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muddyrabbit 03-25-2012 02:00 PM

For Baja Travelers
Our 2012 Baja trip was more spectacular than we expected. We met wonderful people, and stayed in some great places along the way. While I am far, FAR, from an expert on Baja travel, we have learned some things, and met some people, along the way that I think people will find helpful; I want to share those resources.

The main focus will be places to stay, as there are plenty of other resources for GPS tracks and such, and where to stay while traveling Baja is a pretty common question for first time travelers.
My intent is to maintain this as an indexed thread, so that information can be added over time. So if you have something to add please let me know. So as we build this resource, please include as much info as you can in your post, such as:
-website link
-email addy
-phone (many places have a US number)
-location (google map links are excellent)
-a pic or 2, especially if it will help find the place
-of course tell us about the place and your experience (secure bike parking, was there a particularly helpful staff person, etc)

Of course it's Baja, so some of the best and coolest places wont have phones, websites, or electricity, so just give the best info you can!

In order to keep the list well organized please list each location in a separate post! This will make it much easier to keep them indexed and link to each location. Please title your post as well.

I am only going to personally write about places I have first hand knowledge of, so if you want a place added to the index, please be prepared to write a post about it, and I will add it to the index. This also means if there is a really obvious place that I haven't posted, it is because I haven't been there I don't feel I have sufficient knowledge to post about it. This will be a work in progress, so constructive suggestions on how to keep info organized, or anything else, are welcome. Right now I am going to start by dividing the list into 4 parts, North Baja Pacific Side, North Baja Sea of Cortez Side, South Baja Pacific Side, and South Baja Sea of Cortez Side.

Some of the wonderful people I met who live in Baja have also agreed to help with the upkeep and knowledge base of this thread. Not only are these great folks you would be delighted to meet, many of them are plugged into the "date palm wireless" and are the folks you want to be able to get in touch with if you find yourself broke down or in some other sticky situation in Baja. Trust me, I learned it the hard way.

I am also considering what else to have listed besides places to stay. Are there any ADV members living in Baja who would like to be listed as a person to call on for assistance? Happen to know where there is a really good welder in the middle of nowhere? Other ideas?

General Baja Info

Passport and Visa:
  • Don't forget, you need a passport to get back into the US now! Get an application at your local post office.
  • Mexican Visa, Discover Baja Travel Club can take care of your visa by mail so you do not have to do it at the border.

Ferry Service to mainland:
La Paz to Mazatlan ferry.

Epic Baja Ride Reports!
Baja, The Long Way, by inmate Hardworkingdog. ->Great father/son trip, hope I get to do this with Alex one day!
DaFoole & J's Fake Baja Adventure, by Dafoole. -> Might not be the ride report for young children, chaste nuns, or whining liberals. YHBW.

muddyrabbit 03-25-2012 02:01 PM

Northern Baja, Pacific Side.
Northern Baja, Pacific Side.

muddyrabbit 03-25-2012 02:02 PM

Northern Baja, Sea of Cortez Side.
Northern Baja, Sea of Cortez Side.

San Felipe, Kiki's RV Park & Camping.

Coco's Corner! (nuf said)

San Francisquito Thanks Snooker!

muddyrabbit 03-25-2012 02:02 PM

Southern Baja, Pacific Side.
Southern Baja, Pacific Side.

Bahia de Asuncion, ADV approved lodging, fishing, snorkeling...

Todos Santos, Iguana de los Mangos B&B, Thanks to Hardworkingdog!

muddyrabbit 03-25-2012 02:03 PM

Southern Baja, Sea of Cortez Side.
Southern Baja, Sea of Cortez Side.

Playa El Coyote, beach camping, just south of Mulege.

Loreto, Hotel Plaza Loreto.

muddyrabbit 03-25-2012 02:36 PM

Bahia de Asuncion
If you are in Asuncion, the place to stay is with Shari and Juan! Juan is a local, and Shari is a Canadian expat (you'll notice a pattern about the B&B's and Canadians in Baja...) who originally came down to study whales. 20ish years later (I'm sure she will correct me if I'm wrong) Shari is still running whale tours, Juan does fishing charters, and they both do a lot of research on ceviche recipes and lobster dinners. They have some single rooms for rent at their main house, the "Blowhole B&B" and several houses you can rent as well. They are just some of the coolest people we met in our travels. Besides taking care of travelers who wander in Juan is also part of the local rescue squad, and there is just a constant flow of locals and other expats coming through their place. Super bike friendly, I really liked the beach house we got that had a concrete pad perfect for doing some maintenance on the bike. Not that I bothered, but I thought about it. We stayed in this one:

On their website you will find email addys and phone numbers, including a US number:
Shari is also here on ADV, and needs a good kick to get a bike.

