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apt13 05-04-2012 09:34 AM

Airhead Flea Market Thread (closed and archived)
posted this in the olds cool market last week but never heard anything from anybody. thought i'd give it a shot in the new fancy airheads one!
i'm looking for the thin black trim pieces along the bottom of a /7 stock seat. if anyone has a junked out seat and wants to make a few dollars, i'd love to have the trim strips from it. thanks!

wirewrkr 05-05-2012 06:46 AM


Originally Posted by bmweuro (Post 18611586)
i like that:d

awesome idea!

disston 06-25-2012 08:02 PM


Originally Posted by Schlivitz (Post 18992845)
It doesn't look much like my Reynolds. Which is not to say that it isn't a fine stand.

Doesn't look like a Reynolds to me either. The tubes on mine are round, all of them. That has square tubes.

crazydrummerdude 06-26-2012 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by disston (Post 18993026)
Doesn't look like a Reynolds to me either. The tubes on mine are round, all of them. That has square tubes.

+1. I have a few Reynolds stands.

ogriofa 06-28-2012 04:13 AM

wanted: R45 1979 Master Cylinder
Hi There,
I am looking for a used Master Cylinder for a 1979 R45.


Voltaire 06-29-2012 03:09 PM

Wanted: Dead or Alive
No ...not a Bon Jovi song....
After a small airhead tank for a racer project in New Zealand.
Tank condition not that important as long as it hold fuel.
Dents not a problem.
Ideally a toaster tank but looking at budget options.

SPO 06-29-2012 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by villageidiot (Post 19024294)
bumpin this up further, still have stuff

Sent you a PM...

exhaust_nut 06-30-2012 06:21 AM

Master Cylinder for a 1979 R45

Originally Posted by ogriofa (Post 19010251)
I am looking for a used Master Cylinder for a 1979 R45.

What size (mm)? Is it the square on or round?

k12lts 06-30-2012 02:36 PM


Originally Posted by k12lts (Post 18872122)
I have a Reynolds ride-off stand from an 81 R100RT. The stand is in good shape with some wear on the bottom and decent chrome. Includes all mounting hardware, including the unobtanium bushings, except bolts and nuts (your factory ones will work).

Model number is 328, Should fit 81-84 R100.

$100 shipped in lower 48

Side stand sold, ride-off stand still available.

Cogswell 07-01-2012 08:40 AM

Airhead Motometer Clock
I have a green face Clock in my spares that I no longer need. There is a small dent on the bezel about 11:00, and typical scuffs at the raised edge. The clock runs FAST. If I remember correctly it runs about 3:1 or three revolutions per one actual minute.
Body is in great shape, no corrosion and the bulb socket and studs are in great shape.

$40 plus shipping to the lower 48.


XTrovert 07-01-2012 10:47 AM

Denfeld R police solo seat
Hi I have a Denfeld Police seat fits most R models but not the R80G/S with the rear rack (it is a tad longer).
The seat is an original BMW police stock.
Top upholstery is fine and pliable, the rear vertical panel can be either repaired or changed. The front vertical panel can be either gaffer-taped or changed. Seat pan has surface rust otherwise solid. Foam is pliable and comfy. It has the original glovebox also the orig hardware which is expensive to buy if you do not have it.
I have seen these selling on ebay for $400 buy it now when in top nick and $200 when in ok condition. Lets say $150 for this. I am in Germany right now. Postage to the US will be around $50.
Please PM if interested. I am giving this a try then it will end up on ebay if no takers. The seat owes me $150 unfortunately. That is what I paid for it :(
Inerested parties please contact me.

XTrovert 07-01-2012 10:58 AM

Keys for old-style BMW panniers, the square ones
Hi again this is one of my stupid ideas, I bought a whole lot of these keys because I know they are as rare as hens teeth and most of them unobtainable. I thought about reproducing them and becoming a millionaire ha ha but failed abysmally because no blanks are found. Now, I found these keys in Argentina, old stock sleeping at a warehouse. In Argentina and as a rule of thumb parts are US prices x 2, so yes laugh at me I paid USD $15 per key.
These are the numbers I have: #040 #042 #045 #046 #047 #048 #049 #050 #051 #052 #053 #054 #055 #056 #060 #064 #066 #067 #068 #069
So if you are interested please let me know, we can workout something as this has been a total loss for me. I am right now in Germany. Postage should be as cheap as a standard letter but there wont be insurance...still should workout allright.
Here is a picture of the panniers and where to find the code on the latch, both stolen from the internet. I am also after a #041 top latch if you have one I am happy to trade.

