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mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 05:57 AM

Java and Bali roadtrip on a klx150s
This is the first long distance journey from a semarang central java to bali. Then head back to central java and back home to parents house in Yogyakarta. Then continue heading to west java to near capital city in jakarta called serpong. Then head to the western coast of java to a beach called anyer. And finally went back to serpong.

This journey started in semarang I left at 11 am in the morning and headed to yogyakarta. I passed many small cities such as ambarawa temanggung which is situated on mountains and active volvanos then head to magelang a city boardering yogyakartaM there is the famous borobudur temple in magelang but I did not drop by may be some time I will.

Arrived at jogja after 3 hour ride my ass getting hot.

In jogja I met up with my brother. He will accompany the journey to bali. After having a small lunch and about an hours rest ready to go.

The next stop in ngawi which is the about a 3 hour ride from jogja. It is also the boarders of central java and east java. The road is flat and is a low lying area not like ambarawa and temanggung which is very hilly and dangerous ups and downs and turns.

The sun set and time to rest and freshen up because the journey is still long. After a hours rest we head to batu which is cooled city on a mountain slope. To get ther you need to pass nganjuk kediri pare then batu. From pare to batu is a very hard journey very little lights, dark the roads is hilly and wrong move you fall to the edge of the cliff or you fall to a river. Pare to batu is also a landslide prone area.

We arrive at a batu just before midnight rite on the peak before the decent. I remeber it being very cold and very hungry because we have not had dinner. It is so cold that I could not even text a message on my phone.

We arrive in the small town of batu just close by the valley and all restaurants already closed so we sleep on an empty stomach.

We stayed a friends place who is currently working in batu as a banker. Oke good friends I will write more about the next day then add some photos


mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 06:17 AM

day 2 the long and winding road way to bali
We woke up in the morning its like freezing we did not take a bath just too keep warm. Wake up with some bread and coffee. First we need to find breakfast. The is a good place to eat in the morning in batu in front of the town square. We ordered rice and beef I think it was the traditional name is brongkos.

After full we head to a city called malang it is a big city and hard to try to get out of. This happend the same when in solo. In malang you can two ways to get to bali the fast flat straight way which by the northen cost of east java or cut your way to the ups and downs left and right sharp turns through the middle of east java it route onone uses to go to bali because it is just to may and takes up energy.

Me and my brother choose the long way because better scenery of mountains and less traffic eventhough it further and needs more time and more fuel.

The city that we need to pass is malang lumajang jember banyuwangi then gilimanuk the port town in bali.

This is going to a long journey ahead.

mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 06:40 AM

kinda lost so stop by police station to ask direction
There was no longer any green sign board to show directions so we followed the bus that says malang to lumajang. Unfortunately the emission from the buss if fulled with black smoke so we passed by the bus. After about. 1 hour ride from malang me met an intersection with so sign post there is a path to the left and a path to the right. In the middle is the police station.

The best thing to do now is just ask the police. I waited by the side of the road and my bother ask for direction to the police. Then he went back I think I need to go to the toilet to shit. This may take some time. Just do your business. It was about 15 minutes waited and yet no response may be something he ate for breakfast.

The police said don't wait outside just wait here with me in the station. Oke so I sat with the police. He tells a story how you he likes to ride motor and usually ride in the week end. He also said becarefull the road ahead is dangerous and hilly.

The also said that it would be a 1 hour ride to lumajang and another to jember and then then final strech of road to bali will take about 3 hours including the cross by ferry.

After about 30 min my brother we out of the toilet and ready to go.

Said by to the police and took his picture as well.

mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 07:24 AM

cutting through two mountains in east java
From malang to lumajang there is a mountain I'm not quite sure its name I think it is a mountain near mount bromo but on the southen side. It is a great view the left side is high clifts and large trees and the right side is a cliff below is a river but it looks like cold lava deposites from the volcano.

I love going up and down mountains on my motorbike and also twisting and turning down the winding road. Lamajang is a town quite small it is an intersection I think for people that want to go to jember. Jember is a bigger town in east java. The road from lumajang to jember is still on the side of mountains. Still godd views and still very dangerous if it rains very slipery and potential for landslide and rockfall.

Closer and closer heading to jember to roads become flatter and the mountains so high arwe now the past behind us. Felling hungry we stop to eat just before the city of jember.

It is already 3 pm and we have not ate a thing since break fast and we have been on the road for about 5 hours already and hours fot redting and stopping. Soon it will be dark and we have about 3 hour more of riding until bali.

While having lunch a grass hopper jumped near by the table then I took a picture of it in the small wooden javanese hut called a joglo I think.

