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Fogo72 09-08-2011 11:38 AM

Team KLX head west
Well here I go again, It's every adventure riders dream to be able to take his eldest son on his first adventure ride, So I'm getting in early so you can follow us through the prep for a ride we are going on in late October. We live in the Hunter Valley of New south wales in Australia, which is a wealthy coal mining area. My eldest son Aaron is 16 years old and will be able to get his Learners permit in a few weeks. Here in NSW a few years ago they changed the law that on your Learners permit you are allowed to ride a 650cc bike now instead of a 250cc, Why I don't know and not sure I agree with the idea, but hey, for adventure riding, it suits us fine.
I ride a 2002 model KLX650R, you may have see it in my other ride report ( Singleton to Innamincka )

I went searching for a bike for Aaron and came up with another KLX650R 2001 model. Why you may ask, well their cheap and have good suspension, It had spent a fair bit of time out in the weather which meant the plastics weren't the best looking, but it did have a big fuel tank on it, which were getting very difficult to source over here.

Not the best loking bike, but we plan on getting to look indentical. The trip to Pooncarie is about 1000 klms and we plan on doing a big loop to have a good look around, so 3000 klms in 7 days will do the trick.

Fogo72 09-08-2011 11:54 AM

7 weeks to go.
We have started to change a few bits and pieces on Aarons bike, I got rid of the aftermarket Polisport headlight and put it back to original, Cost $500. ouch. We made a Lexan windscreen and changed the mirrors. Looking better already.

We are going to be traveling on some sandy roads on this trip, so I thought I'd better get him brushed up on some sand riding lessons. So off to the dunes we went, He really suprised me and only had one stack all day.

Fogo72 09-09-2011 12:23 AM

Trouble in the camp.
I dropped the oil out of my bike to find the oil filter full of metal, I pulled Aarons oil filter out and cut it open and found the same. Hold on to your seats boys and girls, this is going to be one hell of a ride. Both bike are going, so they can mill themselves to destruction. Two bikes enter, one bike leaves, proberly one bike made out of the two. :lol3

Fogo72 09-09-2011 12:44 AM

Bling time.
Well, I will have to pop the tappet covers off another day and have a little peak inside to see whats going on. But for now we are getting on with the strip down and grease all the bearings and change wheel brearings, new tyres. Aarons bike is getting a full set of plastics and months ago I managed to help organise with Acerbis a rerun of 15 Acerbis 18 litre fuel tanks, so I got one of them too just to make his bike look like a new one. NOW the money would have been better spent on the engine to make sure it will get us there and back. But hey, what would adventure riding be with out the adventure. :eek1

Here is Aaron learning how to get a rear tyre off cold.

The traditional Desert Express stickers to go on the swing arm.

Notice the hand, 3rd deg burns to my left hand after a cooking oil acccident, I'm going down to Sydney every 3 days at the moment to The Royal North Shore burns unit for treatment and extensive therepy. They are worried about my hand seizing up, so I am making sure it is going to lock up in the riding position, then I can just slide it on. :rofl

Fogo72 09-09-2011 12:49 AM

All hands on deck.
We are going to run Pirelli MT21's up front and Mitas E07's on the rear. I haven't tried a E07 on the back yet back can't wait too from the reports they get.

Aaron and my middle son Mark putting the swing arm back in. Cant wait until all the boys are old enough to ride, we might have 4 KLX's going by then.

Fogo72 09-09-2011 01:43 AM

Been searching for a while to try and work out how we are going to talk to each other, I run a GME TX3100 compact 40 channel on my bike. I purchased two, 5 watt waterproof two ways off Ebay USA and when they turned up they were on the yanky channels, so I rang my local comunications store to see if they could reprogram one yanky channel into my unit, but no they couldn't. So they are getting resold at the moment and I bit the bullet and bought a Uniden 5 watt hand held waterproof, for $260. I also purchased a splitter box off a electronic guy in town that allows you to run your UHF and IPOD through it and into your helmet.:evil

b0mb3r 09-09-2011 03:46 AM

im in :lurk

jtb 09-09-2011 06:39 PM

Nice write up! Loved your last ride report as well:clap:clap

Just wondering why your not running bark busters? After a bash plate it's always been the first modification I make from stock...