Honestly I can't say enough about how nice the accommodations were, or what wonderful helpful people Shari and Juan are. One of the best things Shari had for us? A washing machine! We left her place with everything fresh. Oh, she takes Pay Pal, which we found helpful as we were low on cash.

muddyrabbit 03-25-2012 02:59 PM

Hotel Plaza Loreto.
This was the second place we slept in Baja after I asked Meredith to marry me (the first was Coco's Corner!), and we fell in love with both the hotel and the town. Besides being a beautiful hotel with clean rooms, Hotel Plaza Loreto has one of the things we all look for when choosing a hotel in a city, secure bike parking! Very secure, the front desk is staffed 24 hours and has a perfect view of any bikes parked on the street out front, or if you are willing to do a little more work you can squeeze down a short hallway and bring them into the courtyard. One of the night managers, Carlos, is very friendly, speaks excellent English (very helpful to us ignorant gringos), and when he tells you to go to his Aunties restaurant "Super Burro" you should listen. They will even do some laundry for travelers running low on clean undies.

Hotel Plaza Loreto.

shari 03-25-2012 05:47 PM

I'm taking a deep bow amigo!
thanks for the kind words Mr.Rabbit!!! We aim to please and make sure riders are well looked after by organizing food and beverages at their rental. There are several accomodation choices to accomodate different budgets too. We assist in route planning and secret spots to explore.

This central part of Baja is a great place to explore and you can stay in several places in the area. For example Les & Blanca have a B&B in nearbye La Bocana as well and there is Campo Rene by Abreojos, Gary & Terry (fellow canucks) have Ignacio Springs B&B in San Ignacio and many bike groups stay at Cowboy Hotel in Guerrero Negro as you can park your bike outside your room and it has good 24hr security too, wifi, great beds and a killer taco restaurant that serves BBQ chicken too. Those are just some of the options for accomodations around here.

I have offered to be a contact person for several bike groups and individual's so nice to pull out a local phone number when things go wrong...or you just need some advice or help making reservations or current road just private message me for my number if you are heading our way...or you can call my computer phone at 619-906-8438.

Oh yeah Muddy...I have been seriously eyeing a few bikes lately!!!

muddyrabbit 03-25-2012 06:06 PM

Shari do you have web links and contact info for those?

muddyrabbit 04-01-2012 05:57 PM

Kiki's in San Felipe
On all 3 of my Baja trips we have used Kiki's in San Felipe for our base camp. Reasonable rates, and one of the cleanest places I have ever stayed. We always leave our tow vehicle there while we are off riding for over a week, and Kiki keeps it safe while we are gone and never charges for storage. He also has a security guard standing watch 24 hours. Kiki is a rider and jeeper himself, and has been known to head south to retrieve a rider broke down somewhere on the peninsula to bring them back north. One of the things we love is we see many of the same faces at Kiki's on each trip. The same RV people and riders come back year after year. Close enough to the center of town to walk home drunk, but far enough out to be a peaceful spot on the beach. Dammit, I miss the place just talking about it!

hansi 04-01-2012 06:24 PM

Thank you, muddyrabbit, just the Info I was looking for. :ear

muddyrabbit 04-02-2012 06:01 AM

Got a few more to post when I have time, but still hoping others will contribute.

empanadaman 04-02-2012 06:46 PM

Good info, thanks muddyrabbit. Taking notes for a baja trip later this year. :beer

Rex Nemo 11-08-2012 08:09 PM

Hey, I appreciate the love and effort you've put into this growing thread--a great resource for Baja noobs like me. :freaky

muddyrabbit 11-09-2012 03:35 AM

I just wish we could have gotten more contributions. Maybe in this time of year when riders are planning Baja trips for winter and spring it will see more activity.

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