We rested for about an hour and my brother all asleep on the wooden floor of the joglo. My body started to feel itchy sine we haven't took a bath sine the yesterday. After an hours rest we set off to bali hope that we can reach the habour by sunset for some good photos.

mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 08:05 AM

hoping to reach the harbour by sunset
after a well deserved rest and filled with nutrients the next destination is ketapang the habour city north of banyuwangi. Getting out of jember was another problem. There a sign board banyuwangi turn left and jember city straght ahead. We choose to go to the left and follow the sign. It seemed like an alternative route because the roads are getting smaller and the house are turning itu rice fields.

I think we are lost again. My brother stop and ask directions again and I try to find my location on the gps. It turns out we are heading north when we should have headed east. Next time I think its better to go through the city instead. It takes a least an hour to get back on track and precious time have been wasted and the sun is setting fast.

We try our best close but no cigars. Th sunset is gone.

2 hours past we reach banyuwangi a pretty large city compared to jember and lumajang. Well there seems to be some sort of night life aroung here. There are malls restaurants. More lively in the southern most city in east java. It is 7pm. And fuel is running out so stop by the petrol station just before the ferry crossing.

Arriving at the docks we must pay Rp 16 000 per motorbike to hop on the ferry. A trip that would take 1 hour less.

Every 1 hour a ferry will cross to bali. Its 8 pm and the ferry of heading to bali.

Hip hip hore

mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 09:04 AM

tired smelly hungry and finally in bali
Since 8 in the morning to 8pm in the night it has been 12 hours of riding eating shitting resting and now made it into bali crossing on a ferry. Ferry belly is already filled with cars busses trucks utlitiy vehicles and yes motorbikes. Feeling a sense of accomplishment knowing that minutes away we will arrive in bali.

Waiting at the upper deck the stereo is on full sound will dangdut music. In the background with a large tv for kareoke. This upper dek is more like a disco in the 70s than a ferry for cross. The muscis is loud the sound of the engine is also loud and the wind is big. You can,t rest in just typw of situation so you just enjoy the situation.

Closer and closer we see lights on the harbour in bali. People start to head down to the lower deck to prepare the vehicles. We just stay at the top for to rest. Because tomorrow will be a long day going around bali. Also the fumes in the lower is killing when everyone starts the engines but all still trapped in the belly of the ferry.

As the belly opens and secure one by one the motorbike goes out. We soon follow the first stop is a police post to check your vehicles registration documents and vehicle police numbers. They also ask a question of what is your purpose in bali and where are you heading.

Then there is another post by to check your personal I'd card. Name adress or anything. The faliure to provide those to documents you will be sent back to java.

Welcome to the port of gilimanuk. The last time I was here was still a student in university 5 year ago on a study tour using ab bus. Now on a road trip using a motor bike my klx 150s.

The police said to go to denpasar itu would take about 2-3 hours from the port.

Since me and my brother is tired we choose a cheep hotel called hotel lestari only 5 km from the port. It only cost 110 000 per night. Just standar bed fan and toilet. No fuss. Its already 9pm and need some rest for the journey tomorrow.

We rested for a while, take a bath to freshen up and need to find some thing to eat.

10pm we find a A small warung jawa muslim restaurant was near the hotel. Had dinner rice and eggs with hot ginger tea to warm up the body then back to the hotel and fall asleep.

Let's what is still for tommorrow.
Bali bring it on.

mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 09:28 AM

the long way to denpasar
Denpasar is the capital city of bali and to get there will take about 3 hours. The usual route is by directly heading south east to denpasar. To really explore bali we choose the longer route may be route less travel. Northen and eastern side of bali.

After waking up at 10 am in the morning feeling hungry we went to the restaurant as last night. Then we rest for a while and planned the route in a near by mosque. Muslim are a minority in bali and most of them live in the west side of bali. Central and east side is a hindu majority. And less and less muslim you will find. After the mosque we direct set to go to lovina beach.

Along the way we past a national part a lushes grean forest and many mongkeys. This is truning to be a great ride through the national park. We past various beach and hindu temples. Before arriving at lovina beach. Here is a place where you can try to find dolphine watch but it must be early in the morning. It already 1pm hot so we headed on to the next location.

More and more beaches from buleleng to singaraja and up to a diving spot on the east side. Most beaches here are visitwd by locals with there family. One the beaches on the grass are cowss moo. My brother want to take a picture of one. Riding by the beach is great.

In one beach saw the remains of a ceremony to burn the dead into ashes. In the same location is a tradition method to make salt. East to that beach is a musem of a dutch ship a shipwrech.

The sun is setting and we haven't been half way to denpasar. Still in the northen part of bali.

