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adkjack 10-14-2011 09:24 PM

Beemer Buddies handgrip covers group buy for BMW bikes (from Cure for Skinny Grips)
5/15/12 Program Update: The Group buy is currently on "Vacation", but will be reinstated sometime later this year. We ran it for a good 6 months this first time, and you should look for it to return sometime during the year. Best, Dave R.

As the author and creator of the Original Beemer Buddies/Original Grip Buddies, I wanted to weigh in and describe these grips for those who are not familiar with them. Thanks to all who have posted pics, although this is the only thread where I have actually witnessed my grips being tried out by a butterfly.I guess if you live long enough you'll get to see everything.

Back about 10 years ago I began making these grips for myself and my friends, and I found that, as a ridercoach, I could recommend them to riders because they helped eliminate the distractions of hand and wrist discomfort, thereby making a rider just a fraction safer. My most recent incarnation of my grips utilizes embossed rubber neoprene, in combination with super sticky-backed velcro, which I lock-stitch onto one of the grip edges with unbreakable nylon thread. The grips are attached to your stock grip with the adhesive backing, and the neoprene is stretched around the grip to meet and adhere to the hook portion, by pressing down the loop backing on the hook velcro strip. And yes, I do make all of my grips myself. I take great pride in the fact that they are Handmade in the USA by me!

I think one of the posters mentioned that the velcro I use is heat stable to 186 degrees and the glue is waterproof. I selected this industrial grade hook, specifically to mate up with the industrial grade unbroken loop on the back of my IG sharkskin neoprene. the resulting properties of the finished product are as follows:
  • Padded, comfortable grip
  • Grip now "fills" your hand and seems to give most users/riders the feeling that they have better control of their motorcycle
  • Grip is waterproof, and actually gets a little stickier when wet, resulting in better control under moist conditions
  • Since the glue backing the velcro hook is heat stable to 186 degrees and is waterproof, the combination of heated grips and the sun beating down (or a serious downpour) does not de-stabilize the glue and assures that they won't "migrate" like some of my competition. For that matter, some of my competition have tried to copy my system and use hook and loop which has no adhesive backing. Result is a serious "migration" problem.
  • An added plus is that I have selected my materials such that your heated stock or aftermarket grips will effectively penetrate my Original Beemer Buddies and be transmitted through the neoprene to your hand. Anyone who was at either the Fingerlakes BMW rally , or Colors in the Catskills this year can tell you that they witnessed this phenomenon at my display, and that for much of the time I had to "turn down" the heated grips with my grips covering them because "too much heat was transmitted through my Original Beemer Buddies.
  • If you would like your bike to maintain its sleek and "BMW-esque" appearance, the "sharkskin" texture of my OBB's definitely does that. In addition, some of my early incarnations of my grips have been in service for over 5 years and have proved durable enough that they are still being used by friends of mine on their bikes.
  • Installation of my grips can be done by you, and is a snap. I pack good directions with every set, and it usually takes the average lay-motorcyclist about 2-3 minutes to install them over their stock grips. Also, they can be re-positioned and/or moved to another motorcycle if so desired.
  • They are a good value at $19.95 plus $5 shipping (CONUS, Including Hawaii and Alaska)
A member of this forum has asked me to do a Group Buy like the one we just did over at the K1600 forum, and since there is genuine interest in a group buy here on this forum, we are going to go ahead with it. Consequently, I am offering a 20% discount to forum members only, so instead of the delivered price being $24.95, I would release them to advrider group buy participants for a total of $19.95 delivered (CONUS), a savings of $5.

Our group buy on the K1600 forum was very well subscribed, and just ended about 2 weeks ago. The group buy here (now is extended till further notice), and we have plenty of participants to make it worth my while. I have decided to extend this group buy till further notice, so just simply input the discount code "advrider" for purchases within the continental U.S.A (including Hawaii and Alaska), or the discount code "advriderworld" for all offshore purchases, in order to get the discount.

Interest in my grips has been excellent here on ADVrider, which has resulted in my extending the group buy till further notice. My new (completely re-vamped), website has a lot of great information on it, and even includes a bunch of photos, streaming video of detailed installation instructions, and a secure shopping cart for interested buyers. (Attention:Website now complete, click HERE to see it). The site address for those who aren't familiar with my site is

Finally, any one wishing to order in person, or who has further questions: please email me : , or call me directly at 518-461-3003.


Dave Reppert
Original Beemer Buddies

Gangplank 10-14-2011 11:40 PM

I'd be in. As the original poster of this skinny grip fix thread I'm looking forward to testing these out.

EJ_92606 10-15-2011 12:18 AM

Thanks Dave for posting. I have Grip Puppies and have been happy with them, but don't really care for how they look, whereas your product looks like a true motorcycle grip and probably has a less spongy feel, so that is great. My concern is the wrap method and does this give the grip a "lopsided" type of feel where the velcro attaches? By the way, what is the URL for the K1600 forum where you had the group buy...I'd like to see what some of the feedback is over there.

Thanks again for posting and best of luck with your product. :clap

JohnnieBoy 10-15-2011 11:34 AM


Originally Posted by EJ_92606 (Post 17079668)
My concern is the wrap method and does this give the grip a "lopsided" type of feel where the velcro attaches?

Looks like a great product and I would also consider a pair of these, but exactly my concern as well. Wouldn't there be an unsymmetrical feel to these because of overlap?