Good luck with the ride and your hand! Looking forward to reading more:D

Fogo72 09-10-2011 04:32 AM


Originally Posted by jtb (Post 16822812)
Nice write up! Loved your last ride report as well:clap:clap

Just wondering why your not running bark busters? After a bash plate it's always been the first modification I make from stock...

Good luck with the ride and your hand! Looking forward to reading more:D

Thanks mate, I kinda like the look of the stock KLX handgaurds, not practical but I keep spare levers in my saddle bags.
Cheers Fogo..

Fogo72 09-10-2011 05:52 AM

A day in the shed.
This morning in the shed I wanted Aaron to take his tappet cover off so we could take a little look inside, so he took out the Right hand side radiator and took the tappet cover off. It all looked pretty clean in there with no obvious signs of any failure. I told him that it would be a good time to check the valve clearences. So I showed him how to check them, Bucket shims, so I didn't really want to get right into it unless they were really out, I have got a good selection of shims now. Inlets were .004 and and exhausts were .006, perfect. we spun the cams over and the lobes were in great nick. Nothing like a Dad teaching a son skills for life. I'm the kinda ADV rider that doesn't agree with back up vehicles following on a trip, So my family needs to know how to fix their bikes on the road. If I can get the parts I can rebuild in the dirt then ride it home. Trailering bikes is for pussies. :lol3
Aaron checking his valves.

I was still wondering where this metal was coming from , so I thought stuff it, I said "Hey mate, see that top Cam tunnell, you want to see whats under there?" So we turned it over to top dead centre and backed off the cam chain tensioner. The can tunnell came off and and what a bloody relief. Not a mark on the can journals or the can tunnell. Thank god, Hopefully the metal is from a hard days riding in the dunes crashing through the gears.

While Aaron was putting his engine back together I thought I should get onto a couple of bloody annoying oil eaks on my engine, Last time I split and rebuilt my engine I used a cheap and nasty engine gasket kit as I am a tight ass.
I am going back to genuine Kawasaki orings and gaskets, I just bought a tappet cover gasket, $76, what a joke.
Look at the poor thing, bleeding everywhere.

Aaron and I had to head off at 400 pm to go and go and see the guy who is setting up his intercom for him, rewiring the speaker mic to be compatible with the splitter box.
On the way home we called in too Thunder Dans house to check out his new bubs and some of his current projects, and let me tell you he is a prefectionist. :evil

Cheers Fogo

Fogo72 09-13-2011 03:16 PM

Good news.
Junior fogo (Aaron) has just been offered an aprenticeship with a local mining company as a plant Mechanic.
Today I am going to start strengthening Aarons sub frame, I let you know how it goes with some pics later as well.
Cheers Fogo...:1drink

Fogo72 09-18-2011 03:30 AM

Metal in the filter.
A couple of weeks ago I went on a 1200 klm camping trip, before I left I flushed out my engine with petrol and fitted a new engine oil filter. I bought two magnetic sump plugs and fitted one to my bike, the other is for Aaron.

I got back from my trip and dropped the engine oil again and there wasn't much on the plug and it was only very fine. Good investment off ebay for $3 each.

Cut the engine oil filter open and it was clean, so I guess I'm good to go.
Stay tuned over the next few days.
Cheers Fogo....:evil

Edmond Dantès 09-18-2011 03:47 AM

That's quite an increase in power from a 250 to a 600 for young lads on learner permits. Hope the government know what they are doing???

Fogo72 09-19-2011 03:57 AM

Sub frame repairs.
We got into strengthening Aarons Sub frame, first all the mounts have to be cut of the sub frame leaving as much OEM welding as posilble so you dont blow through the frame while welding it.

Under strict supervision, junior welds in the stiffening plate.

He checks out his handy work and does good, I took over to finish off a few places we weren't happy with.

Fogo72 09-19-2011 04:19 AM

finishing off the sub frame mods.
I gave the sub frame a couple of nice thick coats of grey hammertone paint, no need to prime, good stuff. You dont really notice the colour change once the rear gaurd is back on.

Aaron got onto making up his new dash to mount his digital speedo.

And I started to rewire his bike to except the new dash and ran a harness down to mount the new battery, as KLX's don't have batteries, we want to be able to run HID lights and charge his two way when parked up.

Cheers Fogo...:evil

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