XTrovert 07-01-2012 11:13 AM

Wudo low front fender for R80G/S - highly recommended for tourers
Hi I have one of these rare front fenders for a R80G/S. They fit on the front fork brace make an huge change in the bike´s stability at high speeds, ideal for tourers, highly recommended. The one for sale is in very good condition just have a few marks that get hidden by the fork tube, white unpainted. I am right now in Germany. I want $75 for it which is what it owes me, postage extra.
Here is a pic from a fellow inmate.
PM if interested. Thanks

ogriofa 07-01-2012 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by exhaust_nut (Post 19026188)
What size (mm)? Is it the square on or round?

Hey thanks for the response, its the round one 16mm
Know anybody breaking one?

Hawk Medicine 07-01-2012 04:14 PM

Airhead Parts for Airheads!
Hi guys,

Please check out my list of Airhead parts. All of it is good usable parts. I don't sell junk and I don't like people being mad at me! OTOH, I've included BMW part numbers where possible and I would suggest that you check my photos and an on line parts directory to make sure that you're buying what you need.

Please contact me at: I'll check back here but I'll be sure to get your message at my mailbox!

1) Lightened Flywheel from my R90/6 Functions perfectly. - $75

2) Near new EZ Clutch and BMW near new clutch cable for “S” bars. - $100 SOLD

3) /6 Airbox, Soda blasted and clean $25

4) Pair of Brembo Calipers Ready for rebuild $40

5) Corbin RS/RT seat. Good condition but ready for a recover. - $50

6) BMW RS/RT seat and surround with a good Motosport badge, solid pan, no hinges - $100

7) Airhead Connecting Rods in good condition 40.00

8) Pair of Airhead Thrust Washers. #11111256976 - $25 for the pair

9) 15mm Master Cyl Rebuild kit #32722302372 - $50.00

10) 2 sets of Nikasil Piston Rings #11251337399 - $100

11) One /5 Hub Cap. Not perfect but really nice! $25

12) One rectangular Valve Cover. Usual scrapes. Soda blasted and ready for sanding and paint. $30

13) Pair of rectangular valve covers. The usual scrapes but no major damage and they'll clean up well. $60 (These are currently selling for $116 each new!) SOLD PP

14) Rear Wheel Spacer to fit a wide tire. #36312301737 - $11.00

15) One lid seal for BMW Touring bags. New in Package. #46542300016 - Free with a purchase

16) RT Fairing mount. Soda Blasted clean and straight. $35.00

17) RS/RT lower fairing louvered panel. Brand new in plastic. - $25 SOLD PP

18) /5 Gas Cap in good condition. Kept it when I sold my /5 - $50

19) /6 Swing Arm with smooth working Driveshaft $75

20) 8 pcs Rebuildable Airhead Petcocks. Valves, fuel nipples, fuel line crossovers, etc. $50

21) One 21 pc lot of Heyco/BMW tools. All used but no crap. Have em replated for your Resto or just use em. $50

22) Farley Side Stand. This one is almost new! A few scrapes on the tip. $100

23) Shoei RF 1000. Size XL Metailc Silver/Gray. Only worn for two hours. Clean inside and out. Not a scratch on it. Includes a quick release buckle that readily removable. $150.00

24) One NOS BMW 336 Cam. Purchased in 2008 but never used. This cam predates Chinese manufacture, so don't worry about this thing flaking. This ones fron Germany! It comes with or without the DR timing gear in the photos and Fits all 1979 to 1995 engines. $150


Modified R100RS frame.
This would make make the ultimate frame for an Airhead Cafe Racer, a very kool Scrambler or race bike. A straight, undamaged frame was gusseted to improve strength and handling and the engine was raised in the frame by flipping the front mount and installing the rear mount thru-frame. Steering lock was removed, a /6 style horn mount was added. Etc. These were popular and proven mods during the Airhead era and have also been proven on my road bike. This frame was going to be the base for my next build but the adoption of my Grandson. has changed my plans. This frame was Soda blasted clean and is currently painted gloss black and is ready to ship with clean title. $350 + Ground Shipping or best offer.

See t here:

Modified 1976 R90/6 Frame:
This frame doesn't have the level of mods that the above R100 frame has but both the frame and the sub-frame have been gusseted and strengthened for improved handling and longevity. The engine is NOT raised but the head area has been stiffened as has the swing arm area, etc. The center stand mounts were repaired using SS inserts and are better than new. This frame does not have side braces but is otherwise identical to what you'll see through the link and is ready for paint.. All of the work on these frames was done by a master bike builder and this one is identical to the frame thats under my personal 1976 /6 R100 custom. If you want a twin shock bike that can tour with a heavy load and handle the curves, this is just the ticket! Ready to ship with a clean title. $250 + Shipping.

See it here:

Heres my bike:

If you are interested in trading, I'm looking for a LWB /5 or /6 seat in good to V-good condition or a “no rust” /6 seat pan with hinges and pin. I'm also looking for a twin shock trailer hitch, trailer, or a set of /6 wire wheels or wheel hubs in good condition.

Thanks for looking!

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