I tried finding Cricket bat grips online, but had trouble finding them in black. When I did, I really didn't like the pattern.

Suppose I could just go down to the local cycle shop, now that were in the $20 - $25 dollar range....

prometheus rising 10-15-2011 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by Gadget Boy (Post 17077965)
Pics would be appreciated. I ordered a set.

Here you go

Peel the paper off nad the glue is underneath

Flip Side

for some scale 3 quarters stacked

johnnieboy & ej-92606 Below is the seam when installed, there is no overlap , look at 1st pic the entire surface is where the velcro "hooks" ( this is the side that will be against the factory grip

then look at pic # 2 and you see the hooks.

when you wrap them the results look like this...

adkjack 10-15-2011 02:23 PM

Nice job on the pics!
I often sell multiple sets of my grips to customers, and now I know what they do with the extra sets. . . . . . . . . . . . they use them to take cool pics. Thanks to my buddy Joe for posting those excellent pics of the close-up detail of my grips. He is correct that the seam is intentionally installed at the place on your grips between your fingertips and your palm. The edges are butted up to each other (not overlapping), which automatically makes it so the resulting seam is not in the way of the "feeling" portion of your hand. On top of that, most riders find that with gloves on, they aren't able to feel the seam, anyway.

Mr. EJ_92606. . . . .here are a few links to the thread over at the K1600 Forum which pertain to the group buy, and the resulting comments/observations of the participants:

Hope this helps. I am very impressed at the in-depth detail which has been requested, and I am very happy to supply the information to interested customers.:rofl


Dave R.

sturgeon 10-15-2011 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by Gangplank (Post 17079616)
I'd be in. As the original poster of this skinny grip fix thread I'm looking forward to testing these out.

I'd be in too.

JohnnieBoy 10-15-2011 02:36 PM

OK, worth a go.... So group buy for $20?

bmwroadsterca 10-15-2011 02:41 PM

Group buy
I'd be in for two pair.


adkjack 10-15-2011 04:45 PM

Who wants to help with this?
EDIT **** - To simplify things email me and put advrider in the subject line, in the body let me know your forum name and your real name, and how many sets you would like, When we hit the magic number I will respond to every one for payment info and shipping address.

Need a volunteer to help keep track of those who are interested. Maybe some interested member could start a list of those who have already committed to this project, and email me at so we can get on the same page with this.

So far we've got:
  • bmwroadsterca (2 sets)
  • JohnnieBoy
  • sturgeon
  • Gangplank
That's 5 sets spoken for right away!

I will be glad to supply the grips at the discounted price of $20 CONUS (delivered) to members of this forum. In order to make it so this doesn't get dragged out too long, I w ill run this GB til Saturday 10/29/11 for a total of no m ore than 2 weeks. We need to have a minimum of 40 sets spoken for by close of business that day. I will also honor the price to these members if they decide to get extra sets for their buddies. Did this with K1600 guys, and it worked out fine. BTW, if we have any offshore members (I sent some to Malaysia/UK/Australia/Canada/France/Italy etc. on the K1600 group buy) those folks need to add $4 for the additional shipping, so total of $24 for offshore.

Sounds like we're off and running. Glad to welcome you guys who signed up already to the family of smart, satisfied OBB users. Welcome aboard!


Dave R.

p.s. Any members needing expedited service for their grips can contact me at the above email address or call me at 518-461-3003, and I will react to their individual needs on a case by case basis. Did this with 2-3 guys on the K1600 forum who needed expedited service, and was happy to do so. Worked out well for all. DR

beeper 10-15-2011 06:53 PM

In! :D

My new GS is currently in transit, may as well start gathering some goodies for it. :wink:

Hikertrash 10-16-2011 09:57 AM


Originally Posted by ouray rider (Post 14023297)
There I was thinking I needed to re-handle my raquetball raquet when it hit me! The solution.

I went to sports Authority and got two things. A "Tourna Grip" which is a tennis handle wrap.($7.99) If your cheap just get a roll of friction tape. ($1.00) The product material has a little give and has enough product for three grips. Wrap and tape the grip at both ends.
The 2nd product is called "What a Grip". ($5.99) You'll need two of these. Same concept , cut to lenght of grip area. A provided small bag goes over the grip. You then roll one end over slightly to get a good grip and you slid it over the grip and bag. It takes longer to write this than do. it. It's exactly like putting a rubber on. Do I have your attention ! Pull the bag out and adjust and your done. You can tailor make the girth of the grip what you want and you have a nice new durable grip that looks and feels it was made for your bike. The grips have an ever so slight cushion to them that cuts vibration too.

P.S. If you have trouble getting the bag out, roll you rubber from the outside in and pull the bag out. Re-roll your rubber to the outside of the bike and your done! Do not cut short, a little long is better . If you ever wear out just buy another grip.

Many of our lady riders will probably easily follow the procedure from past experiences.

Ok, so I googled What a Grip to find out where to buy it and was horribly surprised that it's also used by r'itards on their penis to keep it from turtling so they can look bigger when going "commando" in jeans, etc. :eek1

picard 10-17-2011 08:54 AM

I'm in on a set also.

Gangplank 10-17-2011 09:46 AM

Ok. Guess I am in. Was on the fence but hey at $20 I'll give it a try. :D

GB 10-17-2011 03:37 PM

Moved to Vendors.

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