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andrewgore 01-19-2012 07:57 AM

Re-Rehashing my 1974 Kawasaki F7 175
Sometime in 1974\1975 My Grandpa bought off his neighbor a wonderful little enduro, the 1974 Kawsaki F7 175. My Grandpa rode the bike intermittently, but for the most part it sat in my Great-Grandma's garage. It sat there until one fateful day circa 1995/1996 when my brother decided to take it for a spin. I was 10 or so at this point, and apparently quite pissed that I only rode on the back with my brother around the neighborhood. I created a fuss & was told if my feet could touch the ground, I could ride it solo. Probably not the smartest idea my parents had, but hey I was able to ride the thing.......until I topped over in the yard, with the bike pinning me beneath it. Thankfully my brother came running to my rescue and the only scarring that the bike gave me was emotional, burning into me the need to ride motorcycles more and more.

Fast forward a couple years, my grandpa gives the ol' 175 to my brother, who uses it to take the MSF Course & ride to work\visit gf's\etc. He manages to neglect the oil tank on the side of the bike, seizing the bike several times while blasting down the road. :lol3 Everytime it seized, he managed to get the bike back going & continued to ride, using whatever oil he could get at the time. From then on, we treated the bike rather poorly (unfortunately), yet it continued to take it. I recall vividly one day while having troubles starting the beast, we managed to start the thing on fire. Remarkably this caused no issues & the thing kept running.

The bike then sat in my parents garage for a few years while I got out of motorcycles (or got more modern ones that required less work). I finally decided to get the beast running\slightly fixed up to either ride around off-road, or just have another working bike in the garage. I tossed in some new rings on the bike, as the cylinder\piston still looked great (amazingly enough). Fresh oils, cleaned the carb, chain\sprockets\etc, installed new headlight & we were off to the races. The bike ran, though it never wanted to rev out. It'd top out around 45-50mph, but it ran and so I didn't really bother to deal with it too much.

Well one day I decided to swing home at lunch from work & ride the beast back to work. I just about got out of my subdivision when the thing quit running on me. This was middle of this past summer, so I was in no mood to sit there kicking the beast to try and fire it back up. Being occupied with other bikes, meant that the 175 has sat in my garage until this past week. I began initial investigation, finding that I have no spark.

So, last night I began really tearing into things & tested resistance values on the Stator. Resistance values on everything, other than the Signal coil were spot on, so right now I'm debating what route to take. eBay is a bit light in the F7 175 stator market & I can pick up the materials to do this stator & about 20 others for 50$, so I'm figuring my best bet is to go that route.

Sorry for the long intro, but felt the bike deserved some history. It kind of sucks that to make this bike "trustworthy", it could cost more than buying another bike, but I guess that's what happens when you got a machine from the 70's.

Pic of the bike in January of 2010 up in the UP. The 175 was quickest on the trails, just keep it pinned, and it floated on top of the snow:

Back when I first got it back up and running:

Beginning work with it's friends:

I initially thought that the lighting coil on the stator was bad due to the crease in it, but it chekced A-OK.:

I'll snap some more pics, as I've currently got all the electronics removed. My goal is to simplify wiring & to make the bike trustworthy to ride. I ain't looking to go cross-country, but if I could trust it for day trips out on the trails, that'd rock. It will have headlight\tail-light & that's it for wiring.

More to follow......


PS - Oil injection still works great. Pre-Mixin' is for suckas!

Shocktower 01-19-2012 10:34 AM

Another 2 stroke thread HAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!:clap, Good luck and have lots and lots of fun :freaky

dooder 06-10-2012 03:02 PM

Nice bike!
Any updates?

andrewgore 06-10-2012 04:14 PM

I rewound the stator, but found that the baseplate had a busted screw on it. The bike has sat idle since then. I've got a plan for it, but it won't happen until winter at the earliest. Only downside is that it wouldn't be a 2-stroke anymore, but more usable.

I'll report in when the time comes. I won't forget, I gotta move the thing every week I need to take the garbage cans out. :lol3


andrewgore 07-26-2013 07:42 AM

Well hey, it's only a year or so later, and I'm finally doing something on the bike. :lol3

I re-rewound the stator last night. I had a fancy rig involving a tire balancer, a Ryobi drill and of course my wire. A lot of spinning, and hey, we appear to be in good shape.

I dropped down to a complete bare-bones wiring setup based off of this diagram:

Lo & behold I got spark :clap

So I began cleaning up the crank threads & nut for holding on the flywheel. All was well until I thought I was just bottoming it out.....and sheared the crank. Not the end of the world, as a new nut will still thread on, so all is well.

Time for some more cleaning, and a few parts ordering:


cgk64 07-26-2013 03:24 PM

Looks like your in luck, you will have a running bike soon. I actually like my f-7 more than my tw 200. Only thing with the f-7 is getting parts, where as the tw 200 is still being made.

andrewgore 07-31-2013 07:27 AM

Spark issues?
I've been thrown for a loop here now. I nearly busted my right foot trying to kick start this thing. :lol3 I also funked up my garage pretty good with it's vintage 2-stroke smokey smell. Long story short, I wasn't able to get the bike running. After some minor trouble shooting, I've found something odd....