Damn. Still a long road ahead.

mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 09:58 AM

its dark and still not in denpasar
The has set long gone and now we are saying good bye to the beaches now mountains again. We have just past gunung agung and a waterfall now we are heading to almapura. The sence would be great mountains trees and rice filed below but all we see is just black and the road in front. To bad should have left much ealier. From almapura take about 2 hours to denpasar.

We passed the road heading to padang bai the port leading to the nusa tenggara. One day I must be able to cross to lombok island. We then passed candidasa a smal town but already croweded with tourist from al over the world. More and more tourist domestic are less and less. The road widdens and oppurtunity to test the speed of the motorbike. The road to denpasar is big and wide. But still it is dark.

We arrive a denpasar at 10pm at night hungry because the last time we at was at 10 in the morning. There seems to be a habbit of eating only two times a day. We stayed at a friends place who is currently a lecture in udayana. At 11pm we try to find something to eat and something warm to drink.

After full to the stomach we went back and sleep for the night.

Oke good night everyone.

After a cold shower then off to the bed.

mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 11:41 AM

day 4 the crowed kuta
The first destination kuta we wanted to go and find a place that has good beaches and rest but we are wrong to go to kuta it is dam crowed not good for riding a bike or worse a car through these streets. It is better to walk than to use any other means to go to kuta. Hundres and may be thousands flock the street in kuta and all is a one way street is you missed a turn you will have to go with the flow.

I don,t quite know what is so interesting thing about kuta yes the beaches have white sand but its just more crowede and croweded. Like places to relax and joy. Ah yes the answer is that I don't surf. But how can you enjoy surfing when the beaches are full.

Well you got to be thankful that the beaches in bali in getting full. After 10 year of the bali bombings in legian beach tourism industry has risen again. After the bomb the tourist crumbles and many people lost there jobs.
So it needs about ten years to heal the pain. Send my condolence to the victims family and friends who have lost loved ones in bombing attachs.

We try to get out of the maze of kuta and yet again lost but founded another beach and temple. This beach is one especial for hindu rituals I think.

Starting to feeling hungry we try to find a place to eat. Our have reccomended to go to kedonangan beach to buy fish and cook it by the coast line. It is cheeper there becauase there is a large fish market.

The off we went.

Yummy my wouth is watering already.

mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 11:53 AM

the fish market at kedonangan beach
Contacted our friends in bali and invited to have lunch together at the beach. They oke but there is a traffic jam from denpasar to the place. Oke we understand because we have kust past that area about 1 hour ago from kuta. We told them we will stop near by the red light going to kedonangan.

We waited and waited still no sign it was already 1pm and haven had lunch even a decent breakfast not. So I check around and it turns out that my motorbike chains is loose. That's why it didn,t feel to good.

So I try to find a garage to services and tighten the chains. It was good that is was close to the red light. First he tighten up the chain then he offered to clean the bike since its abit dirty from the long trip. As he pour soap all over the bike my friends had arrived.

Just dry the bike and finish it off. He said ok. Then I paid 12 000, for the small services on the chain and the wash. We headed to the fish market by the beach and yes it is a wet fish market lots of fish different type and evan a shark.

We buy 3 kilograms of black snapper and 1 kilogram of calamary squid. Food all to the barbeque. It cost a total of 80 000 for raw fish and squid and another 80 000 for rice vegetables and cold drink for 5 people

That's hell cheep

We waited then waited and waited we waitwd for about 1 hour and the food is ready. This was top me the peak of the journey eating fish by the beach.

It was already 4 pm and we still want to catch a sunset at the most southern point in bali which is uluwatu.

After full of eating we went to the beach and said good bye to our friends and headed to uluwatu.

Chasing the sunset begins again

mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 12:31 PM

sunset at uluwatu
6km south we arrived at uluwatu and reach the eadge of bali. Only 45 minute ride from the beach. The enternace fee is 3000 but you don't wear clothes that cover the body you must pay 10 000 for a sarong. Many monkeys big mongkeys skinny monkeys and baby monkeys.

The monkeys here are funny there are the ones that jump on people steal food jewelrey and books and even eat rubber sandles. I heard a young indian tourist said to its mom. Mamy why to monkeys eat rubber sandles?
The mother laugh and so did I over hearing the question from the child.

Another stole jewelry and the local balines guide had to barter the jewelry for peanuts but the monley still wanteded the jewelry and the peanust is just a failed negotiations between human and mongkeys.

Besides that the view is magnicient. This ends up my journey in bali with a beautiful sunset at uluwatu.

this ends my journey to bali which only spend two days to do a clockwise tour around bali. The only way back is west.

