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VietHorse 12-31-2011 03:36 AM

::: VFR800 Interceptor in Vietnam - Day trip for explore new roads
Hi Guys
This thread is for a day trip with 455km. Main focus of the trip is National road #55 an #769.

Road #55 has been built long time ago but it was not so convenience for transportation as there is a better road for the same endpoints. Therefore, it has not been taken well care of. After some raining seasons, with some flooding, road surface quality has been known as terrible road, and it just fit for dirt-bikes.
We have just heard that there are some drivers has experienced driving thru this road and found that almost completed repairing. So that is why this trip happened for.

Road #769 also has the same story. It's small provincial road but it has been used as alternative road while the main road under re-construction. Now the construction is almost finished, most of the vehicles has top utilizing the alternative road.

Below is our tracklog for that day trip for your info:

Track details:

VietHorse 12-31-2011 04:00 AM

Start of the daytrip
Departed from home abt 4:30hrs. Met my friend right at 05:00
Rode abt 130km then we stopped for breakfast:

The noodle in this area is much different from what I have experienced. Dont know how to explain. But that might be something customized.

Where we stopped for breakfast - me with Candy Red VFR and my friend with Black FZ1:

The pink scooter in the above photo is quite common in Vietnam. It is consider as personal daily transportation means.

A cup of coffee after the noodle. The breakfast cost us total abt $4 for both of us. What the cheap breakfast.

Stopped for fuel after 188km before reaching the starting point of the Road #55:

Here is where we took the turn from Road#20 to road #55:

The signboard says: Da-mi and Ham Thuan hydro-powerplants -> 40km. That means we will pass two power plants in the next 40km.

Strange road make us quite cheerful. Took of my P'nS camera to ready taking any photo. This is my Fuji XP10 - the one has waterproof, dustproof, vibrationproof but the image quality is not good, in comparison with my frequently use Canon A620:

Passed abt 5km with lots of house along the road, we started seeing the twisty road signs - flowers seen also:

Stopped here to set-up camera and others before entering the pass:

Twisty roads:

Long radius:



(to be continued...)

timmie415 01-23-2012 09:06 AM

Chúc mừng năm mới
I hope the year of the Dragon is a good one for you.
I really enjoy seeing your photos and thank you for the effort you put in on your RR's.


VietHorse 02-02-2012 07:15 PM

Let's ride ahead...

Originally Posted by timmie415 (Post 17813052)
I hope the year of the Dragon is a good one for you.
I really enjoy seeing your photos and thank you for the effort you put in on your RR's.


Thanks Timmie. I was ended up the year of Cat by a bike accident... Hope this year will be a happy year w/o any issue.

Let's move on:

After some soft bends:

... suddenly we saw the signboard:

The signboad says: "All means of transport, stop for checking".

This board may be presented very long time ago, since the road has been newly built for some hydro-power plants construction, but removal of this board may take time and costly :D :

We still respect the requirement, all stopped:

Let's check around first, before someone checking our bikes:

If you followed some of my previous threads, you may know what are the brown things besides the road:

Yeah, that's coffee. The farmers they use this method to dry the coffee. It's known that natural drying will give better quality than drying by machinery:

None checks. I checked myself:


Eck... Is it cool!? I don't think so!!

Dude, don't you want to make a macro photo???!!!

Hard time for checking, roads still ahead..

(to be continued...)

BeerIsGood 02-02-2012 07:23 PM

It's beautiful there!!! :clap:clap:clap

VietHorse 02-02-2012 08:24 PM

Ride on....

Originally Posted by BeerIsGood (Post 17897352)
It's beautiful there!!! :clap:clap:clap

Thanks M8. Great to know there are someone watching me... :freaky Yeah,... Beer is Always Good, hehe...

Bending roads still ahead...:

All mount and forest are around:

Sign of road repair:

Left side is very deep chasm:

Some small houses beside the road:

The view suddenly wide opened on the left, it seemed the hydro-power plant lake.:

Yeah, it's. A nice lake within a valley:

We stopped for some photos:

After some mins discovering, we realized that 's only the beginning part of the hydropower lake.
We kept riding on..
After abt 10mins, we saw this::

And that's lake:

Photos may not be able to express all the beauty of this area:

We were here:

Damn... I seemed to start flying... and forgot abt landing... sh*t...