The bike isn't producing spark. The bike WILL produce spark, but will only trigger spark IF I have the ignition\ground wire lightly touching a ground. If I have it completely grounded, I get no spark. If I have it not grounded, I get no spark. It's as if the ground wire is triggering the coil.

Any suggestions on this? With how the plug connectors are, there is no way I can hook up the wiring from the coil\cdi\stator any differently (ie, it can't be wired up wrong). Anyone have any ideas on this?

I did take a voltage measurement off the 2 green wires coming out of the CDI. I got around 150v as I kicked the bike over.


andrewgore 08-02-2013 07:59 AM

Ok, I'm making some progress. First of all, I found a legitimate wiring diagram in full color. I then went to town and got rid of all the crap on the diagram I just don't need. Here is how I modified it:

The only issue I see at this point is that there is no disconnect between the battery & magneto. Not an issue, as I'll address that when I install a key switch on the machine. This main diagram is to simplify for myself so I know that I've got the base elements sorted out.

I also wanted the lights to always get a solid power supply from direct from the battery, as to buffer it from the stator's varying voltage (RPM based)

I ordered up a new coil, cap, and plug today. That should all arrive on Tuesday, so in the meantime I'll get the rest of my wiring all sorted out & in place.

I got my headlight mounted up, though I feel like I'll be changing it to be mounted on the lower triple clamp. I don't like the exposed hardware up top there. I'd also like the 2 mounting holes up top to be reserved for a key switch. This will do for now, and give me a good idea on how well it fits with the bike (imo pretty much perfect). It was pretty hard to beat for 20$ on Amazon.

I went through the carb last night, and that all checks out really good. I also drained all the old oil out of the injection tank. Not good when that oil is all black. haha. Last I recall putting in there was Amsoil, but that was red so....who knows :lol3 All in all, if the coil sorts out the spark issue, I should be back riding to work in no time on this beast. It's making me excited :D


andrewgore 08-08-2013 11:37 AM

New coil and plug are in. I also redid some of the wiring, though its kinda weak, so I'll be redoing some of it again. I did an iffy job on it, mostly because I still wasn't 100% sure if it'll run.

I saw I've got bright spark, but when I was testing to see if it'd run, I didn't have the exhaust, intake or tank on there. It wanted to fire, but I had only really funneled some fuel into the carb, so it wasn't properly getting gas.

I buttoned things up last night, so it should be much better testing this evening after work. I'll have video if it runs.


Twin-shocker 08-10-2013 02:23 AM

I would say that you will certainly have problems with your home wound source coil. If the windings are not uniformly and consistently wound, then the wire tends to get very hot in specific areas, which will quickly lead to insulation breaking failing. Might work for a while, but long term prospects are not good, and there is also the possibility of damage to the CDI unit.

Personally I tend to either fit a replacement coil, or have the OE part properly rewound by a professional.

andrewgore 08-11-2013 02:31 PM

It doesn't run. :lol3. Motor needs main crank seals. Its on indefinite hiatus until I formulate a better plan. I'd like to toss in a 250cc Logan engine, but those 4 stroke motors are tall. I'll feel things out.

In the meantime, it'll sit pretty next to my other machines.


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bogieboy 08-18-2013 06:44 AM

Whatabout a 200cc lifan? Get the pushrod motor, tough and gutsy little motor.... I would dare say it pulls as hard as my old kawi f11 250, minus the off pipe-on pipe jerk....if you wanna ride a bike with the 200 i have one...LOL just waiting on sprocket bolts since i sheared the original ones off doing wheelies....LOL

andrewgore 08-22-2013 08:23 AM


Originally Posted by bogieboy (Post 22125526)
Whatabout a 200cc lifan? Get the pushrod motor, tough and gutsy little motor.... I would dare say it pulls as hard as my old kawi f11 250, minus the off pipe-on pipe jerk....if you wanna ride a bike with the 200 i have one...LOL just waiting on sprocket bolts since i sheared the original ones off doing wheelies....LOL

I had a Zongshen Sierra 200 (knockoff TW200 motor iirc). I've got no issue going that route. Biggest issue I see is that those 4T motors are about 2x the height of this old 175 2-stroke. So we'll see. Winter project I suppose....


nedc 08-22-2013 09:46 AM

You've gone this far...don't toss in the towel yet! Crank seals are not that hard to do if you have a good air impact.

bogieboy 08-22-2013 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by andrewgore (Post 22155860)
I had a Zongshen Sierra 200 (knockoff TW200 motor iirc). I've got no issue going that route. Biggest issue I see is that those 4T motors are about 2x the height of this old 175 2-stroke. So we'll see. Winter project I suppose....


I know my china bikes engine is only a few inches at most taller than my f11 250s motor...mine is very similar to your sierras engine, although its honda based instead of suzuki based...

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