They way back is tiresome and dark. Better to travel by daylight because you can sea the view at night it is all dark. At 6pm we start to go to back to denpasar which took about 2 hours then to gilimanuk which took another 2 hours. By time we knew it it was already 11 pm.

We check in again at the hotel lestari take a bath and then went to bed.
In the morning very early in the mornet get the first ferry back to the java island. That's the plan.

Good night

mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 12:55 PM

day 5 way back home using the northen coast of east java
Early in the morning wake up just after sun rise then headed to the port purchased tickets still cost 16 000. Even early in the morning like this the ferry still have loud music inside. One of the passenger complained that everyone is still sleepy and early inthe morning to play disco music.

Went out to take picture of the sun rise and say good bye to bali. Next time I willl be back I will just past bye since I'm heading to lombok sumbawa and may bee flores and all they way to kupang perhaps.

45 on the ferry and step foot on java land. From ketapang banyuwangi we head north to situbondo then west to purbolinggo. Here we had lunch.

Going to situbondo is a big national park called tabanan here is where I resch max speed at about 110 km per hour on my klx 150s. The roads are wide, the road is empty no one and its straight and downhills.

In situbondo is suger cane area and also for fishing in the beach. We arrived at porbolinggo for lunch at 11 am and rested after a 3 hours of non stop fast riding. Along the road funny thing was a replika size kabah cube like in mecca then there a large water power electricty plan by the beach.

From lunch we went to directly to the city of malang then batu up in the slopes of the mountain again,

But being too tired we stop by a petrol station and sleept for 2 hours avoiding the hot sun. At 4 pm we went on moving and it turns out purbolinggo is close to malang only 2 hour ride. Fare closer than going through the south route. The only difference is it is flat and more traffic.

We arrivewd at batu and find dinner and fall as sleep in my brother fiends place.

mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 08:38 PM

day 6 speeding way home to yogya
It has been near at least 3000 km since the last time a serviced my motorbike so it looks we need to find a service station of kawasaki along the way. From batu we head to a place called pare ripping up through the mountains. there are many pine trees here. Then reach the lower lands of nganjuk then ngawi.

Having crossed the boarder from east java to central java now heading to sragen then solo. In solo we try to find a service station but we kept on passing by. Untill we reach klaten. This is the city boardering to yogyakarta. At 2 pm we put the motorbike for service and also changed the machine oil.

Already 3pm and hungry we stop by macdonalds for lunch and went back home. I drop by a small garage of kawasaki to by a spare part for the motor bike. The motorbike needs to be fit for the long journey tomorrow going to cross west java. Into the most western part of java called tangerangan selatang banten. The place where I live with my wife.

Tomorrow ride will be solo since my brother will have a well needed rest.

Cheers for now

mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 08:59 PM

day 7 west java
This is the first longerst solo ride for me. Yesterday with my brother and now a lone rider. Er started a 7 am in the morning and prepared some food for lunch. Had a smaal breakfast and drink coffee and off I went.

The ride crossing yogakarta is just flat left right rice field. Crossing to central java is also the same. More rice fields rivers bridhers traintracks. From puworejo to cilacap. I arrived at the border of central java and west java in city called banjar. There is restaurant there and also a mosque. I rest for a while and had lunch.

From banjar the road is bumby with holes that had been filled with aspault. It is no longer rice fields but now plantations of rubber trees and other productive timber. Heading to mountainous area but not so high like in east java.

Passed through tasik then ngagrek to arrive at bandung the capital city of java at 3pm. Bandung was like a maze a big city.
Rice fields had all turned to buildings and cement. The next stop is cianjur then bogor. The road to bandung to cianjur is flat just hwavy traffic cars busses and motorbikes. Heading to bogor is like climbing up a mountain it is geeting cold. Seeing the sunset by the road in cipanas a city after cianjur. It was already 6pm and still a long journey to be woth my wife.

The peak in bogor is foggy only 5 meter of viewing distance very dangerous so went very slowly.

Heading down there was a big traffic jam everyone after a picnic at bogor is heading down hill back to jakarta. I was caught up in this traffic. At 9pm stop at the petrol station to have dinner basically it was my leftovers from lunch that I prepared this morning.

It took another 2 hours to reach home. Arrived at 11pm tired took a bath and hug my wife then sleep good night.

The next plan was to go see the anak krakatau volcano from anyer beach. But may be a need a weeks rest before can continue the journey. This it will be acomppanied with my wife.


Hoped you enjoyed the journey

Will post the photos as soon as possible :)

mujiburrahman 09-15-2011 11:00 PM

Me and my brother

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