(to be continued..)

Blue&Yellow 02-03-2012 02:06 AM

Those are BIG bikes in thailand! :rofl

VietHorse 02-03-2012 08:29 AM


Originally Posted by Blue&Yellow (Post 17898793)
Those are BIG bikes in thailand! :rofl

Oh, really. Ah, may I know what d hell r u talking abt!?

VietHorse 02-03-2012 09:10 AM

Twist it...
View of a bend which is still under construction. They seemed doing the repair of the drainage canal:

The lake on the left:

View from the lake side:

I was back-up to pose some shots:


Here I come:

Even though I already knew the road condition but I still feel uncomfortable when passing all the damn big rock with sand at the side - so don't dare to put my knee down:

Anyway, It was nice experience...

(to be continued...)

VietHorse 02-04-2012 05:37 PM

Kept riding for 15mins, we reached end of the lake, looked for some locals to ask for the roads:

Rode straight for a while, saw this dam:

Down there is the road to the power plant:

Stopped for a while. I did shout very loud, hear the voice come back from the mounts...

Road is under repair:

My bike:

Here's how my friend takes fotos:

Planned to ride for abt 2-30km more, then find some stops for drink.
(to be continued...)

VietHorse 02-05-2012 06:53 PM

Forgot to put some water bottle in saddle bags, we felt thirsty and need a stop for drink.
Left the dam abt 20km, we reached the citizen area, here's a coffee stop we took a rest:

First time in the day both bikes under a shade:

wow... what a rest place...

Here's stop co-ordination, just in case someone passing by... hehe!
Lat: 11°15'2.50"N
Lon: 107°51'24.90"E

It's quiet, cool, there was a small stream behind the house.... feel sleepy...!

Stayed there for almost 30mins... Well, need to be on road anyway:

New built road:

Yeah, It's not my friend:

Oops... Saw the signboard, but both ways are to strange places!:

Stopped for asking again:

Yup, if turning right, we will be heading to another hydropower plant. So we choose the option going straight:

It's started to bend...

(to be continued...)

VietHorse 02-06-2012 06:40 PM

Some more photos of the road:

The rock looks like the one I saw on Mullholand video::

A straight road with some nice trees along the sides, it's flowers looked like some snow:

Then we stopped for lunch. Was too hungry so did not have any photos there.

VietHorse 02-09-2012 01:34 AM

Lunch and rest for more than an hour, we started to head back
A new road - not really a new one - just the one our bikers not normally ride on as it was known as a bit further than other. It's TL769.

Beginning part of TL769 showed us a quite good road. Fewer and fewer houses beside the road. Replaced with rubber tree forest.
We stopped for some drinks at a small temporary inn:

Hmmm..... Firs time in my life I see such kind of duplication.

Here 's our way home:

Small trail in the rubber tree forest - dirt bike riders would like this very much:

Our lovely bikes:

Sit there for less than 30mins, straight to home.
I got home abt 17hrs with the Trip A was 445.1km

Dude, it's exactly same as what I recorded from my Garmin handheld GPS:

That's all for our trip to check out the new roads, new routes actually.
Posting this while the trip had been done and I am unable to ride due to a bad landing... Really miss my bike, the road and the feeling of cornering...
Thanks for watching!

Ivyleague 10-27-2012 06:48 AM

What lies beneath ....
the beauty of rural landscapes and sinuous mountain roads woven into the green canopies covering one of the fertile wombs of Gaia? I feel like I've lived this dream before. I'm glad the nightmarish mechanized invasion failed; sorry for the toxic rubble of chemical weapons, shrapneled craters, land mines and all that crap.
Thank you for sharing the beauty of a vibrant landscape free from Walmarts and Taco Bells. If there are some lurking in the cities, then thank you for not showing them.
Thank God, yours, not ours, for throwing off the misguided invaders. Forgive us our sins as we struggle to learn how to forgive others and let us remember our follies so that they might not be repeated. God save the Queen....

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