Keep in touch, perhaps we can all meet up there and shake hands, and sluk something cold.

Cheers mate, George

rvdcolf 03-16-2005 07:15 AM

Re KTM @ BMW gathering
Accepting KTM's at BMW- have they got a choice? No, just joking. Fortunately all the "dust-eaters" are friends, no matter what you drive. We'll be staying on our own at one of the B&B's. I think it is going to be a hell of a gathering - with Jan du Toit around, be sure that there will be a lot of nice rides to go on. I think they put a lot of effort in, sorting out the routes,etc.
Maybe I'll see you there.
About coming to Namibia - always nice to be more than one bike, but even when you are alone, you'll enjoy the roads (esp. if you are going with 4x4's - leave your luggage with them, and you'll have more fun playing around with a not so heavy bike.) Let me know if you ever need GPS points on the routes.

LuckyStriker 04-05-2005 02:49 AM

Are any of you going to the HU meeting at Golden Gate?
Visit if you don’t know what I’m on about.

Look me up for a beer – Blue 1200GS next to the green ‘North Face’ tent.

Sam Buca 04-05-2005 03:07 AM


Originally Posted by LiveInTheOutdoors

... cos have a 4 day trip that will culminate in Die Hel. 6 Bikes, 9 Riders so far... meeting more there.

Waaaaat? Gaan julle Die Hel toe met fietse? Neem asseblief baie fotos end wys dit hier vir die Amerikaners.

Geniet dit!

Capey in LA.

rvdcolf 04-06-2005 02:32 PM

Die Hel
Was in 2002 af in Gamkaskloof (to hell and back) - what an experience. definitely one of the "must do" things as far as off-road is concerned!

Wat maak 'n "Capey" in LA??

HappyGoLucky 04-10-2005 06:43 AM


Originally Posted by Sam Buca
Waaaaat? Gaan julle Die Hel toe met fietse? Neem asseblief baie fotos end wys dit hier vir die Amerikaners.

Geniet dit!

Capey in LA.

Howzit Boeties -

Listen man, it got better than that. You all know that suggested time into the Hel is 2 hrs. Well, coming out, we did one hour. And it was truly slow.

On the way in, I was trying to catch the best dirt riders I know (speed wise - not technical). I made it in around 35 mins. Admittedly, I abused my Dakar (if theres such a thing), and when I stopped, my knees were aching from the stance one has to take to absorb the bumps and keep that throttle wide open in every gear.

haha - I also removed the last of my tyre tread!

I have photos bud, so if you want some, I would post but I dont have a smuggie account. And btw, if you dont mind posting, I have pics from yesterday where me and my mate rode Adv's in soft soft dune West Beach (next to Blouberg) sand... It can be done boys. And Jan's still the next goal to reach..

Have a great day!

Welshman 04-14-2005 08:12 AM

Adv Rsa
Interesting idea a local site, but I note you guys tend to be "West Coast" I am Jo,burg based with a 2000 vintage 1150GS, always looking for partners to ride with, I am not afraid of challenges but in my "mid life crisis" I don,t fancy wiping out on a dirt road on my own.

I did the "Jan de Toit" weekend at Amersfoort, it is intimidating when you are just trying to stay upright and he is practising wheelies on a mud track in front of you.


HappyGoLucky 04-15-2005 01:22 AM

Welcome Welshman to the asylym...........

I love the idea of a local site - I am learning that not every GS rider likes a challenge, and often prefer the image of a serious bike to the real deal. Havn said that, I have met good people off road, and like someone else on this forum said...

Bad Roads = Good People
Good Roads = Bad People

My mate and his wife above belong to a club called ODM (Organisation for Dual Purpose Motorcycles - or more often - Organisasie vir Dubbel Doel Motorfietse) and these guys do more dirt than tar. Having said that, they are no evil knievel's but those "Red Routes" can be arranged hehe

If theres interest, let me know. Lets see what we can start for a SA website...


Welshman 04-15-2005 02:50 AM

The "challenge"
I agree with your statement on not everyone enjoying a real challenge and prefering the "safe route", it was strangely obvious on our Country Trax weekend. The one thing that came across in a big way was that if you hold back you are not going to make it! With so many obstacles if you dont attack it from the start it will beat you. In general the "road riders" in our group who were more unfamiliar with dirt used a far more cautious aproach which only resulted in more spills, whilst the crazies with the large gonads just ploughed on through. The ODM looks interesting.
Remember, you are never too old to have a good childhood.


HappyGoLucky 04-15-2005 07:08 AM

Well Welsh, I will riding Steenbras and Grabouw this weekend, plennny of challenge there. IN fact, if you DONT go hard, you get hurt - simple as that. So if youre ever down here, then let me know, and we can go ride. Got a coupla fellas who will be up for that...

We didnt take fotos on most of the sections, cos we were too busy trying to hold on. When it got easier, we took fotos. Heres some:

The pics genuinely dont show how difficult some sections were, but instead of whining, I will show you good ones hopefully next week, when I have done this route again, with more guys, and you know how the rains have hit the Cape within the last week... phew....


LuckyStriker 04-20-2005 03:48 AM

Hey LiveInTheOutdoors!

How do I get up there?
Can you give us a description of how to get to that road? It looks like it might belong to 'Cape Nature Conservation' or ‘Forestry’. If so, do I need a permit or just blast past the chain across the road?

Oh, one other thing… what’s with the baggy pants? :D

HappyGoLucky 04-20-2005 06:16 AM

Heya Dude,

George here. Listen I dont mind taking up space here cos there are few SA it seems reading this.

Ja, that road is conservation/forestry area and ya need to know someone on the inside :wink:. Drop me a line sometime and we can definately go up there.

Warnings though, its not a stroll in the park and yet its not exactly gas gas stuff either.

Having said that, I am always looking for guys with the will and desire to ride on the difficult with the "heavy bikes". So I can take ya up into Grabouw forestry too, and we can tackle all the 4x4 routes

Seeing as you live in Bellville, we are close to the riding areas!

We must meet up soon. You like to ride that 1200 off road? Then cool. How bout some sand riding? I made a post about sand riding on the GS spot. Dakar vs Adv - check it out for some piccies.

Oh well, thats it


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